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Failure, Parenting and Delusion: What is the secret relationship between them

August 15, 2022

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Author : United We Care
Failure, Parenting and Delusion: What is the secret relationship between them


Parenting is the most beautiful feeling in the world. But, with this beautiful feeling comes enormous responsibilities. The constant pressure to keep up to expectations might lead to fear of failure. The constant fear of failure might lead to a delusion in new parents. The effects of a secret relationship between loss, parenting, and delusion hurt the child’s upbringing.

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What is Failure?

People define failure as the inability to meet the desired goal. It can be anything from not getting good marks and not passing in class to the feeling of not being able to raise children properly. Although you know you cannot avoid failure in life, you cannot accept it. At some time in your life, you have to face a failure. The problem with failure is that you tend to associate failure with self-worth. Therefore, when you cannot perform well in something, you feel you are not worthy. Sometimes you might be made to feel unworthy by peers too. Failure has different connotations for different people. It might be a stepping stone to success, while failure might seem to be the world’s end for others. You must learn that failure is part and parcel of the human experience. If you do not experience failure, how will you know the joy of success?

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What is Parenting?

We describe parenting as how parents raise their children. It can also be how they protect and care for their children to ensure they smoothly transition into healthy adulthood. It has been an age-long concept that parents have a substantial and direct influence on the upbringing of their children. If the children turn up wrong, the blame falls on lousy parenting. Therefore, parents are constantly under pressure to raise children who grow up to be good human beings.
Parents play a crucial role in determining the environment in which their children grow up. Parents are the ones who decide the environment in which the children will live, the school they will get admission to, and the activities that they will engage in for a while. Thus, parenting is a huge responsibility because they expose children to peers who will influence them a lot.

What is Delusion?

Delusion is a serious mental disorder in which one cannot differentiate between the real and the imagined. One begins to believe in things that are not true. A delusional person will always feel confused. They might even have hallucinations or see and hear things that are not happening. The tricky part is that no one can make them believe that they imagine things that are not valid. They have an unshakable belief in their imagination.
Many parents suffer from delusional parent disorder. Many parents have false beliefs about their children even when given proof that it is not valid. They mistakenly think their children are always better than the others. Many parents who have overweight children are in complete denial of the fact. A delusion might result from the fear of failing as a good parent.
Failure, Parenting and Delusion

What is the secret relation between Failure, Parenting, and Delusion?

Failure, parenting, and delusion are three different things, but parenting and delusion relate to each other, failing. The secret relationship between failure, parenting, and delusion can have several adverse effects on parents and children.

  1. Most parents have the delusion that their children are the best in everything even though children have their likes and dislikes and might not excel in everything.
  2. Parenting and delusion are closely associated because the constant fear of bad parenting leads to delusional parent disorder. 
  3. Parents wrongly associate their children’s success and failure with parenting. Therefore, they cannot accept the loss of their children in anything. 
  4. They begin to live in the delusion that their children are all-rounders, and despite hurting the children, they do not deter from their delusion.

How do Failure, Parenting, and Delusion relate to each other?

  1. Parents who suffer from delusional parent disorder, or D.P.D, constantly fear that people may question their parenting techniques if they cannot raise excellent and successful children. Therefore, with time, they develop delusional parent disorder where they start believing that their children are the best in whatever they do. They start pushing the children for excellence in fields they may have no interest in that subject.
  2. Parents with delusional parent disorder might put their children into activities with the right motive. Then the constant fear of failure makes them delusional. They even start quarrelling with coaches and teachers because they believe only they know what is suitable for their children. They even start finding faults with the institution where they send their children.

What are the effects of the secret relation between Failure, Parenting, and Delusion?

The effects of the secret relationship between failure, parenting, and delusion depend on how delusional the parent is. 

  1. The societal stigma that the failure and success of children are directly related to parenting causes parents to suffer from delusional parenting disorder. 
  2. Many parents suffer from mental illnesses, and nothing can shake them from their delusional beliefs. A patient with delusional parent disorder is often not diagnosed because parents fail to understand that their delusion can harm their children.
  3. The convoluted relation between failure, parenting, and delusion can destroy the career of many children. 
  4. Over-obsession of parents that their children have to be the best in everything kills self-growth in children.
  5. Over-intervention of the delusional parent makes the children a bad apple in the eyes of everyone. The parents also force their children to take up professions that don’t interest them, harming their future scope of growth.


We can treat this complex relationship between failure, parenting, and delusion with therapeutic intervention. However, this requires a timely diagnosis of the situation. If one parent suffers from delusional parent disorder, the other parent should offer help through counselling and therapy. As parents confuse delusional parent disorder with a sense of care and protection for their children, the condition often goes unnoticed. One should abandon the societal stigma that parents are responsible for a child’s success and failure to remove fear from the parent’s minds. 
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