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Why a Meditation App Works Best for Mindful Relaxation

May 2, 2021

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Why a Meditation App Works Best for Mindful Relaxation

The rising popularity of meditation and other mindfulness techniques to improve the state of mind is very prevalent in the modern world. With the advent of smartphones and widespread adoption of mobile apps enables everyone to reap the benefits of modern technology to improve mental health and well-being.

Meditation Apps for Relaxation


Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, more people are beginning to use meditation apps to improve mental well-being.

Why Daily Meditation is Beneficial


The process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts to achieve mental and physical peace is called meditation. People are beginning to incorporate meditation into their exercise routine to increase awareness of self and of their surroundings. Meditating daily helps you focus your mind in the present moment and prevent it from unnecessarily wandering about. 

As a regular practice, meditation has many benefits, many of which have been proven and established scientifically. Some benefits of meditation include,

  • Stress reduction
  • Helps reduce anxiety
  • Promotes emotional health
  • Enhances awareness and helps one grow into a better version of themselves
  • Helps improve attention and concentration
  • Helps improve the clarity of thinking, keeps the mind young, and reduces age-related memory loss
  • Improves behavior and inculcates kindness
  • It is a great way to fight addictions.
  • Meditation has been proven to be great for treating sleeping disorders such as insomnia, and helps improve sleep in general
  • Helps in better pain control
  • Great for reducing high blood pressure and stabilizing heart rate


Meditation is an activity that one can practice anywhere i.e. no memberships, no equipment, and no special preparation is needed. All you need is a little bit of time, your mind, and focus. An interesting technical advancement that has now been actively used by people who meditate are the various types of meditation apps, including guided meditation apps.

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Using an App for Guided Meditation


Meditation apps are available on Android as well as Apple devices. You can find a host of these apps very easily on the respective play stores and download them onto your device. These meditation apps are mostly free to download, although many may have in-app purchases that offer additional functionality and premium features.

Features of Meditation Apps


Meditation apps are becoming increasingly popular because they are easily downloadable, available on mobile devices easily, and offer great methods, techniques, and types of meditation based on your preference. Most of the guided meditation apps are voice-guided, while some are pre-recorded, others are live, and you can even book your schedule and time for your session in some of these apps. Meditation sessions are offered live by instructors who offer well-planned guided meditation sessions each day.

How to Start Meditating Using a Smartphone App


In order to use an app for meditation, you can download the app of your choice, register, and sign-in. Depending on the type of meditation or duration you wish to begin with, you can click on the option and follow along with the meditation session. Using headphones or your device’s speaker while meditating gives you more free access to any actions or positions you wish to meditate in. If you are taking part in a live guided meditation, you might want to switch on your video along with audio so that you can participate in the one-on-one or group session by following what the instructor is doing as you watch him/her meditate live.

Do I Have to Pay for Live Online Meditation?


If your meditation app has in-app payments and you wish to avail them, you will need to purchase them using online banking or a credit or debit card. With all the setup done, you are all set to use these meditation apps to make your mind and life better!

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Benefits of Meditation Apps for Mindful Relaxation

There are many benefits when it comes to using a smartphone app for relaxing and calming the mind. Some benefits of using an app for guided meditation are:

1.   Enables you to try different types of online meditation

Signing up for a meditation session at a local meditation club might restrict you to a few types of meditation techniques, depending on what type of meditation the instructor specializes in. However, with so many meditation apps on various platforms, you can pick the type of meditation that suits you and benefits you the most. Whether its transcendental meditation, visualization meditation or loving-kindness meditation, trying out different types of meditation routines will let you know which one is working for you the most.

2.   Portable Access

Though meditation is not considered to be a type of workout or exercise, it is very well considered to fit under the health and wellness umbrella. However, as mentioned earlier, it does not require any equipment. Meditation apps are portable as they are on your mobile device or tablet, making them much more convenient to use anytime, and from anywhere.

3.   Affordable

Another great benefit of meditation apps is that they are affordable when compared with in-person sessions. In fact, they are a total value-for-money, especially with the wide range of features they provide for a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription. In fact, many meditation apps are free and offer amazing guided meditation sessions.

4.   The option of live sessions

Meditation apps are not only for those who wish to meditate with pre-recorded guided sessions. Many meditation apps offer live meditation sessions that can be recurrent or one-off sessions based on your schedule.

5.   Group and individual sessions are available.

Love to meditate in a group or prefer to spend some peaceful time all by yourself? You’ll find all kinds of apps are available in the market. There are many benefits of meditating as part of a group as well as meditating individually. With the flexibility to choose, meditation apps are being increasingly preferred.

6.   Excellent variety of meditation methods and techniques.

Meditation is not unidimensional. There are many different forms, types, and methods that you can opt for based on your level of practice and choice. With meditation apps, you can pick your own type of meditation. In fact, many apps also let you choose a course that takes you through different levels, types, and combinations of meditations.

7.   Help in networking with people across the globe

Joining meditation apps and groups allows you to come across people from different backgrounds, countries and cultures. This also enables you to learn more about their experiences with meditation and how it has reformed their life.

8.   A great stress-buster

Meditation is a known stress-buster. Having a meditation app on your phone is very useful as it can be put on when you feel like meditating to bust a stressful situation you are going through during your day.

9.   Different levels of meditational practices available

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned meditation practitioner, you can find meditation apps that offer meditation techniques to suit your proficiency and expertise.

10. Easily connected to devices or Alexa and Google Home

Remember ads where tech devices like Amazon’s Alexa set the right mood with technology integration? Well, this is possible with meditation apps that can be connected to Alexa and other such devices through your mobile device. Not only is it easy to do so, but a great hands-free method of meditating.

Best Mindfulness Apps for Relaxation and Calm

Now that we know the various benefits of meditation and mindfulness apps available let’s look at the best of them!


One of the most popular apps that offer hundreds of guided meditations, sleep sounds, meditation for kids, and options for animations to help you in your session. This is a paid app that offers a trial of one-month before you sign up.


It is a great app if you are looking for a wide range of meditation durations, from 3 minutes to as long as 35 minutes. You can choose your background sound and point of focus. The app also offers a 21-day course for beginners, and new meditations are added each day. The app is free, but you can opt for in-app purchases as well.


An app for daily meditations and allows you to personalize each session based on your mood for the day. You can choose your own sounds, stories, animations, etc., and it also allows you to set reminders for breathing breaks during your session. This app is available on both Android and iOS, and moreover, it is a free app with in-app purchases available as well.


A mindfulness meditation app that is based on Vedic principles of meditation. If you like to go the traditional way, this app offers sacred chants, sounds and mantras that aid in better concentration and focus. The app is free to download with the option of in-app purchases.

Top Meditation App for Online Guided Meditation


The United We Care App offers a wide range of mental health and wellness services, including online counseling with the best psychotherapists, social workers and lawyers, and a host of online resources for meditation, focus, mindfulness, stress, sleep, and focus. You can choose the services you wish to avail of and enroll on the app for your perfect meditation and mindfulness session. You can. choose to stream meditation videos or audios based on your preference. Best of all, the United We Care app is a completely free online meditation app, and is very easy to use. Download it by searching for “United We Care” on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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