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6 tips on how to fall out of love with someone

January 18, 2022

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Author : United We Care
6 tips on how to fall out of love with someone


If love is conditional or unconditional is a century-old debate. Falling in love is easy. But one thing we know is that the love between two individuals changes, and sometimes falling out of love is the best choice to make. Losing out of love may happen naturally or due to some heartbreaking reason like betrayal, toxic nature of your relationship. No matter whatever the reason, the process of falling out of love needs effort, patience, and some skills. 

Why is it essential to fall out of love?

Here are some of the most practical tips on how to fall out of love.

  1. Realise that it is necessary: The end of any relationship may seem tragic. But, when you realise that your romantic relationship ended for good, you get more clarity. With this sense of clarity, you can be in a better position to manage your emotional distress and make yourself ready to move on. Many people tend to resist this change which causes prolonged periods of suffering and sadness. With realisation, you can spare yourself frustrating feelings. If you have been in a toxic or abusive relationship, realising it is not good keeps you from backsliding to the same person and helps your self-esteem. To recognise that falling out of love is necessary, you must list why things went sour. Writing down your feelings and emotions helps to declutter your mind.
  2. Keep yourself busy: One of the most popular old sayings quotes, “Idle mind does not know what it wants.” While moving on may sound painful, keeping yourself busy with routine activities and meaningful things may be a good strategy. Keeping yourself alive can also work as an excellent distraction to not indulge in feeling sadness. 

            Overthinking can not just cause anxiety but also cloud your judgment. It may even
          make you question your choice of falling out of love, which may not be very
          Fruitful. Meeting friends and family, indulging in relaxing activities like dance,
          Meditation will keep you occupied and safeguard you from feeling despair.   

Ways to fall out of love

Keeping yourself busy is the best way to detach yourself from this unpleasant situation.

      1. Maintain zero contact: When you decide to fall out of love with your partner, it is best to avoid any contact. Maintaining no contact is an excellent way to distance yourself from a toxic relationship. Try to be honest with your feelings and focus on yourself rather than others so that you can avoid falling back to toxic relationships. It is even more critical to avoid any contact if you involve in a relationship with a married person. Apart from no calls or messages, avoid checking their social media platforms. Many people obsessively follow their ex even after ending the relationship and end up feeling jealousy about their partner’s new life. Maintaining zero contact gives you space to heal and avoid you from getting stuck.


      1. Stop self-blame: Falling out of love is not a quick thing. It takes time to move on. Typically, you feel negativity at times. Humans tend to blame things when they don’t work as they hoped. However, some people are having negative self-behaviours, such as blaming themselves. Taking the blame for a failed relationship may not be helpful for anyone. Do not blame yourself or feel guilty about involving yourself in a bad relationship. Self-blaming tendencies may hurt your esteem and create a negative self-image. Instead, channelise your energy into productive things. It is a good idea to indulge in self-care routines.


      1. Move forward: Bad relationships are like lessons. You get to learn a great deal from them. When you analyse what went wrong, it helps you to build even stronger connections in the future. Remember that life does not stop because of one bad relationship. Let your mind heal with time; when you meet new people, expand your social circle, and build a meaningful relationship. Reach out to your friends to seek support. Embrace this recent change in your life. Make further changes in your daily routine or your house. Some positive symbolic changes can help to cope with the new life. Build new habits like meditation. Use mindfulness meditation techniques to increase self-awareness. It allows you to master the art of living in the present moment and foster growth. While moving forward, it is crucial to understand what love is. It is essential to distinguish between love and infatuation. So get invested in a relationship accordingly.


      1. Talk to a therapist: It is easy when you know how to fall out of love with someone. However, if you still feel stuck or need guidance through this process, it is always good to see a therapist. Therapies may include CBT and mindfulness techniques. These techniques help you deal with the distressing feelings and foster growth via life-changing patterns. Remember, it is okay to ask for help than suffer. Talking to a therapist about your emotional distress can make falling out of love easy.

Wrapping up:

Falling out of love with someone may take time and effort. If you feel you require additional support apart from these tips on losing out of love, feel free to connect with a team of experienced and skilled therapists at United We Care. It is a safe online mental health platform that offers genuine and best-in-class support. You can choose therapy at your convenience and heal yourself with their proven self-care techniques. 

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Author : United We Care

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