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Sign Up For A Sleep Wellness Program: Discover The Key To A Good Night’s Sleep With United We Care

April 30, 2023

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Author : United We Care
Sign Up For A Sleep Wellness Program: Discover The Key To A Good Night’s Sleep With United We Care


A good night’s sleep can make a person feel fresh and productive in the morning. Rest significantly affects physical and mental health. Individuals who find it difficult to fall asleep or have poor sleep quality are at risk of fraternal disorders and experience a low life rate. The United We Care platform offers a basic sleep wellness program [3] to help people improve their sleep.

Why is It Important To Sign Up For A Sleep Wellness Program?

Sleep deprivation and poor sleep quality are becoming a function of modern society. Recently, global surveys have revealed that an increasing number of individuals worldwide are sleep-deprived, and around 80% wish to improve their sleep quality [4]. In another survey, it was found that while Japan and South Korea rank lowest in the hours of sleep, most countries had adults who clocked less than the recommended hours of sleep [5]. In the US, one survey found that more than one-third of individuals sleep less than desired [6], whereas some reports in India suggest that more than 50% of adults need adequate sleep [7].

The Sleep Wellness Program by United We Care [3] platform can help an individual improve their sleep patterns and overcome deprivation. Lack of sleep can have severe effects on the health of individuals. For instance, poor sleep can [1] [2] [4]:

What Are The Effects Of Poor Sleep

  • Increases risk of obesity
  • Increases risk of hypertension and heart attack
  • Increases the risk of diabetes
  • It is linked with depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions
  • It affects cognitive functions such as memory

Joining the Sleep Wellness program can help individuals prevent these harmful consequences and have a better quality of life.

What are The Benefits of Signing Up For A Sleep Wellness Program with United We Care?

The benefits of signing up for this program are manifold. The program is backed by research, provides the participant with several resources to improve sleep habits, and gets them in touch with experts for personalized consultations. Following are the benefits of joining the Sleep Wellness Program by United We Care.

Tools and Techniques for Better Sleep

The course is replete with research-backed techniques for improving sleep quality. Those who enroll get lifetime access to the following:

  • Informational videos on sleep wellness, sleep hygiene, and related topics.
  • Training in breathing exercises and yoga
  • Different kinds of guided meditation methods
  • Bedtime stories and music therapy sessions
  • Sleep tracker worksheet

Along with the above, consultations with experts will also enhance the understanding of how to apply these techniques in one’s life.

Expert Guidance

A panel of experts designs the course. After researching extensively, the program was developed to equip individuals with the best possible strategies for enhancing sleep quality. Further, those who enroll get personalized sessions with a nutritionist, yoga instructor, music therapist, and psychologist who can give customized solutions to the problems being faced. Since each individual is different, the experts will analyze the underlying causes of sleep issues and list for a person the best possible solution for the problems. Such expert guidance is beneficial for an informed decision on how to improve one’s sleep quality.

Ease of Access

The program and expert sessions are conducted online, meaning one can access this information anywhere. Further, the program is self-paced, meaning the individual can decide when and how much to learn in one go. The videos, training, and lessons can also be retrieved again, making them easy to access.

Health Benefits and Improved Quality of Life

Sleep is intimately related to health and well-being, and poor sleep can increase the risk of health conditions such as hypertension, obesity, heart attack, stroke, and depression [1] [2] [4]. Further, any underlying stressor in a person’s life often impacts sleep first and foremost. This intervention, with its expert guidance, has the potential to help identify stressors and promote sleep wellness for optimal physical and mental health. Further, the course participants tend to feel energized after following the course, and they also find an overall positive impact on their lives, thereby increasing their quality of life.

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How To Discover Signing Up For A Sleep Wellness Program with United We Care?

Signing up for the sleep wellness program at United We Care is easy, and one has to access the United We Care website and find the course on it [3]. To enroll, registration via email would be required.

Once the registration and enrollment are completed, individuals can explore the course at their own pace. The three-week comprehensive course covers the following:

How to discover signing up for a sleep wellness program with United We care

  • Consultation with a Psychologist and Nutritionist
  • Understanding the concept of Sleep Wellness
  • Self-assessment of sleep patterns
  • Understanding the relationship between food, hydration, caffeine consumption, and sleep
  • Discovering the importance of sleep environment, sleep hygiene & tips to improve them
  • Relaxation activities like bedtime Stories, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, podcasts, etc.
  • Essential to intermediate-level Training in mindfulness and different meditation techniques like Trataka and Japanese Meditation
  • Live Yoga session
  • Live music therapy session
  • Introduction to sleep tracker & CBT

The course is easily accessible for individuals in different jobs and is self-paced.  With online delivery of course content, each individual can be assured of receiving an understanding of research-backed techniques via the United We Care Experts.

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How to Get The Most Out of A Sleep Wellness Program?

The United We Care platform has made the program in a manner that is easy but maximally beneficial for the person who enrolls. However, the following tips are recommended to get the most out of the program:

  • Have a dedicated time and designated place for the sessions each day. This will ensure that sessions are noticed, and regular learning occurs.
  • For meditation and music therapy sessions, a pair of headphones is recommended.
  • For yoga sessions, a yoga mat is adequate.
  • For some meditation sessions, candles may be required, and it is recommended one keeps them pre-arranged.
  • Consider joining with a friend or a partner to enhance learning and enjoyment.
  • Have an adequate internet connection to avoid disturbances mid-session.
  • Follow the worksheets provided in the program to notice shifts and differences in sleep patterns and behaviours.
  • Practice the techniques learned as soon as possible.

The program requires little effort and preparation from the participant. However, dedication and practice would be needed in order to see results.

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Sleep is intimately linked with a person’s physical and mental health. However, given the routines and demands, many individuals have poor sleeping habits and quality, putting them at risk of various disorders. The sleep wellness program by United We Care offers a way out by helping participants access tools, techniques, and expert guidance to manage their sleep and promote overall well-being.


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