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Do you believe that souls are immortal? The concept of reincarnation is well-known in the eastern and western worlds. In the west, pre-Socratic philosophers suggested that a soul can move from one body to another upon death. In the east, followers of Vedic literature like Buddha and Mahavira speculated on reincarnation as a rebirth of the soul.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Some professionals in the field of psychology and psychiatry believe that mental health disorders such as migraine, skin disorders and various phobias can develop due to unresolved issues in their previous life and can be resolved with past life regression therapy.

What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past Life Regression Therapy is a holistic therapy that uses hypnosis to retract memories from the subconscious mind. This form of treatment transports a person back to the time before one’s birth. It is done to repeatedly treat problems that a person faces in their present life.

With the help of hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy helps a person increase their awareness in their unconscious, sub-conscious and unconscious mind. There is, however, a high possibility that the scenario or glimpse they believe to be their past life is a part of their recorded and stored present life ‘hidden memory’ in their subconscious mind.

How does Past Life Regression help?

Past Life Regression technique helps with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing, including:

  • Reviving experiences from one’s past life
  • Providing insight into why people feel connected to certain places or people
  • Recognizing reasons behind unidentified physical and psychological ailments
  • Acknowledging and appreciating the spiritual aspect of one’s living

Myths about Past Life Regression Therapy

People go through past life regression either in the pursuit of a spiritual experience with the goal of psychological or physical healing. Past life regression therapy is not a simple form of therapy but is a root cause therapy wherein a person is supported to heal from within.

As the concept of past lives might not adhere to specific belief systems of people, therefore, there are several myths around the technique, such as:

Myth: Past Life Regression is a voodoo technique

Fact: Past Life Regression Therapy is based on the principle that our past influences our present, and our gift makes our future.

Myth: You will not remember anything after being hypnotized, and the therapist could take advantage of you, including the information you share.

Fact: In a state of hypnosis, the person is fully aware of what is happening around him, and it is just a deep meditative state that a person is in during the entire process. All the information shared by the patient is covered under an unsaid confidentiality clause that every therapist must follow.

Myth: A person could get stuck in the past if they revisit their past life experience during hypnotherapy.

Fact: People are fully aware of their present surroundings and can stop whenever they wish to, simply by opening their eyes.

Myth: Past Life Regression can have side effects

Fact: There are no side effects of the therapy. However, the session can have many benefits, as hypnosis will give you a relaxed state of mind.

Myth: Past Life Regression Therapy is unethical

Fact:  It has been suggested that past life regression is unethical as there is no scientific evidence to support its claims, and a person undergoing regression hypnosis might implant false memories. However, the past life regression therapist will guide the patient to control their emotions, thus helping them gain control over their feelings. Moreover, the regression process and procedure are discussed before any session, and the participant’s consent is taken before starting the therapy.

The Truth about Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Past Life Regression Therapy is a scientific approach to hypnotherapy. You are sent into a deep meditative state, allowing you to connect with the thoughts buried deep in your subconscious mind. While many might debate if one does revisit their past life or are these more minor childhood instances or untapped memory reserves in our brain, the truth is that many people claim that this form of therapy has helped heal many people’s psychological & physiological conditions.

How to Know About Your Past Life

Can we know about our past life or past life experiences? The answer is Yes. You can find out about your past life with past life regression hypnosis. You can browse our hypnotherapy services to find out how to consult with a past life regression therapist online.

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