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Understanding Disruptive Behaviour Disorders

Disruptive Behaviour Disorders

Disruptive behaviour disorders (DBDs) are a group of mental health conditions among children and adolescents that cause excessively aggressive and disobedient behaviours and activities.

Understanding and preventing adolescent delinquency is one of the most challenging tasks that mental health practitioners face today, especially with the number of young offenders on the rise. Early indicators of disruptive behaviour disorder can be challenging to detect, but recognising the risk factors is a vital step to preventing the development of the disease; if left untreated, DBDs can develop into an antisocial personality disorder.

Before we study disruptive behaviour disorders and their challenges for the authorities, let us hear the story of a five-year-old girl, Rashi.

Rashi is a little girl with parents who are always busy with work, and Rashi thus spends most of her time with her nanny. Her mother has received numerous complaints from Rashi’s teacher over the past few months, saying that the girl is inattentive in class, sometimes becomes aggressive, disobeys the rules, and bullies other kids.

However, one day, Rashi loses her cool, steals her friend’s pencil, lays the blame on a different friend, and fights