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5 Signs Someone Doesn’t Want to be Your Friend

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If you regularly hang out with or meet a bunch of strangers, that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is willing to be your friend. Read on to know about the signs that indicate someone doesn’t want to be your friend.

Friendships Are Great, but Is Everyone Your Friend?

We human beings are socially needy creatures. Our social life has an intense impact on our well-being, and loneliness is indeed a painful virtue. Every human yearns for the company of like-minded people with whom one can share joy, happiness, regrets, and other daily life events.
However, in the internet age, most people find it tough to come across reliable and trustworthy acquaintances. The meaning of friendship seems to have transformed. Most of our world operates with the backdrop of cruelty, envy, desire, materialism, and greed for possessions. In such a materialistic world, one need not be a rocket scientist to spot signs that someone doesn’t want to be your friend. Sometimes even our instinct can help us distinguish between friends and people pretending to be our friends.
Inevitably, some people are not in for the long haul. Therefore, we need to identify people who have good intentions from the bunch of acquaintances that we come across. This article covers the tell-tale signs that a person needs to look for to distinguish between real and faux friends.

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Signs someone is not your friend

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Things to Consider Before Approaching Someone

A person must tread cautiously before deciding whether to approach someone or not. An individual can ensure the following things before approaching someone –

  1. Try to know the person better
  2. Approach with the correct mindset
  3. Be engaging
  4. Be yourself
  5. Appreciate others

Let’s discuss each of these points in detail.
Try to know the person: It is crucial to know the person you want to get acquainted with. Interaction is always essential to study the person in detail and to know more about his/her whereabouts.

Approach with the appropriate mindset: Always approach someone with an open mind as the first impression is very important to build any sort of relationship.

Be engaging: Interacting interestingly and conveying thoughts candidly can positively help a blooming relationship. 

Be yourself: The foundation of every relationship depends on healthy values. A person must exhibit strong and healthy values to gain trust and respect from others.

Appreciate others: Appreciating anyone can make him/her feel happy. However, the appreciation should be genuine and not an exaggeration.

What to do if you’re approached by someone who doesn’t want to be friends?

Friendship is something that can’t be imposed on someone. Instead, it is a bond that ties people together. Sometimes, friendship can’t be guaranteed every time a person approaches you. In fact, regarding the ones who don’t want to be friends, it is good to be firm yet courteous with them. It is not advisable to impose yourself on someone. Even if someone doesn’t want to be befriended, it could be in him/her interest to maintain a friendly bond with you for some tangible or intangible benefit.  

How to deal with people who are uncomfortable with social interactions

When a person feels uncomfortable interacting socially, he or she is said to have a social phobia. It is interesting to see that people with social phobia can interact comfortably with family but not with strangers and other acquaintances. However, if a person wants to interact with people who are uncomfortable socially, he or she must be:

  1. Friendly: To deal with people to overcome social anxiety, it is good to be friendly with them and engage with them in interesting conversations that would help the person to open up comfortably.
  2. A good listener: One must always be a good listener to hear out people who are socially anxious in order to make them feel comfortable.
  3. Interactive: Engage the other person in conversations about topics they are comfortable discussing.

Signs whether someone is your friend or not

To avoid spending unnecessary time, money, and energy on such pretentious friendships, we recommend that you go through these indicators:

1: Never takes any initiative

2: Shows no Interest or enthusiasm when contacted

3: Improper intonation

4: Avoids or cancels plans regularly

5: Narcissistic

Let’s dig deep into these indicators and try to understand what they mean, and why are they important?

Sign 1: Never takes any initiatives

Our demanding schedule and workload have indeed isolated us from a healthy social life. But then, the effort of reaching out should always be mutual and not from one side only. In this technology-driven world, we are always connected over phone calls, messages, video calls, and e-mails. However, if a person never initiates a telephonic or physical conversation, and never offers to meet, then chances are that the person is ignoring you.


Sign 2: Shows no interest or enthusiasm when contacted

If a person, when contacted, shows a lot of reluctance in replying, or if you always notice a serious lack of enthusiasm on his/her part to respond, then chances are he/she is not much interested in communicating with you in the first place.


Sign 3: Improper intonation

Improper intonation means the tone of voice which the person uses for communicating. By merely listening to the voice, it can be concluded whether the person is a true friend or pretending to be a friend. The person seems to be very formal while talking instead of being easy. He/she doesn’t make any effort to get involved in a conversation. 


Sign 4: Avoids or cancels plans regularly

It is disheartening when people cancel on you. Each time they may offer the same bullshit justifications for not turning up. Tread cautiously as this could be a dangerous sign for your self-esteem.


Sign 5: Narcissistic

It is tough to engage in conversation with people who care only about themselves, about their whereabouts, without caring much about other people. It gets challenging to interact with such people as they are only concerned about themselves. It could be an indication that the person is least interested in your life or maybe not willing to talk anymore.



Friendships are prized possessions that should be taken care of at every point in life. However, friendship should not be confused with worldly affairs like business, property, envy, competition, ambition, etc. Material Interest and friendships should not cross each other’s paths. Friendship is something that should remain forever, and one should be cautious while choosing the right friends. It is crucial to consider the above-mentioned signs as not everyone will have your best interests in mind. Therefore, it is vital to pull apart from such people at the right time.



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