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Yoga Equipment Guide: Yoga Blankets Or Meditation Cushions?

August 27, 2021

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Yoga Equipment Guide: Yoga Blankets Or Meditation Cushions?

Yoga props can help beginners in many ways if they are practicing Yoga at home. Discover different types and the rationale behind using Yoga accessories. The most fundamental requirement to practice Yoga is calm surroundings. That being said, it is perfectly logical to think that you need Yoga equipment for practicing various asana (Yoga poses) at home. Many Yoga practitioners use multiple Yoga props like bolsters, blankets, mats, and Yoga pants.

Yoga Props to Start Doing Yoga at Home for Beginners


Understanding the Yoga equipment for beginners to practice Yoga at home can be an arduous task. They may tempt you to purchase anything and everything if someone is suggesting. Let us dive deeper to understand the best Yoga equipment and how it is helpful in your quest for good health through Yoga.

The sheer variety of Yoga equipment can be perplexing if you are about to begin your Yoga routine. There is no need to grab every single Yoga accessory if you are a beginner. You need to set your priorities right before embarking upon the purchase of Yoga accessories.

You require the bare minimum equipment for practicing Yoga. Yoga props are necessary to improve the effectiveness of Yoga poses. These accessories also help improve the safety and ease of doing various Yoga exercises. Yoga accessories are vital if you are planning to perform Yoga exercises at home.

What are Yoga Props or Yoga Accessories?


Yoga props and accessories are vital to practicing different stages of Yoga. A beginner may require minimum equipment. You may go on adding more equipment as you progress to a more complex Yoga routine. Some props like a Yoga mat and a pair of yoga blocks are essential for a daily Yoga practice at home. Other accessories may help you in some ways, but they belong to the non-essential category.

Yoga equipment helps you get the most out of your exercise without fear of injury. Always use a soft and sturdy Yoga mat because the soft cushion of the mat will offer firm support to your joints. It will also work as an insulating barrier between you and the cold floor. Go for the top-quality Yoga props since these are inexpensive and long-lasting. Investing in a good Yoga mat is also the right thing for your safety.

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Types of Yoga Workout Equipment


Besides a yoga mat, there are several Yoga props to consider. Yoga blocks are very much helpful accessories to gain stability and depth while doing stretches. Proper positioning of Yoga blocks can help you achieve better alignment. These blocks lessen the strain on your spine and lower legs.

Bolsters are effective as support during poses that last for a long time. These long cushions are better than using flat pillows. Yoga blankets are multi-purpose Yoga props because you can use these as support by rolling or folding. Blankets can support your body in multiple ways.

Yoga wheels can offer you effective relaxation for your muscles, spine, and chest. These wheels are suitable as you advance to the more complex Yoga poses. Your knees require support during some of the Yoga poses. Knee pads are necessary while practicing plank position or asana that involve kneeling on the floor.

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Purpose of Yoga Props


Every Yoga accessory has a unique rationale. However, all essential Yoga props share a common purpose of facilitating your Yoga exercises without risk of injuries. You will practice with greater zeal and comfort by using Yoga equipment. Most Yoga accessories help you enjoy Yoga training to improve the consistency of your practice.

A yoga mat is the most vital of all Yoga accessories. Investing in an excellent quality Yoga mat is a prudent decision. Yoga mats not only make your Yoga practice more gratifying, but can also prevent injuries while performing complex Yoga exercises. Yoga mats provide a firm foundation to your body and inhibit slipping while doing various asanas.

Following are some purposes of Yoga props:

  • Yoga blocks- Improve posture and alignment
  • Yoga bolsters– Greater support and accessibility
  • Yoga blanket- Alignment and support
  • Yoga wheel– Relaxation of muscles, spine, hips, and abdomen
  • Yoga straps- Enhance range of motion and flexibility


Do I Need Any Props for Yoga Practice?


Yoga props are crucial for beginners who are not confident about bending or stretching their bodies. These props work as a support system if you are performing Yoga exercises at home in the absence of an instructor. Yoga wheels and Yoga blocks are essential Yoga accessories if you want to achieve more flexibility and strength.

Yoga props are necessary for most beginners. Yoga poses require a lot of flexibility and endurance. As we grow up, our bodies become more rigid. Most adults may not sit down by folding their legs at the knees.

Yoga props help individuals gain flexibility without the fear of hurting themselves. These accessories instill confidence in doing even the complex asana after some practice. The Yoga props will help you achieve yoga postures more comfortably if you are a beginner. You can improve your strength and stamina by making the correct use of Yoga props.

Best Yoga Equipment for Beginners: Best Props and Tools for Yoga


Beginners need to become confident in exploring different Yoga poses by overcoming the initial resistance of joints and muscles. Props for Yoga can help them get going without the fear of injuries. Yoga belts can play different roles in regular Yoga practice. You can increase the accessibility of limbs by using Yoga belts as extensions.

After Yoga mats, Yoga blocks are general accessories used by individuals across the globe. Blocks can help you raise the floor if you cannot bend down as a beginner. Yoga blocks can help you reach deeper while doing stretches. These blocks are ideal for perfect alignment and can help you improve your posture.

Correct use of Yoga accessories depends on your creativity. You can discover innovative ways to make Yoga accessories work for you. Consider these props as supportive accessories because the best Yoga prop for Yoga is your own body.

Beginner’s Guide to Start Doing Yoga at Home for Free


You can explore the vast universe of yogic philosophy and Yoga by using an online Yoga guide. Learning Yoga from the comfort of your home was never so easy and rewarding. We offer you a wonderful opportunity to learn Yoga at home to achieve a holistic fitness of your mind, body, and soul.

You will learn the art of Sanskrit pronunciation, which is essential to learn Yoga. Know everything about Yoga consisting of the history, philosophy, and types of Yoga, to gain an insight into your true inner self. You can also access the comprehensive FAQ section to find out more about Yoga. 

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