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How To Ignore Someone You Love: 5 Surprising Tips

February 12, 2024

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How To Ignore Someone You Love: 5 Surprising Tips


Ignoring someone you love is a hard and challenging process. It makes you question your mindset and your well-being. Maintaining mental stability sometimes comes with difficult decisions and making some people unhappy.

However, the wager is against your mental stability and energy. Actually, the answer is simple. This article will show you how to wager this decision by understanding the complexities in detail. 

Why Do You Want To Ignore Someone You Love?

There are multiple reasons why you would want to ignore someone you love. Sometimes, the reasons are specific, but at times, it could also be confusing. Often, it is deep-rooted in emotions and so complex a layman would definitely not be able to realize it. Some situations in life tend to nudge people into such ignoring behaviors. A few of these reasons are given below in brief. 

Why Do You Want To Ignore Someone You Love?

Acting in Self-Preservation

Suppose a person is creating any type of emotional stress, pain, or harm. It is evident that ignoring someone you love comes as a natural instinct. This self-preservation instinct comes naturally, and sometimes, when you are ignoring your loved one, you don’t realize it. 

To Protect Your Boundaries

Ignoring someone you love is a way to establish boundaries. There are certain behavior patterns that are unacceptable to the person. In this process, you tend to create boundaries by ignoring someone you love. It is evident because overwhelming feelings are sometimes hard to process or even go through. Finally, boundaries should be established at the very beginning of the relationship or created through open conversation. 

Personal issues

Naturally, several individuals need time to heal and the space to address difficult issues of their own. This could be for the purposes of self-discovery, improvement, and to create a discipline without distractions.

Reassessing the Relationship

Reflection on dynamics could be another reason why a person might ignore you. Taking a break from any relationship can allow both people to reflect on the health of the relationship that they have. This gives clarity on if the relationship should continue or not. 


Conflicts are one of the major reasons why you might ignore someone you love. Temporarily ignoring someone might be a tactic to cool off and reflect during the conflicts that are prevalent at that moment. It sometimes promotes health and well-being and sometimes offers a clean break from the relationship. It is important to ensure that the conflicts don’t hinder the decision you make because ignoring someone you love would give you time to retrospect. During this time of retrospection, all factors should be taken into account, not just the negative factors. 

Toxic or Abusive Relationships

There are situations of physical or mental harm to self or any type of manipulation or persistence from the person. In this case, ignoring the person you love is a way to protect yourself from further mental or physical harm. Seeking safety and being ignorant of the abuser is not being selfish in any case. 

No one can give you a book on perfect rules and regulations on ‘how to ignore someone you love.’ It is suggested to ensure that if a certain situation would be solved or pacified through open communication, then that should be exercised. Otherwise, some distance could be useful for people having issues communicating openly. 

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Should You Ignore Someone You Love? 

Should you ignore someone you love? This is a complex question to a complex situation. There are factors in play here that include emotionally challenging feelings and the logical reason behind your actual decisions or choices. Here are some situations where it might be considered.

Protect your well-being 

Sometimes, the unwillingness to change persists in the person you love. During this,  To protect your mental and physical well-being, it is suggested to create distance to protect yourself from self-harm. No situation or relationship is worth the mental stress, harm, or emotional distress.

Personal growth

There are situations where a person might want to take a long break. This is in cases of mental burnout stage, where the person just needs to clear their mind and come back. These situations also suggest a self-discovery stage or personal growth of the person is happening.  This could be frustrating for the people near and dear to them, but understanding oneself and one being becomes important for the improvement of life. 


Sometimes, a break helps a relationship reconcile, and sometimes, they part ways peacefully as friends or acquaintances. Either way, both parties retrospect on their relationship and during this period to understand what mental state they are in. 

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Tips To Ignore Someone You Love 

There are tips to ignore someone you love. It can be emotionally challenging to maneuver these feelings of being in turmoil. Below, you will find steps to overcome these overwhelming feelings. 

Limit Contact 

Cutting off contact with the person would be harder to handle. The suggestive method of reducing contact would be gradually or slowly. This may include not replying to them always or not following them on social media.

1. Keeping Yourself Occupied 

Being occupied with tasks is a practice to distract yourself during vulnerable situations. It is a healthy way to overcome feelings of guilt when in doubt about the decision that you made. Activities such as being busy with work hobbies and spending time with close friends help in being in a stable mind space.  Moreover, being with yourself helps in minimizing idle thoughts about the person. 

2. Self-care

A self-care routine could start by focusing on yourself. Taking care of one’s mental health through modes like exercise, meditation, and therapy helps in achieving that. 

3. Set Up Reminders

There should always be a reminder of why you made this decision in the first place. It could help make those feelings of doubt disappear.  Rather, it is a reminder that it will be beneficial for your mental well-being. 

4. Channelizing  emotions 

In certain situations, when Overwhelming feelings get the best of you, channeling these feelings in a healthy manner is imperative. Whatever activity you choose to channel these emotions it should be thought-inducing and not thought-distracting. This is unlike keeping yourself occupied, which is purely to distract oneself from a vulnerable situation or a doubt.

5. Professional Help

If you are struggling with the impact of ignoring someone you love, consider seeking professional help. Talking to a therapist would help in venting or at least talking about the situation. Writing down your thoughts would help people who like staying private. These practices would help you gain clarity. 

Remember that this process is highly personal. It might vary based on different situations, and it would be essential to prioritize your mental health.

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After learning how to ignore someone you love? The important question is how to approach the situation effectively. The approach to a sensitive matter like this is crucial. Approach this decision with care and sensitivity because Ignoring someone you love is a complex and emotionally challenging decision. Naturally, you need to be empathic and consider long-term consequences as well. The main motive of this article is to educate people who want to approach a difficult situation like this one effectively and, with the right channel and intent, communicate it clearly. 

That’s why at United We Care, we help people seeking mental help. Taking care of your mental health is the need of the hour in this day and age. At United We Care, as an organization, we provide people with information on clinical matters. 


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