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Why Do I Have No Motivation in Life and Work?

October 16, 2023

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Author : United We Care
Clinically approved by : Dr.Vasudha
Why Do I Have No Motivation in Life and Work?

Do you have a photographic memory that pushes you to keep looking back to answer this question ? Do you always keep sitting and brooding to answer deep questions that can help you get to know someone deeply, starting with yourself?

The first step is always difficult, but it starts with looking inside, in your own self and discovering your ownself. Sometimes you have to take a step or two back in life to get ahead of the curve and plan for the future steps ahead. This leads to two streams of thought process –

  1. One thought process is pessimistic and sees no hope to move ahead in life, it always looks at the passive side of things where nothing seems to move ahead.
  2. The other thought process is more optimistic in nature which looks at brighter things that might come across and looking forward to such opportunities and timelines.

It entirely depends on how you want to look at things, whether optimistic or pessimistic part of thinking in life.

This is the starting point of this amazing journey of self discovery.

Now let us try to understand why people think and sometimes start believing that there is no motivation in life or work and they keep encountering this question to sit and brood – Why Do I have No Motivation in Life and Work?. Whether you are a homemaker, student, founder, co founder, small business owner , employee , entrepreneur or an aspiring one, your motivation drives your passion and fuels your daily hustle to get things done.

Why would someone in life and work lack motivation is what you may ask first. Let’s dig a little deeper and understand this.

There are various reasons that can be there for the same –

  1. You are unable to manage your workload
  2. You are bad at workload management
  3. You do not know how to manage workload
  4. Your mental health is not up to the mark
  5. You are physically tired of doing things again and again
  6. You are not given opportunity to grow nor do you seek
  7. You are pessimistic by nature
  8. You look down upon yourself
  9. You sometimes are made to feel incompetent
  10. Lack of empathy from your peers, relationships or surroundings

Now you have all the chances to turn the table and make these negative thoughts and situations turn into positive desirable actions. Let’s look at some of the above line items which can help you to understand them a little better and a little deeper. This will help you overcome the stress, anxiety that you may feel to overcome such humps in life and work.

You are unable to manage your workload

If you do not prioritise your day and schedule more often than not you will always get into an imbroglio in your work conditions with your supervisors, bosses and peers. The first thing you need to do is create a schedule of the things which are on three levels –

  • Top priority for the day
  • Low Priority for the day
  • Least Priority for the day

Pick up the top priorities of the day and get them done with the first in first out process that is done one by one, but start somewhere. This will answer your pointers number 1 to 3.

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Your mental health is not up to the mark

People often neglect this one completely. They do not think that they have stress, anxiety , depression, ADHD or any other mental health conditions that they might be suffering from. The dangerous part is these give birth to secondary lifestyle altering problems like high Blood pressure or type 2 diabetes.

The first and foremost thought process for any employee in an enterprise or a startup is to understand and diagnose whether they suffer from any mental health issue or not. You might want to talk to our global virtual coach Stella here www.UnitedWeCare.com and have a virtual session with her free of cost to understand whether you really have some underlying mental health issue or not.

If you think this is not enough you might want to talk to our coaches, experts or therapists on www.unitedwecare.com and have a session in complete confidentiality wherever you are. Trust me faster you do better is it for your mindset and your physical self. A better mental health condition brings in more productivity, agility and hustle to the person as compared to someone who has a bad mental health condition.

You are physically tired of doing things again and again

Once you have fixed your mental health condition by either speaking to a virtual therapist www.unitedwecare.com or by e-meeting a coach, expert etc it is time for you to look at wellness from a physical perspective. This is where you should get your regular checkups done and ensure you are in great physical shape.

Exercising, Yoga or Change in your diet might help you a lot to come up the curve faster than anything else. You might also want to seek an expert’s opinion here and can connect with them for a planned outlook to a great physical being.

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You are not given opportunity to grow nor do you seek

An optimistic person always looks at the bright side of life as we discussed before for a great mental health, well being and a physical self. If you are not given an opportunity to grow in any organisation you should seek a discussion with your peers and your supervisor to understand where you might be going wrong.

Most likely people hesitate to ask questions for self introspection and this is where things go wrong. Only when you ask things will you get an opportunity to get things answered in black and white. If you keep brooding on the workloads, peers, culture etc you never will ask the right questions and your cribbing will never end. This is where you need to be positive and start asking the right questions to get the right answers.

“If you seek the sun, then you need to be ready to fly to the moon at least.”

You are pessimistic by nature

As we discussed before there is never a room which is enough for a pessimist person, if you really want to feel motivated in life you need to have a n optimistic mindset to take you ahead.

A pessimistic person will never see the bright side of life and will keep cribbing about what is going wrong in the world and in no way would want to correct themselves. They are the ones who bring in life this eternal question to start – Why do I have no motivation in life or work?

For them there is no end to suffering and they keep blaming anything to everything. This is what you need to change from a pessimistic mindset to an optimistic mindset.

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You look down upon yourself

This is the moment of truth. The moment you start to look down upon yourself you become a deep pessimistic person and alway chime into negative energies of life whether in work or at home. Nothing suits your surroundings then.

This might be a result of some experience in your early years where you are made to feel so in school, college or early years of your work. However there is a bright side to it.

This can stop, like right now but there is a caveat for the same.

The caveat is that you have to start thinking from –

  • Why Do I Have No Motivation in Life and Work ?
  • Why Am I Not Good at Anything ?
  • Why Can I Do Nothing In Life ?

To thinking and making yourself feel comfortable telling yourself these things –

  • I am good at what I do
  • I am a good person in work and life
  • I can do things better
  • I am willing to unlearn and relearn

This is where things start to change not only in your heart but in your mind, in your actions and in everything you do or think in life and work. This also answers the pointer on why you sometimes feel incompetent too.

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Lack of empathy from your peers, relationships or surroundings

The biggest threat to existential living is the perception that we think people close to us have about us. Whether peers at work, family members, near and dear relationships or just people around us. The million dollar question rotates around us.

The moment we feel or are made to feel worse without any drop of empathy from any of them above as I mentioned brings us to the negative turf of thinking. An optimistic mindset may just debate about this and might sort of out things with an extrovert mindset to challenge or seek help; however , a pessimistic mindset with an intrinsic zeal of being an introvert may worsen things up.

This is where you might need help seriously and would want to touch base with an expert to help you sail through, you might want to connect to experts.

As the famous Miltonic quote from Paradise Lost “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..”

You might want to reread it again to cross those hurdles and stop thinking about motivation and instead try to be the motivation yourself to inspire others.

Godspeed success to you.

Ravi Kikan
Global CMO, United We Care

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