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The danger of academic pressure on teenagers

April 2, 2023

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Author : United We Care
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The danger of academic pressure on teenagers


Teenage is a very peculiar stage in one’s life. The chance of things going haywire is very high, so parents try to have strict control over teens. Academic pressure is one of the things that keeps teens awake most of their nights. Because they have suddenly got to know how essential studies are for their future and they do not want to be a disappointment to their parents. While in some other cases, parents are not sleeping properly because of their child’s lack of interest in their studies and future. But teenagers are more prone to go on the wrong path if they are under extreme academic pressure from themselves or their parents.[1]

The effect of academic pressure on teen

Teenagers are sometimes overthinkers, and their parents worry too much about making the future successful.[2] What are some of the effects of this academic pressure on teenagers? Did those teenagers do well in their studies?

  •  Anxiety for grades- Teens put themselves under a lot of pressure. Sometimes they also develop anxiety issues and are under constant pressure, which sometimes impacts their psychological health.
  • A fierce sense of competition- Teens develop an extreme understanding of competition among themself. Which can hamper their social life, and they find maintaining relationships troublesome.  
  • Significant changes in appetite- Teens neglect the necessities of life as they are under a lot of pressure. Which leads to changes in their eating habits or finding themselves working non-stop. 
  • Overuse of stimulants- Under pressure, teens sometimes get addicted to different stimuli. Prescribed medications, coffees, and substances are some stimulants that teens may get addicted to.
  • Sleep issues- Teens go through many types of mood changes when under pressure. It can also lead to problems like sleep deprivation or insomnia. 
  • Unable to unwind- When under the constant worry of getting good grades, teens lose interest in once-enjoyed activities. Many times they also isolate themself from others.
  • How does academic pressure on teens overcome

Teenagers’ parents just want their children to succeed in the life they bear well in their hearts. But sometimes they forget to evaluate, that is their child getting motivated or stressed. The praise that they put up a great effort. Rather than criticising teens, try and praise them about how well they performed. That will boost their confidence and will certainly motivate them to achieve better. Focus on the teenager’s mental and physical health by putting in long hours of study without relaxing or having 7 hours of sound sleep might disturb the child’s health in the long run. So make sure that teenagers sleep at least for 7 hours which will help them relax and be fresh and ready for the next day. If the parents feel that their child is under a lot of pressure, they should get the child’s counselling done by the conclusion first for the sake of the teenager’s mental health.

Teenagers are susceptible. They feel the same as us, but not listening to their feelings might make them question their self-importance. Validating a teen’s feelings is essential to know they are heard and understood. Teenagers can learn to trust their intuition through open and honest dialogue about their emotions and feelings.

pros and cons of academic pressure on teen

While teaching teenagers the importance of patience and maintaining discipline is essential, exerting too much pressure on them can harm their mental health.[3]

Let’s examine some benefits and drawbacks of academic pressure on teenagers.


  • Begins to Work Hard: Teenagers need to learn the value of hard work and the value of time at a young age because persistence and diligence are the only ways to succeed.
  • Higher Grades: Students work hard to perform to the best of their abilities and demonstrate what they have learned by receiving higher grades if they are academically motivated teenagers and their parents closely monitor them.
  • Live a Disciplined Life: Parents may pressure kids to work hard, but they also know the importance of reacting when the time is right. They advise teenagers on how to behave, eat on time, go to bed, and get up on time. In this way, teenagers learn discipline, which is crucial for them. 

the effect of academic pressure on teens


  • Mental instability: Instead of helping youngsters succeed, too much pressure on them can cause them to become mentally sick. Parents must use caution when placing pressure on their adolescent children beyond a certain point and consider that they might become drawn to drugs to feel better.
  • Onset Dissatisfaction: If his parents constantly pressure him and are never satisfied with his accomplishments, a teen may always feel dissatisfied with themselves.
  • More prone to cheat: Teenagers are more inclined to cheat because parental pressure primarily focuses on getting them to achieve goals rather than teaching them new things. Since achievement is prized more highly than the learning process, teenagers are more prone to cheat.


Overwhelming academic pressure can negatively impact psychological health and sense of self. Sometimes parents don’t realise they’re subjecting their kids to such intense strain.They think they encourage the child to work harder, but the teenager experiences persistent performance anxiety and worries about disappointing their parents. It’s important to remember that every adolescent is unique and has a distinct personality. They might act differently or conclude differently. Make sure to respect what they may be trying to say. Make them feel as though their emotions are genuine.


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