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Working Student: 5 Important Tips to Excel in Both School and Career

May 7, 2024

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Author : Malavika Parameswaran
Working Student: 5 Important Tips to Excel in Both School and Career


Working students is the term used to describe students who choose to work along with their academics, and this can either be full- time employment or part- time (Natalia et Al., 2023). They learn to multitask, managing both their education and work demands simultaneously. This decision to combine their academia and work affects several domains, including their personal and social lives as well as their mental health (Natalia et. Al., 2023). Students often report to feeling a sense of fulfillment, and a means to enhance their professional capabilities (Tumin et. Al., 2020). 

What are the Problems of Working Students?

  1. Time- constraints: Students might find it difficult to devote adequate time to neither their studies nor their work, because of not having sufficient time to focus on both (Tumin et. Al., 2020).
  2. Multi- tasking: Students might find it difficult to multi- task their academic demands and their work- related projects, and may experience a decline in productivity in both areas.
  3. Lack of private and social lives: Students who work find it difficult to meet their friends, family members etc because of their workload (Andrews & Maquiling, 2018).
  4. Financial burden: Managing the financial burden of their academia, study materials and rent can be quite stressful. It is a constant challenge to meet work demands without compromising on their academics.
  5. Academic constraints: Having to focus on work and studies together might lead to a decline in their overall performance on academics.
  6. Decline in mental health: Having to juggle work and academic demands can be very stressful, and lead to a decrease in mental well- being.

 Reasons Why Students Work While Studying

  1. Managing expenses: Students often face multiple expenses on a day to day basis, which get covered by the money earned through their work.
  2. Building experience: Often working in an area related to the academic area helps in building experience before actually entering the industry after studying.
  3. Applying skills: Working also provides a real- time opportunity to apply the skills learned while studying.
  4. Keeping busy: Working provides an opportunity to keep oneself busy after classes get over for the week.
  5. Financial independence: Working provides an opportunity for students to earn and manage their own money, thus helping them be financially independent.

 5 Important Tips To Overcome Problems of Working Students 

 Working Student: 5 Important Tips to Excel in Both School and Career

  1. Prioritizing: Learning to prioritize tasks and focusing on the most important one can help in reducing stress (Tumin et. Al., 2020). This can be done through making a to- list list, and scheduling.
  2. Support system: Creating a support system or a social circle will also help decrease stress.
  3. Goal setting: Learning to set realistic goals will also help manage the challenges posed by working and studying at once. These goals can be short term and long term, along with small rewards on accomplishing each one to stay motivated.
  4. Create boundaries: It’s important to set clear boundaries and communicate them to people around- peers and coworkers.
  5. Mental and emotional well- being: Taking regular breaks, getting adequate sleep, following a good diet and checking in with one’s mental and emotional well- being is also crucial.

 5 Important Tips for Working Students to Excel In Both School And Career

  1. Make a schedule: Dedicating a specific amount of time everyday to focus on studies, specifically when one is awake and alert. Simultaneously work only during the allocated working hours.
  2. Communication with manager and professors: Communicating with one’s manager regarding any upcoming deadlines and exams, and at the same time keeping the professors updated if there are any work commitments clashing with the classes.
  3. Using resources: Utilize the various resources at one’s disposal, which could be career counseling, tutors or academic advisors that can provide support which will further help in one’s academic and professional journeys.
  4. Goal setting: Setting realistic goals in terms of academia and work which will help one stay motivated and on track. 
  5. Prioritize self- care: try to get enough sleep, follow a good diet, exercise regularly and manage stress which will eventually help in performing better academically and professionally. 


In conclusion, working along with one’s academia is not a bad decision provided they utilize adequate resources available at their disposal. Students working simultaneously experience numerous difficulties managing academics and work together, and at the same time also gather valuable insights and financial independence. They have a lot of resources available that will help them overcome these challenges such as building a strong support system, creating strong boundaries, setting realistic goals and prioritizing mental and emotional well- being. These will help students excel academically and professionally. 


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Author : Malavika Parameswaran

Malavika Parameswaran works as an Expressive Arts-based Therapist in Mumbai.

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