United We Care is the world’s #1 mental health & holistic wellness platform.
By leveraging technology and leading global frameworks, UWC provides a wide range of support and interventions directly to individuals, families, and employees. 
Headquartered in Singapore, the company was founded in 2020 and has been enabling and delivering complex interventions across cognitive, physiological, and behavioural frameworks.  
We as a company strive to give the world the ability to attain safe, secure, equal, and inclusive professional guidance and therapeutic support, for overcoming emotional challenges, from the comfort of one’s home. Alongside our fully functional and active website, we also maintain a mobile app, with the same name, which enhances user experience.
Among the resources we share with our global client-base are informative videos and articles, packages and courses designed to help them overcome specific emotional wellness challenges.
We also provide mainstream and alternative therapies(through both recorded and live sessions) ranging from Yoga to Meditation, Art therapy to Dance movement and even music therapy all under one roof.
The idea is to make the best of service providers accessible to a global audience without worrying about affordability. 
We believe that with a holistic approach & quality services we can bring in a positive change in people’s lives.
We have already impacted thousands of lives and are hungry to touch many more!

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