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Learn To Practice Mindfulness With Music

January 19, 2022

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Author : United We Care
Learn To Practice Mindfulness With Music

The Underrated Way to Practice Mindfulness: Tune in with Music

Stress has a way of upsetting our lives, affecting our physical and mental health as well as our relationships. You may already have a self-care routine in place or need to improve it. In any case, listening to mindful music can help you de-stress and reconnect with your body and breath. Mindfulness, or being present at the moment, maybe practised at any time and in any place. We frequently utilise mindfulness activities to help people tune with their body, breath, and mind in therapy.

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Why is Music the Best Way to Mindfulness?

According to the American Psychology Association, when live music (especially singing) is present, babies’ heart rates fall, sucking patterns improve, and caregivers report less stress. Music is made up of rhythm and harmony, prevalent in our daily lives. Pay particular attention to your needs while you listen to various noises. The sound of birds singing may be soothing to some, but it may irritate others. Through mindfulness, we try to keep our minds free from thoughts and moods that come along by intentionally focussing on the music (rather than allowing it to play in the background). It’s like hitting the pause button for our body, mind, and heart, enabling us to relax and comprehend the changes taking place in and around us. Music is a beneficial tool to have in your toolkit for dealing with life’s hardships. Practising mindfulness with music can help us concentrate, relax, and focus on our mental health.

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4 ways to practice mindfulness at home

Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness with Music

In various ways, mindfulness may help you advance in your musical career. Instead of focusing on the future or overthinking previous occurrences, it helps us reconnect to the current moment. Mindfulness decreases stress by allowing artists to appreciate the present moment with clarity and excitement rather than being locked in the past or future. We learn to dismiss unwanted thoughts as haphazard mental events. We don’t need to give them strength by opposing them with our emotions. Professional sports teams and players use mindfulness to help them attain optimum performance for a reason. Mindfulness assists us in remaining mentally in the zone — in a calm and concentrated frame of mind. Mindfulness can help us develop a stronger feeling of inner confidence that we can employ in various ways. Musicians with a high sense of self-assurance are more energetic and captivating when performing.

How to Practice Mindfulness with Music?

Select relaxing meditation music.

Relaxing meditation music involves listening to music that you like. Look for music with a slower tempo and, ideally, no words.

Relax and get into a good position.

You should adopt whichever posture makes you feel most at ease. If you’re fatigued, you may experiment to see what works best for you.

Keep your attention on the music at all times.

If you find yourself thinking about anything else (or even about the music), gradually bring your focus back to the current moment, the sound of the music, and the sensations it creates in your body.
Continue doing this for a few minutes or until your timer runs out. Allow your ideas to flow and go as they arise, refocusing your concentration on the music, the present moment, and the physical sensations you are experiencing.

How does Meditation Music Work?

Meticulously, meditation music matches specific meditation methods and gives as much physiological value as possible. Essential meditation music only adds a new dimension to a person’s meditation practise, allowing them to go deeper. Music can profoundly alter our state of mind, from mood improvement and relaxation to full-fledged oneness with the universe. For many people, music is a dependable source of transformative experience, and it is for the same reasons that attract me towards meditation. Music and mindfulness help us have a more complete and rich emotional journey. They silence our constant and frequently negative brain chatter and allow us to live more fully and profoundly in the current moment.

How to Practice Mindfulness at Home?

Mindfulness activities can help you shift your focus away from this type of thinking and engage with the world around you. Some of the techniques to practise mindfulness at home include:

 Stay Focussed

In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s difficult to calm down and notice details. Try to use all of your senses to perceive your surroundings – touch, sound, sight, smell, and taste. Take the time to smell, taste, and genuinely enjoy your favourite cuisine, for example.

Keep your focus on the now.

Make an effort to pay attention to whatever you do with an open, receptive, and discerning mind. Simple pleasures may bring you delight.

Accept yourself as you are.

Treat yourself with the same respect that you would treat a good friend.

Keep your attention on your breathing.

Try to sit down, take a deep breath, and close your eyes when you’re having negative thoughts. Concentrate on your breath as it enters and exits your body. Even a minute of sitting and breathing can work wonders.
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Wrapping Up

I’ll simply add that listening to music while meditating is optional. Even when contemplating, you are allowed to listen to the news. However, by making those decisions, you’re also deciding on the repercussions that will follow — and you’re preceding an opportunity to be profoundly at peace with yourself. I believe that opting for quiet is a more spiritually beneficial alternative. Even though you find it quite unsettling at first, you will become accustomed to it. Thousands of meditators have done so. And, with time, you’ll discover that quiet is far more favourable to calm and tranquillity than music.

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