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How to find best BPD therapy near you

January 20, 2022

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How to find best BPD therapy near you


Borderline personality disorder (BPD) often causes sufferers to believe the wronger is terrible and unworthy of love. BPD sufferers often have difficulty controlling their emotions and have mood swings that may alter suddenly from being calm to feeling intense rage or anger. Can make it challenging to maintain healthy relationships. People with borderline personality disorder are also prone to impulsive behaviour, including self-mutilation or suicidal thoughts or attempts. This article covers everything about BPD and how to find the best BPD therapy near me. So without wasting any further, let us quickly begin!

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What is Borderline personality disorder (BPD)?

Borderline personality disorder (BPD), sometimes called emotionally unstable, is a mental illness. It causes problems with moods, behaviour, and thinking that can sometimes be dangerous for them and those around them. People with BPD often have trouble maintaining relationships.
Borderline personality disorder usually develops in adolescence or early adulthood and lasts throughout life. It’s not the same as having a bad day or two and feeling down in the dumps once in a while. Nor is it the same as bipolar disorder, where someone has mood swings between mania (feeling very high and excited) and depression over long periods.
A borderline personality disorder may cause some people to engage in self-harming behaviour such as cutting or burning themselves or attempting suicide. If you’re concerned about someone exhibiting symptoms of BPD, it’s essential to get help from a mental health professional as soon as possible.

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4 symptoms of BPD

What are the symptoms of BPD?

The most common symptoms of borderline personality disorder include:

Upsetting and volatile moods

People with borderline personality disorder have significant problems controlling their emotions and feelings. They may experience intense episodes of anger, depression, anxiety, or irritability that can last from hours to days.

Impulsive behaviour 

People with a borderline personality disorder often act on impulse without considering the consequences. They may spend money irresponsibly, get into conflicts with loved ones, friends, or co-workers, make inappropriate remarks or show up late for appointments; engage in reckless driving, or become involved in physical fights.

Unstable relationships

You may start fights, end relationships, or make threats during arguments with friends, family members, or loved ones. You may also change from idealising others to being very angry and critical of them suddenly and without warning.

Suicidal behaviour

You may attempt suicide or threaten to kill yourself if you feel like others are trying to distance themselves from you. However, many people with BPD never attempt suicide, with intense emotions and unstable self-image. You may feel overly emotional, empty, or numb most of the time, even when things are going well in your life.

Why seek therapy for BPD, or why go to therapy anyway?

BPD is a serious, lifelong mental illness that affects how you relate to the world around you. It can lead to intense fear, extreme mood swings, and destructive behaviour, which respond well to professional treatment, and therapy can help.
Treatment for BPD typically involves psychotherapy with a mental health professional or psychiatrist who has been trained specifically in this disorder. Medication can also be helpful to lessen symptoms of BPD and improve your moods.
Therapy for BPDhelp you recognise and understand your illness — what caused it and why you have certain behaviours — and develop coping strategies for handling your emotions more effectively and reducing stress in your life. Therapy for BPD can also help you learn ways to nurture yourself to have better self-esteem and are less likely to engage in risky behaviours. And it can reinforce positive behaviours that will make you happier and healthier overall.

How to find the best BPD therapist? 

They are wondering where to find the best BPD therapy near me? Well, then United We Care can be your one-stop solution for finding the BPD therapist near you. UWC is a mental health platform connecting licensed clinicians and clients for online counselling services. They’ve built their network on the belief that better mental healthcare should be affordable and available to anyone, regardless of their income or where they live.
UWC’s database of therapists and counsellors ensures that only top-notch mental health professionals are listed. We are here to help you break free from the prison of personality disorder. Book your session today! 

How much does it cost to go for therapy?

The results from our research show that the cost of therapy can vary widely depending on the therapist, the treatment modality, and the number of sessions ordered. It’s also important to note that some types of therapy can be more expensive than others. In-person appointments will generally cost more than online sessions, for example. Also, therapists in major cities tend to charge more. That being said, find a therapist who can meet your needs in a timely and effective manner so that you can benefit from your therapy sessions and be able to better cope with what life has thrown at you.

Importance of having a good relationship with your therapist

Many people with BPD find that therapy is essential to their wellbeing and recovery. If you’re considering going to therapy, consider that it’s a process and not an event. When you first start treatment, you’ll probably be sharing a lot of information about yourself and your emotions, which can be uncomfortable. 
But as time goes on, therapy becomes second nature. You’ll probably begin to enjoy the one-on-one time with your therapist, who will provide support for you and help you learn more about yourself. Your therapist may also help you develop coping skills, depending on your choice of therapy. Thus you must have a good relationship with your therapist.


A person with BPD can feel a wide range of emotions and the needs of others. The therapist will help you understand the condition. You have to try different therapies until you find one that works for you. Please keep on trying until you find one that suits your needs. The therapist might be the only one who can help you deal with the disorder, so it is essential to find the right therapist. 
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