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Happiness Is the Key To Positivity In Your Life

March 20, 2023

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Author : United We Care
Happiness Is the Key To Positivity In Your Life


Positive thinking and happiness[1] go hand in hand; when you live a life filled with joy, you are more likely to think positive thoughts, while sadness can bring with it the shadows of negativity. Positive thinking helps us focus on the bright side of life and allows us to anticipate more happiness, health and success while also believing that we can overcome any obstacle or difficulty that comes our way.

What is happiness?

Happiness is something that almost everyone is constantly on the hunt for. However, each individual’s definition of happiness[2] differs based on their situation and the present moment. Happiness has been defined as an emotional state characterised by feelings of contentment, joy, fulfilment and satisfaction.Happiness is a positive emotion that envelops the general sense of how a person lives. Because there can be so many meanings to happiness, experts have renamed it well-being, which focuses on the individual’s overall feelings in the present. There are two primary components of happiness:

Balance of emotions: Positive and negative feelings and moods are part and parcel of

Life. The definition of happiness is the presence of more positive emotions compared to negative ones in an individual.

Life satisfaction: The more satisfied we are in the different areas of our life, the happier and more positive we feel. While these areas can differ depending on what the individual considers essential, some of the most common areas are work, relationships and achievements.

The relationship between happiness and positivity

While happiness and positivity are usually intertwined, one main difference stands out. Happiness is a mood, and positivity is a mindset. 

When you are positive, you will be happier with whatever life sends you. When you are positive in life, you will be more pleased with whatever life sends your way, and when you are happy, you will see more of the positive rather than the negative side of life.Their differences also mark the relation between happiness and positivity; joy can be out of your control more often than not, while being more positive is an active choice. By seeing the positive side of a negative situation, you will increase the possibility of finding happiness at that moment.

What happens when you stop feeling happy?

Happiness is usually short-lived; no person in this world can be happy every moment of every day. If we didn’t have sadness to compare satisfaction with, then we wouldn’t know its value, and happiness wouldn’t seem special anymore. It is why we should embrace hardships and work towards bringing happiness back into our lives.

How to maintain happiness and positivity


How to maintain happiness and positivity

  1. Change unwanted habits: It is one of the most straightforward steps to building a happier life. Take the time daily to identify one trait you do not like and then take active steps to change that trait.

  2. Live in the moment: This is another way of maintaining happiness and positivity in your life. Overthinking and worrying about the future are two reasons why people forget to enjoy the small moments of life. Appreciate your surroundings and enjoy life with all of your senses.

  3. Maintain happiness and positivity by making new friends: Meeting new people and spending time with people you love can bring happiness to your life. Expand your circle of friends, try new activities to meet new people and watch your joy grow multifold.

  4. Be grateful: You should be thankful for what you have in the present and appreciate even the small gestures of others to feel content.

What makes happiness the key to positivity?

The people we meet and interact with daily significantly affect our moods and feelings. When we are happy,[5] we not only make ourselves look at the positive side of life but also help others be more positive. It happens subconsciously, and it is human instinct to draw from the thoughts and feelings of others and develop our emotions accordingly.

When we are happy, the world is bright and sunny; when we are sad, it is dull and dreary. Here’s how you can consciously try to be more positive:

  • Do not worry about what others think or say about you, and use more positive words.

  • Visualise situations that are more beneficial and favourable to you and others.

  • Smile, even when you don’t feel like it.

  • Give more compliments to others; making them feel better will inevitably make you feel positive and happy.

  • Write down the good things that happen in your day.

  • Repeat positive affirmations.

  • Distance yourself from negative conversations that are unhealthy for you and those around you.

  • Try Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques and journals that can help in staying positive.

  • Last but not least, think happy thoughts.

What is Cognitive Journaling?

Cognitive journaling helps you cut through false positivity and accurately picture what is happening around you. The three main principles of cognitive journaling are:

Falsifiability: Here, you can decide whether an experience you had is a fact or your opinion.

Non-Judgement: Ensure not to make any judgments while writing down an experience.

Details: Pay attention to the finer points of the experience and write them down in a way that helps you immerse yourself into the situation, even when reading it.


Happiness and positivity are intertwined. When you have a positive mindset, you are more likely to feel happy and have a positive attitude. Happiness can be out of your control, whereas being positive is an active choice. Focusing on the positive side of negative situations will increase your chances of finding happiness. Use the tips mentioned in this blog post to ensure you live a healthier, positive life.


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