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Coping with Stress: Effective Strategies for Mental Well Being

August 9, 2023

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Author : United We Care
Coping with Stress: Effective Strategies for Mental Well Being


Do you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the challenges life throws at you? Do you have trouble concentrating on things and making decisions in high-stress situations? Are feelings of fear, worry, and numbness your primary source of coping during these stressful situations? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Statistics suggest that there has been an increase in the stress levels of Indians post-pandemic. (Statista, 2022) These numbers indicate how stress-related problems are rampant across the country. Stress, as we know, is an inevitable part of our lives and can often lead to other behavioral and psychological problems if not managed properly. The key to dealing with the consequences of stress lies in learning healthy coping strategies that can help you grow as a person and become more resilient.

In this blog, we will explore the various causes of stress and develop an effective plan to cope with stress and promote mental well-being.

What causes Stress?

Stress comes into our lives in different shapes and forms. It can build up from numerous small triggers or manifest as a menacing figure brought on by a significant event. To understand this better, let’s look at some prevalent stressors:

What causes Stress?

  • Work: This can include factors like low pay, poor working conditions, hostile or rude coworkers, unreasonable expectations, and job instability.
  • Financial: According to a study conducted by healthcare major Cigna Corporation, 82% of Indians experience stress due to work, health, and finance-related concerns. These concerns may arise from debt, loans, lack of savings, and high living costs.
  • Health: This has become one of the most common stressors since the COVID-19 pandemic. Conditions such as chronic illness, addiction, mental health disorders, and acute illness can create extreme levels of physiological and psychological stress.
  • Relationships: In cases where the relationship is not healthy and the other person is not supportive, it can lead to high levels of stress due to mistrust and lack of effort.
  • Internal stressors: At times, we can be our own worst enemy, leading to feelings of failure and hopelessness. These stressors usually come from within and can be challenging to manage.

How to Master the Art of Coping with Stress?

Here are some healthy and effective ways to cope with stress:

  • Take breaks- It is important to recognize the limits of your body and take small breaks whenever you can. You can unlock this art by taking some time out for self-care activities like going on a walk, switching off your notifications, reducing screen time, spending time with loved ones, or just listening to your favorite music album.
  • Take care of your health- Don’t forget to spend some time every day exercising and taking care of your physical health. This will not only help you build resilience but will also play a crucial role in relieving stressful mental health conditions.
  • Increase sleep hours- Did you know that quality sleep promotes muscle repair and memory consolidation? Yes, there is research suggesting that adults who sleep fewer than eight hours a night are more likely to report symptoms of stress than those who sleep more than eight hours a night. (APA, 2013) So make sure to get your much-needed sleep in order to cope effectively with stressful situations.
  • Make some time to unwind- Unwinding can be achieved by doing relaxing activities like yoga, meditation, painting, reading, etc. This will not only help you become resilient during stressful times, but it will also teach you the wonders of mindfulness.
  • Seek Support- For some people, this can look like professional support from therapists or personal and social support from family and friends. Don’t forget that it is important to know your limits and reach out for help whenever required for you to cope effectively and thrive.

How do I seek help?

If you or someone you know is struggling to cope with stressful situations, then talk to STELLA!

We take advantage of technology to provide you with access to top-tier resources, such as our global Virtual Wellness Coach, STELLA. She is the most sophisticated, interactive, and generative AI character ever created.

  • STELLA can speak and understand 29 languages
  • Recognize 40 human emotions
  • Provide diagnosis with 85% accuracy

With her ability to listen to you, offer advice, assist you in coping with stress, and help you select the right people to assist you, Stella can offer you incomparable support. What’s best? STELLA is available for free.

NOTE: Make sure you have your local helpline number, and in case of an emergency, please contact them immediately.

Always Remember…

Coping with stress effectively takes time, and sometimes all you can do to make things better is relax. It is important to prioritize self-care and your peace of mind in situations that can be very demanding and stressful. Additionally, it is also crucial not to let the small stressors pile up and result in an outburst. Remember to find ways and outlets to let go of these heavy feelings.

If you find it difficult to follow these strategies, then remind yourself that you are not alone on this journey. Our goal is to guide you through this journey and help you thrive and achieve mental well-being and happiness.


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Author : United We Care

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