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The Importance of Career Counselling

March 21, 2023

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Author : United We Care
The Importance of Career Counselling


We all work and make a living out of it, but when we make a career out of our work, it becomes not only about making a living out of it but also enjoying and loving what we do.While having a passion for what we do is essential, it is equally important to realize that our career choice should be an informed decision allowing the right combination of power and skills to come together. Consider why career counseling[1] is crucial and its benefits.

Why is career counseling necessary?

Studies have shown that there has been a steep rise in the number of people who are unhappy with the job that they are doing, which has led to employment and career shifts that are causing unnecessary stress on individuals. Many of these people took up a career because it was a popular choice in their peer group or because they received expert advice from a senior or a family member but have yet to think about the impact the career would have on their lives. They needed to understand whether their interests and skill sets aligned with the work they would do. They never understood the pros and cons of the career, nor did they know the entire scope and demands of the profession.Success in any field comes with dedication and effort, which will only materialize if we like doing what we do in our jobs. Career counseling is handy here because it helps us match our expectations with our skills and find a career that suits our ambitions.

What are the benefits of career counseling?

There are several benefits to career counseling[2]:

What are the benefits of career counseling?

  • It helps us identify our strengths and weaknesses

    .Understanding and identifying our strengths and weaknesses will help us assess whether we have it in us to succeed in our chosen careers. Engaging in a field should not be the parameter for a job in that field. We must assess and weigh our strengths, limitations, and personalities and then decide.

  • It helps us know our career options.

    Career counseling helps us understand the courses, their pros and cons, duration, type (full time\part time), mode (online\offline), city of location, and cost, among other factors. All this information will help us understand in detail all the aspects of pursuing the course, completing it, and then going ahead and making a career out of the skills acquired and training received. 

  • In short, career counseling helps us decide the best course that suits our aspirations and personality, background, and related aspects.

  •  Alternate course/career options

    Proper career counseling provides information about the courses and the related careers and gives guidance regarding alternative classes and career options. It ensures we have backup career options that we can go for in case we cannot take up our main course or career. It is essential to have a proper backup plan after considering it.

Who can benefit from career counseling?

The prominent people who can benefit from career counseling are students. They could be school-going students who are about to complete their education and are looking forward to choosing a career, or they could be college-going students who will be completing their college soon and entering the professional world.Career counseling can also help and guide people already in the professional world. They could be freshers or experienced professionals looking to upskill themselves and add variety to their profiles to attract more job opportunities.

How to find a career counselor

You can find a career counselor by contacting your college’s career office. We can also get a career office in our locality or city. Organizations that pay attention to their employee’s career growth and opportunities have dedicated career counseling groups mentored by career counselors.Additionally, we can search online to find career counselors who can provide the proper guidance and motivation. We should always look for mental health experts with accreditation to ensure we seek help from competent people.

What to expect during career counseling sessions

Career counselors will ask questions about our personality and areas of interest. They will gradually move on to understand our strengths and limitations. They will also try to assess our challenges, ranging from physical to emotional and social to financial. They will ask us questions about our background and attitude to understand our personality. Specific tasks or activities may be assigned during the session and after to reveal our skills and personality.[3]


Identifying the right career option is challenging amid the many available options today. Hence, career counseling is a much-needed exercise for those planning to start a career; they can thus understand the demands and rewards of the job while assessing their strengths and limitations.

With daily technological and social advancements, identifying the best career path to invest in can be challenging. Thus, practical career guidance and professional career counseling are necessary for every individual.


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Author : United We Care

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