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Summer Vacation Secret: Learn To Make Every Second Cherishable From Boredom to Bliss

May 19, 2023

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Author : United We Care
Summer Vacation Secret: Learn To Make Every Second Cherishable From Boredom to Bliss



It is summertime! All across the world, people wait for the summer. Students might be the most eager for they get a chance to take a break from their studies and pursue hobbies. But somewhere, summer break means a time of respite for the entire family. It might also mean travel and just some time to unwind and create lasting memories. That said, it is important to have a plan for the summer because these vacations for they end as quickly as they begin. To help you give some structure to your vacations, we have curated this article in the hopes that you will be able to avoid boredom and incorporate bliss in your holidays.

What is the importance of summer vacation for kids?


In earlier times, schools had a two-month vacation to fulfill the agricultural needs of the families [1]. Children could help their families tend to their farms in these months without impacting their studies. However, in the modern world, these needs are no longer there. Yet, summer vacation continues to be important for children. Some reasons are:

  • They help children get out of an academic routine and rest and rejuvenate themselves.
  • They give the children a physical and mental break.
  • They give them a chance to explore interests, passions, and projects beyond the school curriculum.
  • Students joining camps or other summer-break activities can learn new skills and form new friends.
  • They also offer the entire family a chance to travel and reconnect as a  family.
  • Students can gain work experience and even earn money during the summer break.
  • Finally, children can also work on their studies and academic skills.

A good summer break becomes a lifetime memory that children can cherish and re-live throughout their lives. And you as parents can help children in creating such vacations.

What are the psychological impacts of Summer Vacation on kids?


Summer Vacation is like unstructured time for kids and can have both negative and positive impacts.

Positive Impact of Summer Vacations


A well-spent summer break can be highly beneficial for a child. Research on adults shows that vacations mean a positive impact on that person’s mental health [2]. Thus, these leaves may bring a sense of relief. Apart from relaxation and improvement in mental health, children can also utilize this time to build skills, take courses, and engage in creative pursuits. This can become a part of their holistic development and broaden their scope beyond academics. Finally, with all members busy throughout the year, summer vacation can prompt the family to plan time together and strengthen bonds. Thus these vacations can become a time for growth in all aspects.

Negative Impact of Summer Vacations


Contrary to popular belief, some research has shown that a long break from school can harm children. For instance, it may affect the child’s fitness leading to weight gain [3] and poor  nutrition. This is especially true when the school provides children with physical health interventions [4]. Other studies have shown that academic knowledge and skills are lost during summer break, especially in mathematics [5]. Minorities, including children with disabilities or economically disadvantaged children, are more at risk of this loss of academic skills. Further, in the contemporary world, without the structure that the school provides, children may spend more time engaging with screens and this excessive screen time can negatively impact physical and mental health.

Thus, it is not the summer break that decides the outcomes for a child but what a child does during the break. As caregivers you can contribute to your child’s growth by ensuring that the positives of the summer break outweigh the negatives.

How to Make Summer Vacation Cherishable?


How to make Summer Vacation Cherishable?

A well-planned summer vacation can become an opportunity for children to develop, grow and explore new areas of interest. Some ways to make summer vacations useful are [6] [7]:

  1. Plan activities with family and friends:Summer break is more or less universal for all schools. This could mean that the entire family and extended family can get together and catch up. Families can also plan activities along with trips with their loved ones.
  2. Enroll in summer programs: Many organizations offer courses, camps, internships, and programs during the summer. You can let your child choose which new skill or program they wish to explore. This would not only get them relevant experience for their future but also give them a chance to explore their own interests and hobbies. In the camps they can build new connections and these activities allow for healthy identity formation as well.
  3. Volunteer:Encouraging the child to volunteer can develop a sense of altruism in the child. When you or your children will interact with people different from your self, it will develop a sense of empathy and compassion. Children will also learn importance of inclusion and will eventually become better citizens of the country.
  4. Have some routine: Since it is an unstructured time, it might be good to have some routine. You can sit with your child and explain the need of a routine along with asking the child to help you set one. Some essential things that you can add in the routine are physical exercise, study time, hobby time, etc.
  5. Discover and pursue your passion:All children have some passion project they are attracted towards. Painting, music, writing, dance, are all the things they can explore. Many children now use this time to create original work and publish it online.

Following the above advice will transform your summer vacation into a personal growth and self-discovery period. It is essential to spend time planning for when one has a plan; it becomes a clear roadmap for the summer ahead.

How does making Summer Vacation cherishable affect your kids?


As mentioned above, cherishable summer vacations will positively impact the child’s development and growth. They are also remembered for a long time by the child. Some children might resist the “work” in vacations. But it is essential to remind them that doing things outside of their comfort zone will help them become better. Adding components of socialization will also help them develop stronger bonds with their families and friends. Eventually it is these bonds that become a source of social support in the future and become protective factor against mental health issues like depression and anxiety.



Summer vacations are a period that children and adolescents cherish. A good summer break can have many positive impacts on the child randing from new memories to new bonds. If you help your children plan the summer vacation in a concrete way, they will not experience a loss of skills, as many experts fear. Instead, they will have new stories, experiences, and tools in their belt.

If you are a parent who wishes to make your child’s summer vacation fruitful, you can contact the parenting coaches at the United We Care platform.  At United We Care, a team of professionals and mental health experts will guide you with the best methods for well-being.



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