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5 Celebrities Who Use Vision Boards for Feeling Focused

March 5, 2021

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Author : United We Care
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5 Celebrities Who Use Vision Boards for Feeling Focused


What did Helen Keller mean when she said “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight, but no vision”?  Vision is the power that drives us to achieve goals and aspirations. And for that, focus is of prime importance. But, in the everyday clutter, how do you keep yourself aligned with your long-term dreams?

Celebrities Who Use Vision Boards

Today, we talk about 5 celebrities who share their methods of keeping focused on that one big dream. And they all have one thing in common: vision boards.  

So, what is a vision board? And can it really help change a person’s life?

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a visualization tool, a board or a collage created with images that represent your goals or dreams. This is used as a visual reminder to a person about the goals or aspirations that the person is working towards. Not just that, it is also a creative and fun arts project or exercise for anybody.  

5 Celebrities Who Use Vision Boards

The power of vision boards is astonishing, and a lot of celebrities vouch by the life-changing impact it has had on them. Here are 5 such celebrities who share their experience using the vision board:  

1. Lilly Singh a.k.a. Superwoman

Lilly Singh has always openly spoken about using vision boards in her Instagram posts and how they have helped her accomplish her dreams. In one of her Instagram videos she said, “My first vision board had things like: Twitter verification, hitting 1 million YouTube subscribers, or moving to LA. Since then, my vision board has evolved to having things like working with the rock, hitting the Forbes list, going on a world tour, and being on the some of the biggest talk shows.” She eventually achieved all the goals she put on her vision board.  

2. Steve Harvey

American comedian Steve Harvey said, “If you can see it, it can become a reality.” And that statement comes from experiencing the power of visualization using vision boards. He also said, “There is a magic that comes with vision boards and there is a magic that comes with writing things down.”  

3. Ellen DeGeneres

TV personality Ellen swears by the power of vision boards. In one of the episodes of her show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she talked about her vision to be on the cover of O Magazine, and she put that dream on her vision board. And, guess what? She did appear on the said magazine in the second issue itself, right after Michelle Obama.  

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4. Oprah Winfrey

American television personality, actress, and entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey also talked about her vision and vision board. In an interview with New York City Radio, Oprah said “I was speaking with Michelle [Obama] and Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver – we were all doing a big rally out in California. At the end of the rally Michelle Obama said something powerful: ‘…I want you to leave here and envision Barack Obama taking the oath of office’, I created a vision board, I had never had a vision board before. I came home, I got me a board put Barack Obama’s picture on it, and I put a picture of my dress I want to wear to the inauguration.” And, history is witness to how that turned out. Barack Obama became the 44th president of United States of America for two consecutive terms, from 2009 to 2017.

5. Beyonce

The ‘Queen of Showbiz’ Beyonce uses vision boards to motivate and lift her focus. When Steve Kroft of CBS asked about her having the image of an Academy Award in front of her while she’s running on the treadmill, Beyonce replied, “I do, but, it’s not right in front of the treadmill. It’s over in the corner somewhere. Just so it’s in the back of my mind.” That dream is yet to turn to reality, but we are sure the universe is working in the favor of Queen B in making her dream come to reality.

How Vision Boards Work


While many might talk about building a sacred connection between you and your goals through vision boards, there is also a science behind why it works. When one looks at images, the brain tunes itself to grasp opportunities that otherwise might go unnoticed. This is because of a process called value-tagging, which imprints important things onto our subconscious, filtering out all unnecessary information. Since the brain absorbs visual references better, therefore, a vision board works far better than a to-do list.  

When you look at your vision board before going to bed, what happens is that your brain is transitioning from wakefulness to sleep; and that’s the time when creativity and lucid thoughts occur. The images you see then dominate your thoughts, which is a phenomenon called Tetris Effect. These images then act as a visual directory in your brain which then helps you filter out relevant data which would help you achieve your goals on the vision board. In fact, it is recommended that you also meditate being going to bed for a good night’s sleep.

In short, a vision board helps you expand your focus and keep you attentive on the things you want to achieve. It broadens your awareness and gives you clarity. It is instrumental in helping you inch towards the goals you so want to achieve in the future.

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Author : United We Care

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