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How School Guidance Counselors Help Teens and Students Manage Their Mental Health

August 27, 2021

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How School Guidance Counselors Help Teens and Students Manage Their Mental Health

School guidance counselors play an important role in the lives of students and teens by helping them manage their mental health.

How School Guidance Counselors Improve Kids and Teens Mental Health

Are you scared of a classmate bullying you? Is a lot of homework bothering you? Are you stressed about your parents fighting every day? Are you facing extreme peer pressure?

These are common problems but immensely pressing that a student and teenager may come across. There is a point when it becomes necessary to talk to someone. However, you might not feel comfortable talking to your family or friends about it, either due to embarrassment or fear.

This is where a school guidance counselor comes into the picture. They can help you cope up. They keep themselves updated about all kinds of problems and the latest trends that might affect students and teens. They listen, take you seriously and have the experience to advise you about the next step.

Also, if you are experiencing a disturbing issue like alcohol abuse, drug abuse, physical abuse, or other related problems, talk to the counselor about it. He or she encourages you to voice your issues. The counselor does this with the help of different counselling techniques and conflict resolution skills.

Who is a School Guidance Counselor?

In a multi-faceted role, a school guidance counselor improves your decision-making capability so that you make the right choices not only in academics but also in personal development. A school guidance counselor is also skilled and qualified to work with students belonging to all age groups – from kindergarten to grade 12 students.

Be it personal, social, or academic problems, they identify the exact issue and work with you to address it stage-by-stage.

During the middle and high school levels, the counselors work with you to determine and achieve your current and post-high school goals. Overall, school guidance counselors are well-trained to address the numerous challenges that teens and students face in today’s world.

Another benefit is confidentiality. When you meet a counselor, be assured that the discussion is not going out of that room. So, overcome your communication difficulties and talk without any fear, however sensitive issue it may be.

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What Does a High School Guidance Counselor Do?

The presence of a school guidance counselor is beneficial for enhancing a child’s psychological and educational development. However, it is especially significant for a student and a teenager because of the sensitive age.

While finishing high school, students are in the final transition phase – exploring future opportunities related to college or work. At this stage, a high school guidance counselor steps in to steer the abilities, skills, strengths, and interests in the right way. Additionally, there is added pressure where students can indulge in questionable behavior related to drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.

Additionally, your high school guidance counselor keeps in touch with your teachers and parents. It is crucial to stay in the loop about your behavioral patterns and performance in both these spheres. The counselor must know if your home ambiance is secure and if there are coping difficulties or emotional burdens at school.

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Guidance Counselor vs School Counselor

Earlier, the term ‘guidance counselor’ was to describe someone who was associated with a school. The role of these guidance counselors was to guide the students in the academic area. Other tasks that came under their position included writing letters of recommendation, transcripts and others.

In the past few decades, the term guidance counselor evolved into school counselor to reflect the role in a more accurate way. Often referred to as school guidance counselor, this role recognizes a broader spectrum of duties and responsibilities. It has embraced a more comprehensive approach to augment the positive outcome. These counselors put in their best foot forward to connect with you on the same wavelength to make you comfortable and confident.

Further, school guidance counselors assist in bridging the gap between your success and any obstacles you are facing.

How School Counselors Improve Mental Health?

The role of a school guidance counselor is tremendously crucial as it directly impacts young lives.

Be it your poor performance at school, low self-esteem, bullying, or relationship issues that you are going through; your counselor can formulate potential solutions. As a student, when you enter adolescence from childhood, you undergo rapid physical and emotional change. Another pressurizing phase is when you are entering adulthood. There is an insane array of choices that you have to make. A high school guidance counselor supports you to deal with this pressure. He or she also guides you to find the right college or when you are stepping into the working world.

School counselors perform the required counselling sessions generally in a school setting. The various counselling techniques include:

  • Mental health counselling techniques
    • Cognitive theory
    • Behavioural theory
    • Integrative theory
    • Humanistic theory
  • School counselling techniques
    • Problem-solving and conflict resolution
    • Special needs counselling
    • Group counselling session

A high school guidance counselor implements a blend of various therapeutic models depending on the problem. They boost the mental health that helps you believe in yourself and achieve what you truly deserve.

How to Become a School Guidance Counselor

A successful school guidance counselor must be empathetic, flexible, a good listener, accepting, and have brilliant communication skills. To become a school guidance counselor, you need to complete your bachelor’s degree, then acquire a master’s degree in the related field.

As a candidate, you need to study from the below-mentioned fields:

  • Learning theory
  • Child development theory
  • Career development
  • Individual counselling

During this, you also need to complete an internship to get hands-on experience in this role. Further, many states have an additional examination or certification like career development specialist or mental health specialist.

There is a varied range of roles as a school guidance counselor, which depend on your interest, qualification, and work environment. The roles are:

  • Elementary School counselor
  • Middle School counselor
  • High School counselor
  • Psychological College Counselor
  • Academic Advisor

Counseling for Students for Anxiety, Depression or Stress

Today, it is unfortunate to see stress, anxiety, and depression creating havoc in the lives of countless students and teens. They need someone to converse freely and who can enhance their outlook on life.

With the specialized skills, a school guidance counselor adeptly handles the delicate minds of these youngsters with utmost care. They ensure that you tread on the right path and are prepared to fight the dynamic and challenging world around, with certainty.

At United We Care, we understand the importance of proper counseling. It is the most important step in safeguarding the holistic development of our young people. If you have a question about counseling, do not hesitate to contact us.

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