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Single Mother: 5 Smart WaysTo Build a Support Network

May 19, 2023

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Author : United We Care
Single Mother: 5 Smart WaysTo Build a Support Network


It is hard being a mother. Being a single mother is harder. You feel confused and isolated and have to tackle innumerable challenges by yourself. But this becomes much easier if you have a support network around you. Single mothers who have the support of family, friends, or the community fare better and are able to overcome obstacles easily. You might already know this, but still struggle with the question of “how”. If you are someone battling the question of how to make a support network that works, let this article help you and share with you some tips on the same.

What Does A Support Network For A Single Mother Mean?

A single mother faces challenges that are unique. Some of these challenges include [1]:

  • Risk of poverty and financial difficulties
  • Poorer physical and mental health
  • Lower well-being and satisfaction
  • More indulgence in unhealthy coping like smoking or binge eating
  • High overall stress
  • Stigma from the society

With so much to handle, single mothers need a space to connect and share their experiences with people who understand. The support network provides this space. In a good network, people are there for each other, give each a platform to talk and reach out to both seek and give help.

These networks can be of many forms and can be both online and offline. Some examples include support groups with other single mothers, friend groups, family or extended family, etc. The aim of these groups is to help mothers combat feelings of isolation, find emotional support, and obtain practical advice and resources to overcome their challenges.

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Benefits of Developing A Support Network for Single Mothers

When there is a loss or absence of a partner, the parent’s social support reduces. They are left to manage the workload of the house, their jobs, and their kids by themselves. Everyday life becomes difficult, and one can get easily overwhelmed. Social Isolation may also be a result [1]. Here, a reliable network can benefit you in many ways.

Single mother

Support Network Helps with Mental Health

Social support can alleviate stress and reduce depressive symptoms [1]. Single mothers may get more chances to vent about stressful situations and seek help from others in challenging situations. Having friends, family, or any other group check in on a person also reduces social isolation and depressive symptoms.

Social Networks provide Emotional Support.

Research shows that those with a more robust social network found more emotional support [1] [2]. This support can come from extended family as well as friends. Often single women find support provided by friends more emotionally helpful than the support offered by family [1].

Support Network helps in finding Resources.

A readily available network means information on valuable resources, such as camps or scholarships or doctors, babysitters, or government policies, will also be available. Research has also shown that community-based social networks can increase informational resources [2].

Social Support can improve Parenting. 

Studies have also shown that single mothers with strong support networks are more likely to have positive parenting practices [3]. They also receive mentoring and practical support from their network. Further, positive parenting can significantly affect the child’s well-being and life.

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5 Smart Tips For Building A Support Network If You Are A Single Mother?

Being a single mother comes with many problems and obstacles. It is lonely and frustrating at times. But it can also be rewarding and less stressful if you have a good support network. Some ways to build that are:

Building A Support Network If You Are A Single Mother

  1. Join a Support Group: Support groups are unique groups where the members are those people who are going through the same thing as you are. You all meet at some specific time in a month to share your experiences with each other and find emotional support, practical advice, and a sense of community.
  2. Find Similar People Online: These days, online communities and groups have also come up. You can use social media to connect with similar people by joining online groups or forums. Recent research has indicated that online social support also contributes to the well-being of single mothers [4].
  3. Seek support from family and friends: This thought might have crossed your mind, too, but chances are that you are debating whether or not you should do it. The answer is, yes, contact them. You might be surprised to find their reactions and they might be well-equipped to help you in childcare and other tasks.
  4. Utilize community resources: Many countries aim to support single mothers by implementing policies for child care support. Applying for these policies can be resourceful in terms of childcare.
  5. Consider therapy: When you are a single mother, most of your time is devoted to childcare and managing chores. It is easy to get lost in that routine and ignore yourself and your needs. Seeking therapy can help you maintain a space that is just for you and your needs.

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When you are a single mother, the challenges can become overwhelming and never-ending. But once you surround yourself with a group of supportive and safe individuals, it becomes easier to go through it all. There are many ways to build a supportive network, but the most important thing to remember is that it will take time and patience, so be compassionate towards yourself.

If you are a single mother looking for guidance and help, reach out to our expert counselors or explore more content at United We Care. A team of mental health experts at United We Care will guide you with the best methods for well-being.


[1] S. Keim-Klärner, “Social networks and the health of single parents,” Social Networks and Health Inequalities, pp. 231–244, 2022. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-97722-1_13

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