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Can’t Stop Thinking About Him? Here’s How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone

October 30, 2023

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Author : United We Care
Can’t Stop Thinking About Him? Here’s How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone


You might have met him only once or talked to him a few times in class, but you feel you can’t stop thinking about him. Here’s what you need to understand.

How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone

If you are completely obsessed with your partner, then don’t worry; you are not the only one. With the intense emotions associated with dating and love, it is normal for a person to get used to somebody and unable to get over these feelings. However, it is always better to move on and get back to your normal life. Here’s why.

When you love someone, you may be disproportionately dependent on that person. You will always expect them to be accessible on a phone call or message for everything. But this is what you want or need in your life. You often put the person you love on a high pedestal and end up making things even worse. You need to remind yourself that the other person also has flaws and can make mistakes like a normal human being.

If meeting that person made you happier and feel alive, then it is time to learn to stay that way without that person. You should stop obsessing about someone you love.

Why Can’t I Stop Thinking About Him?

For the majority of people, it might be because you are in love with that person. However, this isn’t always the case. Maybe you get along well, and you think that he likes you. Or maybe, you just can’t stop visualizing yourself with him in your life.

When you obsessively love someone, your body releases dopamine (the ‘feel good’ hormones) whenever you see, touch, or even think about your man. However, this feel-good factor becomes an obsession in the long run.

Infatuation also plays a critical role in obsessing over someone. Infatuation leads to curiosity, where you become too curious about his life and even start dreaming of him. However, in cases where the relationship can’t work, you find yourself often unable to part ways. You’ll most probably stay attracted, curious and interested in his life.

Even when you know that this is not good for you, you can’t stop thinking about that person. If the relationship was toxic, you are filled with hate and grudges. You love and hate him at the same time. Well, you need to realize that he doesn’t deserve your time or energy anymore. It’s hard to make peace with the fact, but sometimes, it just wasn’t meant to be.

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Is This a Sexual Thing?

Lusting about someone is normal. You may find him physically attractive and can’t stop thinking about doing things without him. The undeniable attraction towards him has left you wanting more. Maybe your physical intimacy with him is unbelievably good, and you want to be physical again. You want him badly because you believe finding a good sexual partner is not easy.

How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone You Don’t Know

But, how to stop obsessing over someone you don’t know? We are all humans, and it is completely normal to think this way. We all get attracted to people in unexpected ways. In a more straightforward way, you might be aroused, and you start thinking more about him. All women have periods, and it is that time where you generally feel more aroused. So, maybe you are experiencing those feelings and nothing more. So, if you ever wonder – “why I can’t stop thinking about him sexually?”, worry not. Take it lightly, and don’t make it a big deal. It is not necessary to act on every intense emotion. Sometimes, the feelings are temporary, and they pass with time.

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Can’t Stop Thinking About Him After Breakup?


why cant i stop thinking about him


Breakups are bad. It leaves you thinking about how much time and emotions you have wasted on a person. However, you have to realize that it is time to move on. Stop following him on social media and keep track of his life. Stalking him will only make things worse. Avoiding him can be difficult at first, but you will get used to it.

Redirect your attention towards getting your life back on track. Your life will become better and more productive if you give all the time and energy to yourself. Exclude him and thoughts related to him completely from your daily life. You can also go on a vacation with your best friends to create new memories. Take up a new hobby, work on something you love doing, or volunteer for a position. Do anything that makes you happy and content.

You can also broaden your circle by meeting new people and making new friends who don’t remind you of him.

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Is He Thinking of Me, Too?

This is possibly the worst question you can ask yourself. However, it is completely normal to assume that he also thinks about you. But what if you are wrong? Even if he is thinking about you, there is no need to obsess over this fact. If you are attracted to a person and think he also thinks about you, it is better to talk and clear things out. Maybe he is interested in you and would like to know more about you. And, if he tells you that he is not thinking about you, then you can move on with a clear mind.

However, if you have had a breakup, you should understand that you both were not meant to be together. Even if he thinks about you, both of you should lead a life in different directions. Life is full of surprises, and you will get a more compatible partner in the future.

He Hurt Me, But I Still Think of Him

Sometimes your relationship experience is worse than expected. In the beginning, everything goes as per the plan – dates, movie nights, chivalry, long chats, and more. But as time goes on, you notice he does not even surprise you, texts have become scarce, and fights have increased. He has become a different person. And, you break up with him after a series of terrible fights.

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How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone Who Hurt You?

Although this is upsetting, you still have feelings for him. You can’t stop thinking of him. However, do understand that this has to stop. How to stop obsessing over someone who hurt you? You need to love yourself more than anyone else. Think about your well-being and stop thinking about him. Do things that heal your emotional trauma, such as dancing, meeting with friends, cooking, or going on a solo trip to find the right perspective about your life.

Life is a long journey. We should never get stuck at one milestone forever. Moving ahead and exploring the unseen can only bring happiness and contentment. It doesn’t matter if things didn’t work out with him; you always have the hope of meeting the right person in the future.

Life always gets better with time.

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