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Global Public Image: 5 Surprising Reasons Why Global Public Image Matter More Than Ever Before

July 12, 2023

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Author : United We Care
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Global Public Image: 5 Surprising Reasons Why Global Public Image Matter More Than Ever Before


Everyone cares deeply about how the world looks at them, their thought process, and their work. So for people in power who be worried about their public image at a global level is only obvious. This image can help people, businesses, and countries drastically. In this article, let me help you understand what global public image means, its importance, what factors contribute toward it, and its effects on people and the world.

“Public image can change at the drop of a hat. One person can be a national hero, and a month later, because he wore the wrong color, he’s violently hated, so it just all depends.” -Benson Henderson [1]

What Does Global Public Image Mean?

We know of a lot of celebrities from across the globe. I used to be absolutely fascinated with their lives. From the Royal family to political leaders to actors to singers, I loved their lives- the fun, the drama, the luxury, the speeches! They are always surrounded by the media and their friends and family, partying, traveling to various locations, and meeting other celebrities and global leaders. Doesn’t that sound like a dream life? But the lives of these celebrities come with a lot of struggle, disappointments, rejections, dedication, and hard work. Probably, if you see, this sort of life is what helps these celebrities become celebrities globally.

Once they start being recognized by the global audience, they have to take care of their public image in terms of how everyone looks at them, their thought process, and their work not just in their society or country but also at a global level. This is what is called ‘Global Public Image.’

When someone is said to have a strong and positive global public image, then it shows that that celebrity has successfully established credibility and trust and has good relationships with other celebrities worldwide [2].

Do you want to know why some celebrities have a global public image while most of us are not even known by 500 people? Let me share the secrets with you [3]:

What Factors Contribute to Global Public Image?

  1. : In 2018, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) had a big mishap with them having a shortage of fried chicken in the UK and Ireland. Now, instead of hiding it or blaming others, they responded to it immediately with possible solutions and accepted that they had made a mistake. That way, they were able to maintain their global reputation of being transparent and resolve the crisis at hand.

What is the Importance of Global Public Image?

So far, I’m sure you’ve understood a bit about the importance of global public image. But let me share it with you in a bit of detail [4]:

What is the Importance of Global Public Image?

  1. Economic Impact: When you have a positive global public image, you can attract direct investment from foreign countries. It indicates that you are dependable and trustworthy, and you can get better business opportunities and collaborations. That way, you can contribute to the economic growth of your country and help build better relations in terms of import and export trade. For example, in a short span of time, India was able to attract a lot of companies and businesses to join hands with.
  2. Reputation and Trust: When you have a strong and positive global public image, your customers, customers, investors, employees, and communities. That way, you can achieve a higher brand value and reputation, as well as long-term relationships. On the other hand, with a negative global public image, you will have to incur huge losses in terms of trust and money. For example, Nestle Maggi suffered huge losses when there were talks of it containing MSG, a cancerous drug.
  3. Diplomatic Relations: Global public image helps in shaping diplomatic relations between countries. If it’s a positive relationship, then countries can build stronger international agreements, help in negotiations, and encourage cooperation toward trade, security, and cultural exchanges. For example, the USA has good diplomatic relations with countries like India, Russia, France, etc. However, North Korea does not have good diplomatic relations with South Korea.
  4. Talent Attraction and Retention: If you have a business with a positive global public image, then you can attract the best employees with the best talents and skills globally. People who are seeking jobs get attracted to brands and companies that are known for their values, social responsibility, and ethical practices. For example, Google and Amazon are globally known brands with a good culture in the organization.
  5. Crisis Management: If you have a strong and positive global public image, then in times of crisis, people will only stand as a shield for you. For example, in the example I gave about KFC, the reason why KFC was also able to take care of this challenge was that the rest of the world supported them in agreeing that mishaps can happen to anyone.

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How Does Global Public Image Affect People’s Daily Lives?

If you, as a celebrity or a brand, are known by the world, then you can influence the lives of normal people in a lot of ways [5]:

  1. Consumer Choices: You can influence people’s purchasing decisions. That way, customers can be assured of the quality and ethical practices of the brand. For example, because of Shah Rukh Khan’s presence in the Indian ad for Hyundai, people started trusting the brand even more.
  2. Employment Opportunities: You can attract people with outstanding talent and skills because of better opportunities, work culture, and higher job satisfaction. For example, Google has employees coming in from all over the world.
  3. Cultural Exchanges: When a country has a good and positive global public image, it is able to attract more tourists and cultural exchanges. That way, people can have a wholesome experience and exposure to different cultures. That can help them have better opportunities, and they can grow a lot at a personal level. For example, India is one such country that gets a lot of tourists from a global level. Many people come for cultural exchange programs as well because of the growth opportunities that are available at a personal level.
  4. Trust and Relationships: When you have a positive global public image, you are able to have better trust in your personal and professional relationships.  Only when people can trust a person or a brand will they be loyal, leading to better collaborations and interactions. For example, when big brands were able to trust Amazon that they collaborated with them, people like you and me became loyal customers.
  5. Personal Well-being: When you live in a country with a good global public image, you feel proud and safe. That way, you can have good mental, emotional, and physical well-being. For example, Americans are super proud to be Americans. They have a good sense of self-worth. Swedish citizens have the best mental and emotional health.

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What are the Psychological Effects of Global Public Image?

Having a positive global public image can have a drastic impact on your mental and emotional well-being [6]:

What are the Psychological Effects of Global Public Image?

  1. Self-esteem and Identity: When you have a good global public image, you will be able to have a greater sense of identity, increasing your self-esteem. If your country or company has a good global public image, you can feel proud and have a sense of belonging. On the other hand, if there is a negative global public image, then you can feel embarrassed and shameful, and even your sense of self-worth can go down.
  2. Social Comparison: Global public image can push you to make a comparison between yourself and others and your company or country with others. When the global public image is positive, you feel proud and superior. If it’s negative, then you might feel dissatisfied and inferior.
  3. Emotional Well-being: If you have a positive global public image, you can really build positive emotions like happiness, pride, satisfaction, etc. On the other hand, if you have a negative global public image, you can give rise to negative emotions like anxiety, frustration, disappointment, etc.
  4. National Identity and Cohesion: If your country has a positive global public image, you can have a sense of unity, patriotism, and pride. However, if it’s negative, then it may lead to a feeling of division, conflict, and decreased national unity.
  5. Perception of Opportunities: Depending upon a country or a company’s global public image, you can get a feel of the opportunities and culture. If it’s a positive one, you will feel excited, happy, and safe about being a part of the country or company. In fact, you will have a greater belief about your future in the company or country. But, if it’s negative, then you will feel discouraged, have fewer opportunities, and have a sense of insecurity.

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There are a number of celebrities in the world, right from political leaders to actors, to singers, to social activists. For all such people, a global public image is very important. Plus, it is extremely vital for countries and organizations as well. In a world that is so connected, the global public image can go up or down in a few moments. So, you need to maintain a good and positive global public image so that you can attract more opportunities, tourists, and growth. For that, you need to be honest, follow the rules and regulations at a global level, make the right choices that help the world, and be ethical in your practices. That way, the world can trust you more, and you can have a good reputation globally.

For all inquiries about global public image, kindly seek advice from our dedicated team of experts and counselors at United We Care. Our wellness and mental health specialists will provide personalized guidance and support to ensure your well-being. Contact us now for the best methods to enhance your global public image.


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