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How to Find an Anger Therapist

March 21, 2022

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How to Find an Anger Therapist


Anger is a common human emotion that each one of us experiences at various junctures in our lives. Anger, as such, is not harmful, and the triggers are understandable in most cases. However, chronic (ongoing) and uncontrolled anger may pose serious health consequences.
If you or your loved ones feel intensely agitated too often, or if the anger seems to influence work and relationships, you must find time to address the deep-seated issues causing these emotional outbursts. An anger therapist can help you delve into deeper psychological realms to trace the core issue and facilitate healing.

Let us understand the need for an anger therapist and find one.
How to find a anger therapist

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Who is an anger therapist?

Anger therapists are mental health practitioners who help in anger management. They are experts, well-versed in human and behavioural psychology.
From finding the root cause of your anger to helping you navigate through your emotions, Anger therapists put forward a dynamic approach to diagnosing and treating anger management issues. The supervision and guidance of an anger therapist can help you a long way in managing anger.
Some common triggers of anger are trauma, unresolved issues, mental health challenges, etc. Depending on the underlying causes, anger therapists suggest more therapy and medications (if required). They help you deal with anger the right way. 
Anger therapists help you control your anger; they help you change your attitude and approach by changing how you react. They also help you navigate through the aftereffects of wrath, like guilt and shame. 

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Why do we need anger therapy? 

Anger is not per se a health issue, but uncontrolled anger can lead to several health-related complications. Anger issues are not easily diagnosable as anxiety or depression. The variables are pretty diverse and differ from person to person. Anger therapy aims to help you deal with anger, but anger is not yet a confirmed mental health disorder. 
However, chronic and uncontrolled anger can have a damaging impact on your health and life in general. 

  1. Mental health

Regular anger outbursts lead to constant frustration, loss of focus, and energy depletion. It may also lead to severe mental health conditions like stress, depression, and substance abuse. 

  1. Physical health

Chronic anger manifests as increased heart rate, blood pressure, and high muscle tension. These, in turn, cause cardiovascular issues, digestive problems, neurological issues, and a lot more.   

  1. Career

Anger brings difficulty in concentration, which impacts your performance at work. Angry outbursts reduce the scope for constructive criticism and healthy debates at work. It can have a crippling influence on your learning abilities and career growth.

  1. Relationships

Anger affects relationships the most. It makes your loved ones fearful and uncomfortable around you. Sometimes, it may vehemently impact the trust and respect parameters in relationships. 
Anger therapy helps in anger management, helping you deal with your triggers effectively, reducing the impact of anger on your physical and mental wellbeing. It helps in improving your career and relationships as well.

Benefits of consulting an anger therapist

You need an anger therapist to help you manage anger and stop it from messing with your day-to-day life. Anger therapists help you in more than one way. 

  1. Identify and deal with triggers.

They help you identify and understand the situations or events that trigger anger. It goes a long way in helping you manage your reaction towards them.
      2. Develop healthy coping skills
Anger therapists help you navigate your emotions and develop skills to cope with anger-triggering situations.
      3. Bring self-awareness
They help you become aware of your feelings and emotions. You would know how to confront your challenges instead of suppressing them.
      4. Provide techniques for anger management
Anger therapists support you by teaching you techniques to manage your anger. Some practices like deep breathing, relaxing, journaling, etc., are beneficial. 
      5. Express anger 
You would know better alternative ways of expressing anger through communication and other respectful and assertive ways without being aggressive.
       6. Impulse control
Therapists help you control or prevent impulsive actions. They can enable you to eliminate inappropriate, negative, and extreme reactions.

How to find an anger therapist? 

Finding the right anger therapist is essential. Here are a few practical ways.

  1. Ask friends and family.

Your friends and family can recommend a known therapist and help you set up an initial meeting.
      2. Talk to your doctor
You can ask your family doctor or other known healthcare providers to refer an anger therapist.
       3. Search online
The internet can help you find and book an appointment with some of the best anger therapists. However, verify the details before making a payment to avoid fraud.
      4. Book anger therapist at United We Care
United We Care is an online therapy platform that provides professional help dealing with mental and emotional challenges.
Learn more about U.W.C. anger management counselling here.
Before booking a session with an anger therapist, you can consider taking up an online anger assessment test.

Online anger assessment test 

Identifying the problem is the first step towards solving it. Anger assessment tests help you identify your anger issues. Nowadays, even online anger assessment tests are pretty accurate and insightful.
Online anger assessment tests have numerous benefits, such as:

  1. Cost-effective

There are many online anger assessment tests available on the internet. They are budget-friendly, and some are also free of cost.
      2. Easy to schedule
You can easily schedule tests or take them on-spot with a few buttons.
      3. Saves time
You need not spend hours waiting in the emergency rooms or outside medical clinics. These tests can be taken online anytime and anywhere from your smartphone.
      4. Convenient means to understand your anger
The online tests are fun and interactive. It makes the process easy and helps you understand the situation better. These tests also have attached resources like self-tests, audios, videos, etc.
      5. Gain instant insights
The test results are made available to you immediately after completing the assessment. They might lend the necessary push required to consult an anger therapist. 

  1. United We Care provides free online anger assessment tests. You can check it out here.


Chronic anger can be challenging to manage and causes several serious health problems. It is better to seek early help from experienced anger therapists to avoid profound implications later.

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