Difference Between Happiness & Reality

Difference Between Happiness & Reality

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Happiness and reality are the two words that create confusion in a person’s life. A person requires both to be together; he wants his reality with happiness. Happiness is complicated and sometimes very simple. Branded products would make us happy. Still, in reality, we are delighted wearing our most comfy pyjamas, and my friend, that is the most significant gap between happiness and reality.

Definition of happiness and reality: 

Happiness is a conditional but fleeting sense of contentment. The feelings of pleasure known as happiness today are constantly looking for happiness people look to monetary prosperity and others’ happiness, while too much more like love. When we accomplish an antique, we feel happiness.A businessman is trying hard to get a significant deal for his business. Many people are pushing for that deal, but he manages to win that deal for his company, so he is pleased. But after some time, he again tries to win another deal but loses it; this setback will undoubtedly lower his level of happiness. Because of this, most people think happiness is mainly a transient condition or emotion that can change quickly.

Reality is the state of existence and the totality of all physical and abstract things in the universe.

Relation between happiness and reality

For instance, the reality is receiving the order of the particular dress you would like in the past and making an order for them. Whether we questioned why or not we wanted the specific attire, or we could have bought the other clothing from the mall and brought the dress home with us, all of the thinking remains one thing that has happened in reality.

Difference between happiness and reality

Happiness is a temporary pleasure; on the other hand, the reality is what happens. The difference between the two words is expectations, and it is the expectations that bridge the gap between these two words. Since the one aspect of your life you can influence is how you think, your reality is just a mirror of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. You can design your future and the degree of enjoyment you experience if you have high aspirations and back them up with ideas and emotions. 

Happiness comes from within and can only be defined by internal circumstances. We can seek high expectations for ourselves to push towards our goals and make things happen, and if that is what we value, it will bring us happiness.

Relation between happiness and reality

According to Woody Allen, The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have instead of what you don’t have. 

  • When a person accepts reality no matter what it is, that is happiness. The acceptance of fact makes a person full of contentment and happiness. 
  • Feeling disappointed is fine; it certainly means that we accept reality. Accepting Reality does not imply a person will not face failure or disappointment.  Everyone has life challenges; thus, we usually feel unpleasant emotions like fury, despair, and frustration. A condition of the human situation would be denied if it were suggested otherwise. 
  • Making the most of the good times while handling the inevitable difficult times allows one to live the best overall life possible. It is the definition of being happy.

Why happiness is necessary no matter what the reality is

Though it would be ridiculous to believe we could experience every happy moment, can we all strive for happiness? Not. Although happiness is within our reach, periodically feeling overwhelmed by pessimistic thoughts of doom and gloom is acceptable. When that happens, we must question ourselves: Why is happiness vital, regardless of the situation? Because we are more effective in all of our pursuits in life when we are happy rather than prosperous. 

A romantic relationship cannot make us happy, but being happy can make a relationship more robust, beautiful, and romantic. So no matter what the reality is, being happy is more important than what the reality is. So accept the reality keep your expectations flexible, and be happy. 


Happiness is the primary emotion we want for others we care about, including ourselves. If you ask why is happiness important? So happiness is essential because it enables us to become better individuals for our loved ones, communities, and ourselves. And If you ask what makes us happy? That would be acceptable, so accept the reality, be content, and be happy.


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