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How To Find An Effective Depression Therapist: A Step-By-Step Guide

March 21, 2022

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Author : United We Care
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How To Find An Effective Depression Therapist: A Step-By-Step Guide


Depression is a mood disorder where a person experiences sadness, hopelessness, decreased energy, and symptoms that affect their daily activities. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 5% of adults suffer from depression globally. Since depression develops from biological, environmental, and social factors, it is vital to find a depression therapist who can provide you with the correct treatment. 

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Who is a depression therapist?

A depression therapist is a trained clinical psychologist with a PhD or PsyD degree, licence, and experience in psychotherapy, counselling, and psychological testing but does not prescribe medications. Studies indicate that psychotherapy effectively treats depression and other psychiatric disorders. They provide a variety of treatments that aid the individual in understanding their issues and equip them with the knowledge and tools that will help them cope with depression.
Going to a depression therapist can lower the risk of relapse and help you live a better and healthier life. A depression therapist provides a wide range of treatments, ranging from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (C.B.T.) to IntC.B.T.ersonal Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (D.B.T.). They can use any of the above treatment options to treat the symptoms of depression. 
Effective depression therapist

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What is the need for a depression therapist?

A depression therapist is a mental health professional who can help you identify everyday stressors that worsen your depression and understand your thoughts, perceptions, and feelings. They teach you different and effective ways to challenge these negative thoughts and preconceptions and keep your depression from getting worse. They also encourage you to make healthy and fulfilling connections with family and friends who will provide the love and support you need to combat depression. 
Other than the above strategies, your depression therapist slowly and steadily helps you build healthy habits such as healthy sleeping and eating patterns that help you improve your overall social functioning and satisfaction with life. As the individual progresses and shows improvement, your therapist may invite family members to your therapy sessions. They educate your family about depression and how to identify early symptoms of depression. If the severity of your condition is high, your therapist may recommend you to see a psychiatrist, who may prescribe medications to help you combat depression along with therapy sessions. A combination of both treatments may show faster improvement in the signs and symptoms of depression than either one on its own. 

How to find an effective depression therapist?

It is essential to find the right therapist for you to treat depression. You must keep their educational qualifications, experience, licence, and areas of expertise. Once you identify these factors, you can search for the right therapist.

  1. The first and easy way to find an effective depression therapist is to ask your family physician. They may know a good therapist that may help you out. 
  2. The next step could be to ask your family members and relatives for a reference, as they know you and may provide a therapist that may be right for you.  
  3. If you are a student or an employee at an organisation, you can always speak to your school or college counsellor or the human resources team to provide you with a list of licensed therapists you can contact. 
  4. You can even talk to your insurance provider to direct you to possible therapists you can get. Before selecting a therapist for you or your family member, have a set of questions prepared. See if there is a comfortable rapport between the individual and therapist. The right therapist will allow the person to speak freely and provide proper treatment.

Benefits of an effective depression therapist

There are several benefits of seeing an effective therapist. 

  1. They help you understand and identify your everyday stressors.
  2. They allow you to gain a new perspective on your issues.
  3. They teach you coping mechanisms and tools to help you cope with your issues.
  4. An individual learns to communicate their issues healthily.

The depression therapist also teaches you ways to deal with the side effects of medications.

  1. In case of relapse, the individual and their family members can identify the signs of depression and get the appropriate treatment.
  2. Therapy improves social functioning and quality of life.

Online depression assessment

Several self-assessment tests online, such as inventories and questionnaires, allow you to understand how you felt the last two weeks. They also point you in the right direction of medical advice and consultation. The online depression assessment at United We Care is one of the most commonly used tests that help therapists diagnose and understand the symptoms of depression. They are in the form of a set of questions with four options. After answering all the questions, you get a total score which you can interpret according to the table given in the inventory. Based on the total score, the therapist decides on a course of treatment. While many free online assessments are available, visiting a depression therapist for more information is highly advisable. 


Depression is one of the most debilitating psychiatric disorders where an individual experiences sadness, hopelessness, fatigue, and a range of OTS. Approximately 5% of adults suffer from depression worldwide. It is why an effective depression therapist can help you by offering you a slew of treatments that improve your symptoms and reduce the risk of developing depression again. A therapist helps you identify your stressors and equips you with knowledge and tools that help you healthily cope with them. As the symptoms of individuals improve, the therapists involve family members to educate them about depression and identify the signs. With the right depression therapist and treatment, individuals can improve their social skills and overall outlook about life.


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Author : United We Care

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