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Facts No One Will Ever Tell You About Online Dating

May 5, 2022

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Author : United We Care
Facts No One Will Ever Tell You About Online Dating


Are you shy yet ready to mingle? Are you an introvert and looking for dating apps to meet new people? Online dating is a fantastic way of letting yourself out to socialize, but slowly and steadily. 
This article will understand online dating and the risk of using dating apps.

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What is online dating?

Online dating apps are becoming popular day by day. The young generation relies on dating apps as a resort for finding the best match for themselves. The current generation has become highly reserved, and lack of time makes them more prone to resort to this online alternative to real dating. 
If you are an introvert, dating apps may provide you with the best way to mingle with the person you like. So, once you find yourself ready to mingle, you can step into the dating world, start chatting with interesting people and see where things lead you.
But can you find true love on a dating app? Are you ready to risk your identity on a dating app and are entirely aware of the risk of using dating apps?

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What are the Facts that no one will tell you about online dating 

If you haven’t tried a dating app yet or are apprehensive about using one, you must read on to find some of the most intriguing facts about online dating.

  1. More men than women: The mere thought of meeting virtual and not being able to see the person speaks of the risks of using online platforms for dating and how cautious women are before getting involved in a relationship. Most men prefer meeting a prospective friend or a companion on an online dating app than women. Also, men display their pictures, photographs, and profile pictures much more conveniently than women. 
  2. Dating apps and marriages: In the past few years, online relationships have increased the number of marriages. Online dating apps have led to solid marital relationships.
  3. Finding the right match: The most intriguing fact about online dating is that it matches you with a partner using the A.I. algorithm[1]. It means it automatically chooses the right interests, temperament, career goals, beliefs, and religious assets of the other person. The algorithm will automatically match you with the person you would be comfortable with once you set your preferences. It also establishes the possibility of a strong foundation in relationships. Online Dating

The good and the wrong side of online dating

With ease comes risk! There can be both a good and bad side to online dating. While we all understand that online relationship platforms are so easy to use, you may even find someone who ma
tches your criteria of “perfection“; there is always a risk of using dating apps. 

The wrong side of online dating

Risks associated with using online dating apps:

  1. Fake profiles: With online dating apps, you may encounter innumerable counterfeit profiles. You need to be highly vigilant while using online dating apps. Always check the profiles of people carefully before choosing to interact with them. The risks of using dating apps with a fake profile have increased many folds with the increase in internet usage due to the advent of smartphones. 
  2. Excessive anxiety: Once you text a person, you may get too anxious to receive a reply. With dating apps, you should be patient and not worry about receiving another person’s response. Wait and let the other person take time to know you, or else you would look too impatient and over-enthusiastic.
  3. Disrespecting digital boundaries: Most people start abusing the digital limits set by the platform. A red flag is that a person may ask you to connect on some other platform even before you have started to interact freely. Make sure not to indulge and shift platforms as the online dating apps follow some digital rules and regulations that other apps may not. 
  4. Emotional attachment: Investing yourself emotionally in the virtual world of dating is not a good idea. Define your emotional boundaries clearly. Ensure you are strong enough to not get emotionally involved without even meeting that person. 
  5. Use a well-researched app: There are many random apps available in the market; choose a reliable, well-researched virtual dating platform. Most apps have their security systems checked. After reading its reviews and researching it thoroughly, you should always use a popular dating app. Never undermine the risk of meeting people online. Hence, it is best to use a reliable app.

The good side of online dating

We have discussed the risks of using a virtual platform for dating. But if you are an introvert and like to take it slow, you must use the virtual world of dating. Therefore, let’s check out the good side of online relationship platforms:

  1. Connect people with mutual interests: These apps connect you with people who have similar interests and preferences. It becomes easier to find people with similar interests due to the algorithm used by online dating apps. The A.I. ensures that you only come across people who have the same likes and dislikes. 
  2. Perfect for introverts: If you do not like to mingle with random people face to face, then this is the ideal way to meet people. Apart from the risk of using dating apps or not knowing the person you are talking to, it is the best way where introverts can open up. 
  3. For busy people: Don’t have enough time to meet people? If you have no time to start your initial hookups face to face, then use the digital platform to meet new faces and then confirm to complete one or maybe two.
  4. You may learn about your partner before dating.
  5. It is easy to get in touch with more people.
  6.  Sometimes, online dating develops a meaningful relationship.

Turn your online dating into marriage!

Can you turn online dating into marriage? Absolutely yes! Why not? If two people can be comfortable in each other’s company without even seeing each other, you can be at ease when you spend time in real life together. It is probably even more interesting as you may share a large part of your life with someone you have not met yet. Trust is the essence of any relationship; once built, nothing can be more reliable than this. 
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The online dating world has become a place for people to find their soulmates and seek peace and solace. If you are single and ready to mingle, online dating can help you find the person with the right qualities. While finding your soulmate and starting a relationship, always remember the risk of using dating apps.
You can consult the therapists and trained professionals at United We Care if you wish to discuss love and online dating and take the proper steps into a fulfilling marriage in the future.
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[1]Wikipedia Contributors, “Algorithm,” Wikipedia, Jul. 17, 2022. [Online]. Available: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algorithm. [Accessed: Jul. 23, 2022]

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