The Best Meditation Videos on YouTube you Should Stream Today


In our fast-paced life, we often come across times when we feel stressed, anxious and tense. It is as such times that sitting quietly and breathing deeply can make a lot of difference to your mental well-being. Focusing and deep breathing is the art of meditation. Meditation has been reported to help relieve anxiety, insomnia, stress and even depression.

Best Meditation Videos on YouTube

With improved technology and access to resources, you don’t really need a meditation instructor or have to go to class to practice meditation. There are many meditation videos on the internet that you can access any time of the day, from anywhere. Therefore, such meditation videos help you take a break and recharge your mental health. It helps the body and mind to relax at the same time.

How Meditation Improves Mental Health

The practice of thinking deeply and focusing or concentrating is called meditation. The goal of meditation is the achievement of inner peace and relaxation. Various scientific studies attest to the significance of meditation on mental health improvement. Therefore, meditation helps in improving focus & concentration, reduces stress, improves self-esteem, helps fights addiction, reduces depression & anxiety, and even in some cases, can help fight & control pain.Meditation is also known to help modulate negative emotions and direct your mental health towards positivity.

Video Meditation vs Audio Meditation

Before getting started, you must know that there are primarily 2 types of meditations. These are:

  • Guided meditation
  • Unguided meditation

You can stream meditation videos on the internet for free. An unguided meditation is a form of self-directed exercise. You could meditate either in silence, chanting a mantra, or listening to some calm meditation music. Guided meditation can be further subdivided into audio meditation and video meditation. Both these meditation forms have their own pros and cons.

An audio meditationcan be plugged into the ears using headphones, and you can follow the directions according to the narration. Therefore, you feel a voice in your head, directing you to perform or practicemeditationa certain manner. An audio meditation is for intermediate or advanced practitioners who know how to practice meditation. But since you cannot see the instructor, you would try to perform the steps to the best of your understanding. A video meditation is useful as long as you are a beginner. You can stream meditation videosand learn the correct posture, the time, and how meditation is performed. You don’t really need videomeditation if you are an advanced meditation practitioner.

List of Best Meditation Videos

The internet is now teeming with various videos that cater to mental health. These include both audio-based sessions and video-based meditation sessions. When watching meditation videos, you must feel comfortable with the person directing your meditation routine. Some of the best YouTube meditation videos are:

●      When your emotions are abuzz

This is a quick shape meditation video that would help you calm down from the noise and hustle bustle of your daily routine. The soothing voice narrating your meditation routine enables you to calm down mentally, thereby relieving stress. This de-stressing short meditation video by Londro Rinzler helps you stay calm when you are anxious and tense during your day. You can access and plug into it anytime using the following link:

●      When you are a beginner, and want to stay positive

This meditation routine video is by a famous practitioner Sadia who studies meditation in detail at various retreats. This routine shares her experience in a short meditation series that you can access any time of the day. This meditation targets beginners who want to stay energetic and positive throughout the day. Despite the lack of official training, this video is one of the best for all those who can spare only a very short time for keeping themselves positive. You can check this video out using the following link:

●      When you do not have time

Thisvideo is for all those who can spare only five minutes of their day from their hectic schedule to stream meditation videos for a good and effective meditation routine. This meditation video talks you through the routine calmly and serenely, in turn calming your mental space and emotions. You could try it at the end of a very hectic day or in the evening or even during the day. You can access this video using the following link:

●      When you are too anxious and at an unrest

It is always better to know the expert who is talking to you! Adrienne, a fitness guru, narrates this meditation video, which helps you stay calmed and focused through your entire fitness routine. This 15 minute practice mindfulness meditation video helps you feel connected to your inner self in a calm state. You can access this meditation routine using the following link:

●      When you want to begin your day at peace

This guided meditation video by Deepak Chopra, who is a renowned meditation guru for Oprah Winfrey, helps you start your day with a 3-minute sermon followed by a watching and listening session for the rest of the eleven minutes. You can access this meditation video with the following link:

Watch Meditation Videos Online

There are manyYouTube meditation videos that you can easily access from the comfort of your homes. One of the best platforms to meditate is the United we Care platform. This platform is also available as an app on your phone, thereby allowing you easy access to many meditation audios and videos.

●      Meditation Video for Stress

To harness your calm and to be equipped and ready to get through your day, you could access a video like this: . If you’re looking for more options, you’ll find plenty of other online meditation videos that would guide you through a daily meditation session to reduce stress. Click on the Self-care link in the navigation menu.

●      Meditation Video for Sleep

Mindfulness and meditation techniques to combat insomnia and help you have a sound sleep at night are now gaining popularity. Researchers even suggest that the practice of mindfulness for even 20 minutes daily can help you sleep better. One of the better meditation videos for sleeping better can be found at:

●      Meditation Video for Anxiety

You do not have to master meditation to reduce anxiety. Even for beginners, you can practice meditation and reduce anxiety and achieve a quiet and calm mind throughout the day, especially during a workday. You could access this video: or a similar video to meditate during the most stressful or anxious times and be relaxed using the Self-care link in the top navigation menu.

●      Meditation Video for Focus

Focus is one of the most sought goals of any type of meditation. Focusing and concentrating during the meditation session helps you calm and increases your focus and attention span at your work. You could access this video: or plenty of other videos online to improve your focus using the Self-care link in the top navigation menu.

●      Meditation Video for Mindfulness

Suppose you want your day to carry on smoother. In that case, you could log into the UWC app and meditate using the videos present on our platform, or you can access YouTube and practice meditation for mindfulness to de-stress and calm yourself. One of the many popular videos is:

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