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10 Signs and Symptoms of Depression

October 10, 2023

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10 Signs and Symptoms of Depression
  1. Do you feel easily irritated by people around you and just want to withdraw from social situations?
  2. Are these overwhelming bouts of sadness making you indulge in constant negative self-talk?
  3. Do you feel burdened by the personal and professional responsibilities given to you?
  4. Are impulsive and high-risk behaviors attracting you more these days than stable and calming activities?

If these questions are bothering you and not letting you sleep at night then it’s time you start prioritizing your mental well-being and listen to what your mind and body are trying to communicate.

Depression can look different for different people. It is a psychological mood disorder that is prevalent across all ages and genders, and if not treated and diagnosed correctly can lead to severe health-related issues. According to the American Psychological Association, Depression is a psychological disorder that can manifest itself in a wide range of forms. For some people, it can look like extreme never-ending unhappiness, and for others, it can enter their lives in the form of extreme sadness and pessimism.

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Wondering if you are showing signs and symptoms of Depression or not? We know someone who can help you solve this dilemma. STELLA, our wellness coach, can assist you in taking psychological tests and connecting you with psychologists who can further help you navigate through your healing journey.

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What are some common Signs and Symptoms of Depression?

To facilitate this process further for you, we have outlined 10 common signs and symptoms of depression here:

Never-ending Sadness:

Depression often can feel like a dark, gloomy day with no end to it. These feelings of emptiness can also lead to bouts of anxiety in the person going through this feeling.

Hopelessness becomes your constant companion:

Feeling hopeless and not looking forward to your days and things anymore can be a common sign of depression and can lead to a lack of motivation.


Do you easily get irritated over minor inconveniences in life and don’t know how to deal with the consequences of these outbursts? If you can relate to this, then it is time that you sit with your thoughts and understand where these triggers are originating from. Dealing with depression can often make you feel tired and lead to these irritable outbursts but these can be managed well with professional help and care.

Not feeling worthy:

Feeling depressed constantly can make you question your self-worth and often lead to feelings of self-doubt and underconfidence. These feelings when not understood and taken care of can be very detrimental to your wellbeing and an overall sense of self. So the next time you question your worth make sure you also remind yourself of all the great things you do to cope and thrive in life.

Nothing Interests You Anymore:

Losing interest in activities and hobbies can be one of the indicators of depression. It is these interests that keep individuals motivated and driven, so in this case where the individual loses all interest, it can get challenging to feel happy and fulfilled.

Constant fatigue:

Do you feel constantly tired and just want to be in your bed all day and night? Fatigue is one of the most common and persistent symptoms of depression. It can make the depressed person unmotivated to attend to the tasks that they usually are passionate about.

Sleepless Nights:

Not getting enough sleep at night and then sleeping the whole day afterward is often a vicious cycle that a lot of people dealing with depression have to go through on a regular basis. Lack of a proper sleep schedule can lead to both physical and mental fatigue which if not dealt with on time can lead to other health-related issues.

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Loss of appetite:

Don’t feel like eating your favorite meals anymore? Do you feel like throwing up when you look at food or just not feeling excited about having warm meals anymore? Loss of appetite can be a serious problem for the physical health of an individual and, therefore, should be taken great care of.

Decreased concentration and focus:

Being able to concentrate and focus on tasks at hand can be a struggle for people dealing with depression since they are often preoccupied and overwhelmed by the enormity of their sadness and negative emotions. This can become a problem in workplaces, schools, and other professional settings where concentration is a must to learn and perform tasks accurately.

Increased negative self-talk:

Beating yourself up for small things? Not thanking yourself enough? Belittling your efforts to cope with the challenges of life? All of these are examples of negative self-talk which people with depression are often found to indulge in.

If you have been showing a majority of these signs for at least two weeks or more than that, then it is time you reach out and seek the help you deserve.

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How can UWC help you on this Journey?

At United We Care, we believe that everyone deserves to prioritize their mental health and get the care they deserve. We have a wide range of professionals onboard who can help you understand your own mental health better and help you navigate through this journey.

Moreover, we have comprehensive and self-paced courses that you can take from the comfort of your homes and embark on your journey of healing and growth.

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Still, hesitating about prioritizing your well-being?

Think no more and connect with our professionals today.

Your well-being and mental health matters!

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