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How Does Meditation Help To Calm Anger?

April 6, 2022

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How Does Meditation Help To Calm Anger?


Anger is a complicated emotion and a source of guilt and shame for people who cannot control their anger. It is a strong emotional reaction that activates the body’s stress reactions. Studies suggest it is good to use meditation to calm anger because it disturbs the body’s stress reaction and helps you stay calm. 

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What Is Meditation?

Meditation utilises different techniques like focusing the mind on a specific activity, thought, or object or practising mindfulness to achieve an emotionally calm, mentally clear, and stable state. It also involves practising different visualisation, awareness, and attention techniques to calm the mind and help it relax mentally and emotionally. People use meditation on an extensive scale to reduce stress and anxiety.

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Benefits of Meditation which help to calm anger

There are several benefits of using meditation to calm anger. These include:

  1. Meditation helps in achieving happiness by warding off anger.
  2. It reduces anxiety and stress.
  3. It increases mental clarity and calmness.
  4. Meditation can help you know yourself better.
  5. It will help you focus on the present and live in the moment.
  6. Meditation even helps in increasing your imagination and creativity, so you do not have the time to get angry.
  7. It will help you in reducing negative emotions and thoughts.
  8. It increases your tolerance and patience, thus helping in controlling anger to a considerable extent.

Is Anger a Mental Health Issue?

As per the American Psychological Association, anger is a state of emotion in a person that can vary in intensity. Anger can be a moment of intense rage, fury, or even mild irritation. In its calm state, anger is not harmful, but anger is a mental health issue if it starts causing physical harm.
Every individual has experienced anger in their life. Regular bouts of anger are not signs of poor mental health. Anger is an integral part of the freeze or fight system of the human body, protecting a person from danger or threats. Nevertheless, frequent instances of unresolved anger can harm your health. As per the American Psychological Association, irritation can cause inflammation in adults and result in chronic diseases.
To conclude, anger in an uncontrollable state can be considered a mental disorder that requires proper treatment.

How Does Meditation Help to Calm Anger?

Meditation helps calm anger on varied levels, addressing underlying physiological reactions, feelings, and thoughts. Meditation helps in anger management by reducing emotional, physical, and cognitive responses to anger and fostering a sense of balance, calm, and relaxation.
Anger agitates and arouses the human body and brain. Then emotional ruminating and processing keeps anger as it is and even negatively activates the body’s stress response. Meditation disrupts this cycle, overriding the body’s stress reaction and promoting emotional self-regulation. Meditation rewires the brand and changes how you respond and interpret situations that typically make you mad.
If done regularly, meditation can help calm down intense periods of anger by:

  1. Increasing your awareness of your emotions 
  2. Allowing you to respond in various ways that move you towards what you value and minimising the tendency of reacting impulsively
  3. Helping you remain focused on the present moment instead of staying stuck in the negative thought cycle.
  4. We promote the ability to tolerate and cope with distress while creating a sense of acceptance.
  5. You Broaden your perspective and release yourself from self-defeating and automatic negative thoughts such as catastrophising.
  6. Strengthening your ability to observe, remain detached, and notice what is happening without being judgmental.

How to Meditate to Calm Anger?

Consistent and repeated meditation can enhance your potential of coping and sitting with negative emotions like anger without responding to it. Regularly practising meditation can help you learn to react to anger instead of it.
If you want to meditate to calm anger, here is a short and straightforward meditation technique you can try out:

  1. First of all, find a comfortable position to sit.
  2. Now close your eyes. You can open your eyes but stare at the ground a few feet away from modelling.
  3. Keep your hands on your thighs.
  4. Focus your mind on the area just below the navel.
  5. Now take a slow and steady breath and start counting while inhaling and exhaling. Count from one to ten and then get back to one again. For example, inhale and count one; exhale and count two and then inhale once again and count three, continue the process till ten and then get back to one.
  6. During this process, allow thoughts to come and go but avoid holding onto a particular idea.
  7. When your thoughts interrupt the flow, restart counting from one.


Suppose your anger has become problematic for you. In that case, meditation is one of the most effective ways of calming your mind and body while alleviating the signs of anger, like stomach pain, headaches, resentment, dizziness, sweating, and digestive problems. This way, you can respond to your anger aptly. 
But, when your anger gets out of the limit and starts disrupting your relationships when it interferes with your potential to work and detracts you from all pleasurable experiences, it is time for you to get help. Seeing a therapist specialising in anger management becomes imperative, and for that, United We Care is a perfect choice. 
This platform for mental health wellness and therapy can help you form a new relationship with yourself, your emotions, and your reactions to anger. Also, you can get to learn the meditation techniques from their experts through their audio and videos and reach an emotional calm. United We Care listens to your problems and then guides you accordingly. All their counsellors and therapists have the proper licence and expertise to help you overcome all the mental and emotional challenges correctly and with ease from your abode.

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