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Why Should You Consider Rehabilitation?

May 19, 2022

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Why Should You Consider Rehabilitation?


Mental health conditions affect your thinking and behaviour and affect your relationships with people, and they can be short-lived or chronic. We must promptly acknowledge mental health conditions since timely treatment measures can help people recover significantly. Rehabilitation is one of the treatment options for people with mental disorders that can help them overcome their issues and lead a calm and stress-free life. 
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What we know about rehabilitation

Rehabilitation [1] focuses on education and training people to get on with everyday activities. It promotes functional independence and self-care
The Rehabilitation process includes services to assist people who have experienced illness or trauma that results in a psychological, physical, social, or vocational impairment. It aims to restore a person’s physical, mental, intellectual, and social functioning.
Rehabilitation services help people develop social skills and overcome depression. They provide opportunities to improve their employability and instil a sense of self-worth and participation in individuals. They also encourage the individual’s family to participate in group therapy sessions to be supportive of the individual’s development. 
However, many barriers to accessing these rehabilitation services include distance, finances, and personal inhibitions. Governments should make provisions to overcome these barriers and improve accessibility to the services provided by the rehabilitation centres.

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How does rehabilitation help with mental health issues?

Rehabilitation helps people living with mental disorders to improve their functioning by providing motivation, hope, and respect. It empowers them to improve their quality of life, health, and well-being. 
Rehabilitation services can treat substance abuse disorders and offer holistic medical treatment for psychological conditions such as schizophrenia. They also provide continued support after the individual leaves the facility through regular therapy and counselling sessions. Nurses, social workers, therapists, and counsellors work at rehabilitation centres to provide services to people with alcohol use disorders. 
 Different approaches of Rehab centres
The various approaches followed in rehabilitation centres are: 

  1. Psychoeducation: Diagnosing the problem, educating the person about the illness, and discussing treatment options 
  2. Family-centred care: Encouraging the family to get involved in the rehabilitation centre training sessions for social skills
  3. Group therapy: Providing opportunities to communicate with people, seek validation for their views, and share their feelings
  4. Social skill training: Teaching life skills to survive in the community

Alcohol rehab and progress in real-time scenarios

Alcohol addiction, also known as alcohol use disorder, is a condition that entails drinking alcohol in excess. It can lead to dependency on alcohol for daily activities. While you can enjoy an occasional drink, when the frequency of alcohol consumption increases, it can cause addiction. 
Alcohol rehab centres work towards instilling faith and confidence in people with alcohol use disorder. Such individuals can opt for residential rehab facilities, where they will undergo assessments with a detoxification physician, psychiatrist, and therapist. These assessments take about 1–3 days. 
After the assessment, the doctor develops a treatment plan based on an individual’s needs. The treatment will include group therapies, education about their illness, nutritional therapy, spiritual therapy, and family therapy. The therapy aims to empower the individual to get back to life with a positive outlook and provide confidence and skills to live in a community. 

The present accessibility of rehabilitation services 

Rehabilitation has received little attention from the government. Access to rehabilitation is limited. Distance from rehabilitation services, a complete lack of transportation, or costly transport facilities is the logistical barriers to accessibility. There are also financial, personal, and informational roadblocks that prevent people from availing of the services of alcohol rehab centres.
Governments should look to introduce rehabilitation services in response to the community’s needs. Some efforts by district, local, provincial authorities, ministries, and non-governmental organisations will go a long way in facilitating rehabilitation. 
Some changes that can facilitate rehabilitation service accessibility are: 

  1. Reforms in laws and policies for national rehabilitation programs
  2. Funding procedures to tackle the barriers to accessibility of rehab services 
  3. An increase in human resources dedicated to rehabilitation services 
  4. Use of technology and devices to assist people with alcohol use disorders [2]

How rehabilitation helps build mental strength to overcome anything

A person with strong willpower can achieve many milestones. Rehabilitation centres help you build your mental strength through generous training, counselling, and interactive sessions. Rehabilitation centres do their best to instil confidence and hope in individuals with mental health conditions. For example, you can get rid of alcoholism with professional help from therapists at alcohol rehabilitation centres and your willpower.
Mental strength is essential to overcome the problems you face due to substance abuse or psychological disorders. Rehabilitation can help you improve your mental strength. 
Here are some benefits of harnessing your mental strength to aid recovery:

  1. With mental strength, you will be able to handle your negative emotions constructively. 
  2. You will be able to make meaningful conversations with other people and overcome your shyness. 
  3. Mental power enables you to handle stress and improve your performance at work. 

You can improve your mental strength by staying active, exercising regularly, practising relaxation techniques such as yoga, and taking your prescription medication on time. With a strong mind, you can overcome any hurdles that may come your way and succeed in your endeavours. 
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In today’s world, we must acknowledge mental health conditions and encourage people in need to seek help to overcome them. For example, people with alcohol use disorders can avail the services of alcohol rehabilitation centres. 
The professionals at rehabilitation centres help individuals with mental health conditions improve their functioning to an optimum level. They promote independence and self-care. The services include assessing the individual’s disorder and implementing treatment plans that include medications for health conditions, group therapy sessions, psychological counselling, nutrition sessions, spiritual sessions, and psychiatrist sessions. 
Alcohol rehabilitation centres also provide social skill training for surviving in society, maintaining relationships with people, and improving employability post one’s alcohol addiction. 
Rehabilitation centres provide continued support through regular communication, counselling, and therapy sessions. You can move on to live and thrive in your community with your newly built confidence and mental strength.
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