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How to Make a Narcissist Tell the Truth

August 29, 2021

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How to Make a Narcissist Tell the Truth

Confidence is good, but is narcissism too? Well, no. Accepting criticism is essential for growth, but being sensitive to it might be a sign of narcissism. Lack of empathy, hate for mentoring, distaste to work as a team, and intensely competitive nature are some other signs of narcissism.

Generally, narcissism and lying go hand in hand. Most narcissists end up lying or omitting huge aspects about themselves. Lying is a form of defense mechanism, which is harmful nonetheless. Therefore, how to make a narcissist tell the truth? Do you confront a narcissist or stay quiet? In this article, we will explore and answer all these questions. So, keep on reading to maneuver the life of a narcissist.

Making a Narcissist Tell the Truth

When a narcissist is caught cheating and lying, they will never fess up. Often, they keep deviating from the topic or shift the blame. You could say that narcissists act have overinflated egos and perceive things differently; this is why they might perceive the lies as their truth and act accordingly. Thus, they do not believe they lie and distort the truth.

Narcissists end up justifying and defending their lies, however unjustifiable they might be. They might also end up trying to smear your reputation for attempting to expose their intentions or true self. Often, they downplay the event and the consequences to divert your attention. This is similar to gaslighting and is aimed to make you feel that you’re overreacting.

If you want to confront a narcissist, you need to realize that it is important for them to recognize their actions. Tricking them is not the answer. You need to determine whether exposing the truth is worth more than your mental health. Hence, ensure that you know the truth and keep on believing it, however manipulative they turn.

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What is a Narcissistic Liar?

A narcissistic liar is a person who tells lies as a result of narcissistic personality disorder, which is a condition wherein people have an inflated sense of importance. They feel the world revolves around them, and they go to extreme extents for themselves. The disorder is also characterized by the need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and the absence of empathy.

Most narcissists lie to depict themselves or their lives as perfect. However, this is far from reality. They portray themselves as superior to everyone else and have no respect for others’ emotions or boundaries. They turn manipulative and gaslight others into believing their lies.

Most o the time, narcissists avoid taking responsibility and try pinning it on others. These are ways to keep their imperfections or failings hidden. Hence, a narcissistic liar lies extensively to protect their reputation or hide their failures. 

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Are Narcissists Pathological Liars?

Most people forget incidents and directly state so. When it comes to a narcissist’s lies, they will straight up deny a well-known truth or fact. There are rare situations when a narcissist is caught cheating and lying. Why? Because narcissists manipulate and gaslight people into believing them.

If you ever have proof of them lying and narcissist lies are exposed, they will deny it and go on the offensive. When one is wrong, one is expected to accept it and apologize. However, apologies are out of character and a sign of weakness for narcissists. Most people know that apologizing after committing a mistake is normal, so when somebody denies having lied, we are convinced it is true. We doubt ourselves, get confused, and start to believe that we were wrong. So, narcissists are pathological liars who gaslight when their narcissist lies are exposed.

Narcissist Lies Exposed: Why Do Narcissists Lie About Small Things?

In this section, we will go deep into the world of narcissists and expose the narcissist lies. One commonly asked question is why do narcissists lie about small things? Narcissists are pathological liars and lie naturally. They lie to manipulate people, gain control, extract information to gaslight later, and feel like they are perfect. When narcissists see that they have successfully manipulated you to believe them, they get a burst of emotions that they normally lack.

If a simple truth is not in the favor of a narcissist, they will lie about it. It is not because the small thing is crucial. It is because they need to feel that they are perfect and in power. They do not want to see the world as it is because their own perspective favors them. Narcissism and lying have an explainable and understandable connection. Such individuals cannot leave lying for their own sake.

Can a Narcissist Tell The Truth?

As we discussed before, narcissism and lying go hand in hand. They lie to enable themselves and fulfill their needs. They do not care about others’ emotions and lack empathy. They need to feel superior and pulling someone down doesn’t seem like a bad idea to them. You can never make a narcissist tell the truth. Mostly, they would gaslight you or make you believe that you are confused. They are fierce about protecting their narcissist lies to maintain the perfect image. The only option is to ask a question in different ways and grasp bits from each. Therefore, notice their behavior and different answers. Most narcissists hide the truth in plain sight to gain sympathy. Once you start recognizing these, you will grasp their narcissist lies. The key is to remember and reiterate the truth, as you know it.

How To Confront a Narcissist With The Truth

Confronting a narcissist is difficult as it comes with a lot of blame. You cannot expect a narcissist to understand your point and not defend themselves; they will do so and resort to passive-aggressive methods. When you confront a narcissist with the truth, be persistent and do not cower down. If you mirror the narcissist’s image, they will retreat. Narcissism can harm one’s life and surroundings. Before you go on to confront a narcissist, make sure that your self-worth is strong and you believe that you are right.

Treatment of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

The treatment depends on several factors, such as the severity and type of personality disorders. You might be prescribed medications or psychotherapy. Psychotherapy aims to manage the symptoms of personality disorders. Therapists provide tools and use techniques for the same. Medications are prescribed for the same reason. Antidepressants help fight depression and anger. Similarly, antianxiety medications help relieve anxiety and insomnia. If you suspect that you or a close one has a personality disorder, seek expert help from United We Care.

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