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Pyromania: The Secret Relation With Fire



A person suffering from pyromania, an impulse control problem, is referred to as a pyromaniac or pyro. People with pyromania often start fires to help themselves feel better, and Pyromaniacs also start fires to feel good. Pyromania patients typically enter psychiatric hospitals. About 90% of patients with a pyromania diagnosis are male.

What Does Pyromania Mean?

Pyromania is a severe mental disorder in which the person repeatedly and intentionally starts fires. Some individuals who have pyromania feel that they are unable to exercise control over their behaviours. The act of lighting a fire reduces inner stress or anxiety, and it gives a surge of pleasure or comfort. It may be for enjoyment, stress reduction, or sexual gratification.

Clinical pyromania is rare and often a mental illness. For instance, people who suffer from this condition may have unhealthy forms of expression with f