What should I do during weekends – Quality time to spend during the weekend, A real get-together, renewal of a hobby, quality family time.

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Weekends are a time to refresh, rejuvenate, relax and happiness. After a tough week of work, the weekend is the time to unwind without any stress and deadlines. We have to find happiness. These are when I want to get together with my family, spend quality time, pursue hobbies, get together with people who matter, and make life more enjoyable.

Use weekends wisely and pursue a hobby or complete other projects you cannot do during the weekdays for several reasons.

What are the reasons we need free time at the weekend?

  • Burnt out

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” A continuous week of work with the stress and pressure burning me out. The monotony of work-life tires me, and if I carry the same routine to the weekend, I will no longer be interested in my work. I need some free time to unwind, relax, and refresh myself during the weekend.

  • Self-care

Taking time for oneself is not selfish. Self-care is essential to function better physically, mentally, and emotionally. Free time during the weekend ensures I get that much-needed “me-time.” I take a nice long soak in the bathtub, cook my favourite meal, go out on a date night, watch my favourite movie, or sleep without worrying about waking up to the stress and difficulties of the workday. 

  • Exercise

Most people, like me, do not get the time to exercise during the week consistently. While exercising at just weekends is not advisable. Sneaking in a short exercise routine and working out intensively during the weekend helps me improve my physical and mental health. I also join yoga and aerobics classes on the weekend. It provides my body with movement and ensures I feel refreshed and energetic after getting the desired endorphin rush.

  • Energy and motivation

Time off during weekends also helps me refresh myself for the complexities of the upcoming week. It gives me time to plan my schedule for the week and set out my list of priorities. It motivates me to crush my goals. I also research or read up on information needed for my job or skill myself with a job-related course to help me move closer to goals and rise the career ladder.

  • Mental health

Taking time off is necessary for my mental and emotional health because of the extreme stress I undergo during the week. The work often makes me feel low, anxious and exhausted during weekend. I must get some leisure time to restore my mental and emotional health. Time off helps me clear my thoughts. I spend some time with my family, friends, and pets and rejuvenate myself. 

What should you do at the weekend?

1. Hobbies

I pursue my hobbies during the weekend. I take a drawing class, complete painting a picture, read a book I have wanted to read for a long time, watch a movie, cook my favourite meal, or dance. Hobbies energise me and make me feel alive. It also gives me enjoyment and relaxes me after a busy work week.

2. Spend quality time

I spend quality time with friends and family during the weekend. It helps strengthen social networks, improves bonding with loved ones, and builds a robust support system that will stand by me through good and bad times.

3. Journal activities

Journaling during the weekend is also beneficial. It helps reorganise my thoughts, and I look at the week and understand what happened, why, and my reaction to a particular situation. It is essential for my emotional health as I come to terms with what I feel, how safe I think, and if my body is still on high alert because of the stress.

4. Get moving

Weekends are a great time for me to get moving. I like to swim, hike, travel to a new place, play sports, or go for a long walk. It helps me emotionally and socially and makes me feel at ease. 

A real get-together

What are the Ideas for doing on Weekends? 

1. A real get-together at the weekend

A real get-together during the weekend is a great idea. I usually plan with friends to catch the latest movie at the local theatre, meet up for coffee or dinner, and catch up with the happenings in their lives. These meetings give me the social interactions I may miss during the week. 

2. Renewal of a hobby at the weekend

I usually renew my hobbies during the weekend as I do not get time during the week to pursue them. I can attend a guitar class, painting session, dance class, baking course, etc. It helps me grow as I can devote my time to hobbies that interest me, make me happy, and refresh me.

3. Quality family time

Family is important, and because of several commitments and priorities, I cannot spend time with them during the week. Spending quality family time is an excellent way of connecting with family and making them happy. I usually throw a barbecue party and have a good time eating and cooking together.

What are the effects of a happy Weekend?

  1. A happy weekend ensures I am well restored and better equipped to carry on the week’s tasks. It makes you feel energised, refreshed, and ready for the upcoming week.
  2. A happy weekend also gives me a chance to look forward to the week ahead with joy, excitement, energy, and better determination to focus and crush my goals.
  3. A happy weekend makes me feel in control of my life. Usually, during the week, endless stress and anxiety make me lose control and burn out. A weekend well spent helps me feel in control and make better choices which will help me sustain and live life happily.
  4. A good weekend ensures that I am grateful for the little things in life, the freedom to choose, and the luxury and time to spend on myself.


Weekends are a fantastic way for me to refresh myself. I can pursue a hobby, spend quality time with my family, reclaim my emotional and mental health, exercise, get movement, and enjoy life’s little things. Thus, I spend my weekend wisely by planning well and enjoying my leisure time. Enjoy every moment in life.

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