The Secret Truth of Female Nature

Secret of female nature

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Women have been underestimated for ages as a powerful force in the global economy and every aspect of life. It is acknowledged that women could have achieved much more for themselves and the world if society had encouraged them and had their back. Here’s the secret truth of female nature, which has been unknown for ages.

The Power of Being a Woman

Women are a special gift from God to humanity. Being born with the talent of carrying a child in her womb for nine months is a power that only women are born with. It has been seen that it is female nature to be more calculative, thoughtful and disciplined in anything that we do. Be it looking after her home or managing work in the office. Women are psychologically stronger and can bear pain far more than men. The pain that a woman goes through every month during her menstruation days is something that others cannot imagine. The pain during childbirth is unbearable, yet a woman bears it with a smile to bring her child onto the earth. The world has witnessed the service of powerful women like Rani Laxmi Bai, Indira Gandhi, Hillary Clinton, Mother Teresa, Virginia wolf, and so on.

The Secret to Success as a Woman

The importance of women is gradually growing in every field, be it entertainment, politics, business or social work. Women nowadays are actively engaged in areas that were male-dominated for many years, and women are now successful pilots, soldiers, astronauts and even journalists. Let us see what the secret behind such female empowerment is:

  • High self-esteem: Being confident about oneself is essentially vital to success. Women in older age were denied education to crush their self-esteem. Nowadays, most women are equally educated as men, and successful women are pretty clear about their aims in life. High self-esteem gives us the strength to overcome all hurdles and become more open-minded [1].
  • Self-awareness: Self-evaluation is another secret to success as a woman. Whether working or homemakers, successful women try to convert their limitations into strengths. Women are emotionally resilient, and the secret to our success is that we are not bothered by critical remarks or adversities [2]. Since time immemorial, we have been waging war for our rights, whether the right to education or the right to vote.

Being a Woman is a Blessing

Being a woman is indeed a blessing because we are blessed with the ability to demonstrate empathy and handle challenging situations. Women are also endowed with multi-tasking abilities [3]. Being born as a female was not considered a blessing for ages, and women were seen as a burden because of the dowry system. Even today, there are several cases of rape and female feticide. 86 women are raped daily in India [4], and many are burnt alive or murdered for dowry. The modern world sees women as the biggest blessing.

Women are blessed with the gift of giving birth to a new life. The pain and sacrifice that a mother goes through while giving birth are phenomenal. The scenario is slowly changing for the betterment of society. Women now excel in every field, be it sports, business or academics. The contribution that women have been making towards the improvement of the world makes them a blessing to the world. Therefore, the family and society need more female leaders like Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Aruna Roy, and Kiran Bedi, who can show humanity the path towards peace and prosperity.

Females are often the backbone of society, holding everything together.


  • The modern woman can take on every responsibility, from working in an office to looking after the house and children.
  • Women are a pillar of strength and are the guiding factor behind the well-being of their families. A mother instils good values in her children from the very beginning. Thereby gifting society with responsible citizens who work to improve the community in the future.
  • Women look after the old and the sick in the family. It is a female nature to care for others. Women were never afraid to share their ideas and thoughts and fight for their rights. Women are creative and have excellent leadership skills.


Since old age, women have been creative and more disciplined. Therefore, when the men hunted and gathered, the women stayed and looked after their home, children and farm. Binding a family or a society requires much more perseverance and mental strength. Since it is female nature to be tolerant and mentally strong, we were given this responsibility. Therefore, for the well-being of any nation, women must be uplifted. The secret truth of female nature lies in facing new things every day as new challenges and fighting for her existence. To deal with these emotional and physical turmoils, each one has to take help. United we care is a mental wellness app where you can heal your mind and body on a barrier-free platform.



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