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Karmic relationship : beliefs and understanding

February 2, 2022

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Author : United We Care
Karmic relationship : beliefs and understanding

Karmic relationship: beliefs and understanding – The Complete guide

Do you remember meeting someone for the first time and feeling an unexplained, magnetic connection with them? No matter how much you tried to stay away from them, you ultimately got back together with them? Chances are, you may have been in or are in a karmic relationship. This article takes a deeper look at a karmic relationship and how to deal with a karmic relationship if you ever find yourself in one. 

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What is a karmic relationship?

In simple words, a karmic relationship is a relationship filled with passion, pain, and feelings, which make it very difficult for people to maintain in the long run. While karmic relationships are associated with something negative, the purpose of a karmic relationship is to teach people a lesson and make them become better versions of themselves. While these relationships may seem like everything and the person may feel like your soulmate, in most cases, these relationships don’t last and are a learning experience for both individuals. 

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The concept of karma in a relationship

The belief behind karmic relationships, which originated from Hinduism and Buddhism,  is some unfinished business from their past lives has brought two souls together in this life. Believers believe that karma is neither positive nor negative, and the only purpose is to act as a mirror and teach individuals valuable lessons about themselves. They reveal the unresolved issues and traumas one has and allow the person to reflect on them and move on. While karmic relationships can be painful, the purpose is to break the cycle from the previous lifetimes and begin the process of healing. Even though karmic partners and soul mates sound similar, they are different. Karmic relationships tend to be toxic and are brought into one’s life to teach them lessons, while soulmates help you feel good and help you understand your self-worth. 

How can you tell if a relationship is karmic?

While identifying a karmic relationship is tricky when you’re in one, there are a few telltale signs of a karmic relationship you can instantly recognise. One of the first signs of a karmic relationship is the intensity of involved emotions. One moment, the couple feels extreme love and passion. The next moment, they experience total and abject misery. While all couples fight and go through rough patches, a small argument in a karmic relationship can turn into a massive one in a matter of seconds. 
The second sign one must look out for is that most karmic relationships foster a pattern of codependency or addiction. Thoughts and feelings consume people in a karmic relationship and have a challenging time breaking things off. Another indication of a karmic relationship is that they are mostly toxic and one-sided, with one person doing everything in their power to keep the relationship going and the other person looking after their interests. The last sign is that people in a karmic relationship don’t want to break it off because they don’t know what life will be like without the other. Rather than deal with that uncertainty, they stay in the relationship, no matter how toxic it is. 

Examples of karma in a relationship

If you are reading this and thinking you relate to all this, you may have a karmic relationship. A typical karmic relationship is full of drama and conflict. You are constantly questioning your partner’s motives, and most of the time, it is tumultuous. Since karmic relationships are primarily toxic, they can bring out the worst in people. Physical, verbal, and emotional abuse are sure examples of karmic relationships.
Unlike healthy relationships, karmic relationships consume your entire being and keep you from spending time with your loved ones and your career. You are constantly spending time with that person who ends up in fights most of the time. Most of all, karmic relationships just don’t feel right. The entire time you are in one, no matter how much you love and care for them and want to spend your life with them, deep inside, you will always feel like something is not correct. If you are constantly exhausted, angry, and sad, then you know it’s not right for you. It is time to acknowledge the issue and find ways to deal with it. 

How to deal with a karmic relationship?

The only way to deal with a karmic relationship is to walk away from it. While it is difficult and requires immense courage and strength to do it, you need to walk away for your good. Since karmic relationships are born from unresolved issues and conflict, they likely conflict. It is better to work on yourself and love yourself before loving someone else. Give time to yourself by relaxing and doing the things you love. Focus on your career and spend time with loved ones. If you need it, speak to a therapist to help you understand your issues, what lessons you learned from the relationship, and heal. 

To wrap things up

Karmic relationships are born between two people who feel an undeniable attraction towards each other. Karmic relationships are born from intense passion and emotions and cause a lot of conflict and heartache between two people. Although painful, karmic relationships serve the ultimate purpose of resolving issues from their past life and teaching important lessons. If you face emotional and physical abuse and think something is wrong with the relationship, chances are you are in a karmic relationship. The best thing for you and the other person to do is to walk away. Walking away will allow both individuals to heal and grow into better versions of themselves. For more info, check out unitedwecare.com/areas-of-expertise/, https://www.unitedwecare.com/services/mental-health-professionals-india, https://www.unitedwecare.com/services/mental-health-professionals-canada.

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