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How to Diagnose Mental Issues with Free Mental Health Screening Tests

August 27, 2021

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How to Diagnose Mental Issues with Free Mental Health Screening Tests

You don’t need to spend big bucks at expensive mental health centers to diagnose mental issues. Instead, take a mental health test online.

Free mental health screening tests online

According to the World Health Organization, mental health is defined as “a state of happiness in which a person is aware of his or her potential and can deal with daily stress, can produce fruitful contributions to the community with his work.”

To maintain a healthy mind, we need a healthy body. However, we often forget to give as much importance to our minds. We consider going for annual physical checks but not for annual mental checks, despite the very stressful lifestyles we all have today.

The question here arises, is mental health a big deal? As mental health includes all three important aspects of social, emotional, and psychological well-being, it plays an integral part in the soundness of our overall health. It is important at any stage of life, from childhood to old age.

It is very easy to take a mental health screening test today, and you need not even visit the physician’s office. Mental health screening tools are now easily available online.

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Online mental health screening vs. In-person mental health assessment

Mental health screening online is a recent advancement in medical science. It makes full use of technology. It allows people to take mental health tests online free. It is, therefore, possible even for the poor to avail of this service. But one needs an internet connection and a smartphone to take the assessment. It is sad, but our country still has certain limitations in this regard.

It is critical to maintain good mental health. Mental health depends on several factors. Some of the factors that the online assessment aims to check are:

  • Family history of mental health problems, as some of the conditions are genetically passed down.
  • Biological factors, as some conditions may occur due to mutation in certain genes. Others occur due to hormonal imbalance, confusing the chemistry inside your brain.
  • Traumatic life experiences can also cause common conditions like depression and anxiety. If ignored, it can turn to severe conditions like a phobia. Therefore, mental abuse is a silent crime that has been widely ignored.

There are also classic ways like the in-person mental health assessment. Mental health counselors or therapists work on individuals with mental health problems. It is to be noted that not all mental therapists are psychiatrists. A non-disclosure policy by the medical ethics binds your therapist not to share your information and condition with anyone other than medical purposes. So, you need not hesitate, as this information will not be shared even with your spouse, parents, or in-laws as per ethics.

If you are shy to take a personal session, therapists also provide a group or community session. It is mainly with pre-selected individuals with similar problems so that people can share their experiences and receive counseling at the same time.

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How questionnaires for mental health screening work

Not everyone can detect a developing mental health issue. Sometimes, it is too late. To avoid such circumstances, look for these early signs using the questionnaires for mental health screening and take a free mental health test. The questionnaire will help you note the very first signs and diagnose any issues. It will help you note any suspicious mental issues.

  • The most alarming is the self-inflicting ideologies. Call suicide counseling numbers commonly found online. It is never a good idea to end your life and not a solution to your problem.
  • Overeating or oversleeping than usual.
  • Being unsocial and avoiding get-togethers.
  • Non-responsive to the incidents or good or bad events around you.
  • Unexplainable pain with no relatable diagnosis.
  • Losing hope for life and feelings of helplessness.
  • Developing addictive habits like drinking, smoking, etc.
  • Forgetfulness, unexplainable anger, more than normal mood swings, mostly staying upset and unhappy, anxious about the future, along with a worrisome fear.
  • Violent or abusive behaviors mostly with close ones.
  • Problems in your relationship with your spouse.
  • Overthinking about a topic with no end or solution.
  • Blind beliefs and taboos overtake your mind.
  • Disturbance in your daily tasks and difficulty doing them, even if they are monotonous.
  • Low performance at work or school with an inability to focus.
  • Thinking of performing unlawful activities.

If you think that you or your loved ones have similar signs, it is best to take the necessary action. Sooner better than later.

Types of mental health screening tests

Like our body, our mind also tells us and gives us signals that it is not well. It needs care, too, as our body does. If you think you are not mentally healthy like you were before and need help, do not hesitate; consider acting on it.

A positive mind helps us:

  • Deal with the daily stress of life and work.
  • Be productive at what we do.
  • Give the best effort on something.
  • Gives a clear vision of life ahead and a broader insight.

The questionnaire for mental health screen gives you the assessments for common mental issues like:

  • Relationship test
  • Anxiety test
  • Depression test
  • Anger test
  • OCD test

These are self-instructed tests to analyze your mental health status and will help diagnose your problem. It is a completely free test that can now be taken online from anywhere in India.

Anger mental health assessment test

Anger is an emotion that involves being hostile to someone or something you think might offend you on purpose. Anger can be a good thing. For example, it can give you the opportunity to express negative emotions or encourage you to seek solutions to problems. Too much anger can cause problems.

Stress mental health assessment test

Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical burden. It may be related to an event or thought that might cause frustration, anger, or nervousness. Stress is the body’s response to a challenge or need. It can sometimes be helpful, like achieving a deadline at work but only in the short run.

Relationship assessment test

Satisfaction in relationships is one of the key areas of relationship evaluation. Although there are relationship assessment tools, many are cumbersome and time-consuming, and some tools are only suitable for married couples. The Relationship Assessment Scale (RAS) is composed of seven elements, and the level of each element is divided into a five-point Likert scale. It is suitable for everyone with close relationships, married, in a live-in arrangement, engaged, or dating. The simplicity of the scale increases its usefulness in clinical settings and online assessments.

Bipolar disorder assessment test

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that causes severe ups and downs and changes in sleep, energy, thinking, and behavior. It is also known as manic depression. People with bipolar disorder may feel ecstasy and energy and sometimes feel depressed, hopeless, and lazy.

Depression mental health assessment test

It is a very common mood disorder that affects a person’s daily life. It causes the feeling of sadness, anger, and hopelessness with the loss of zeal to live. This causes loss of goal or purpose of life with no energy to fight a situation in life. Rather, it can force someone to commit suicide.

Anxiety mental health assessment test

Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. It is the fear or worry about what is about to happen.

How to take a free online mental health assessment test?

You think you are unwell mentally and don’t know how to take help online? You can now consult a mental health professional onlinefrom United We Care.Just visit our website and take a free online mental health screening test, available now in India.

UWC health assessment tests can give you a step-by-step easy online test:

  • The first step towards treating mental health issues is getting a diagnosis. We care for all mental issues, which are common today, like:
  • Relationship test
  • Anxiety test
  • Depression test
  • Anger test
  • OCD test
  • The second step is to find a counselor or a therapist. Online counseling will give you one-to-one service, where you can talk to your therapist about all your thoughts in private.
  • Lastly, you have to follow the treatment plan or the recovery program custom-designed for you by your therapist or counselor.

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