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How Do I Find a Good Anxiety Therapist Near Me

March 21, 2022

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How Do I Find a Good Anxiety Therapist Near Me


Did you know that almost 30% of people suffer from anxiety? Being anxious is normal if it doesn’t hamper your daily life. However, if you consistently feel irritable for no apparent reason, restless, can’t sleep, focus or control your emotions, it is a sign of anxiety. However, the great news is that you can effectively manage stress using different cognitive-behavioural techniques. If you notice frequent anxiety symptoms, you must talk to an anxiety therapist who can help you identify, control, and reduce your anxiety disorder symptoms.
Let us learn more about anxiety disorders, the role of anxiety counsellors, and how to find a good anxiety therapist online.

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Who is an Anxiety Therapist?

An anxiety therapist is a trained mental health professional who can help you manage your anxiety disorders through counselling, therapies, and medication. Since it is normal to feel worried or anxious, often we don’t realise that we are suffering from an anxiety disorder. Feeling stressed before an important job interview or life event such as a wedding isn’t bad. Being anxious before giving your first presentation in school or office is perfectly fine. However, if the restlessness and anxiety don’t go away after such events and situations and happen regularly, it’s a sign that you need some help.
Benefits of cousulting anxiety
Anxiety therapists are mental health experts. You can reach out to discuss your stress triggers and symptoms. The therapists begin with counselling and then help you manage the stress with therapies and medications. Cognitive-behavioural therapy or C.B.T. is the most widely used natural anxiety treatment method. You and your anxiety therapist will work on identifying the stress symptoms and triggers so that you can manage them with various coping techniques.

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Why Do We Need an Anxiety Therapist?

  1. Most of us ignore our anxiety and stress symptoms, thinking that they aren’t harmful and will subside on their own. However, this can be a big mistake; our anxiety disorders can affect our quality of life by impacting our mental health. Our mind and body are connected, and both physical and psychological health define our overall wellness. Hence, it becomes crucial to seek the help of a professional while dealing with anxiety disorders. The sooner we notice and begin the treatment, the better we can manage and reduce our anxiety level.
  2. Anxiety therapists are experts in human psychology and behaviour and can treat the condition in the best possible ways. Anxiety disorder is a mental illness. 
  3. We can’t cure our physical diseases ourselves and have to take the doctor’s advice. Similarly, we need anxiety therapists and mental health experts for psychological issues.

How to Find an Anxiety Therapist?

  1. Your quality of life depends on your health, and being healthy means an active body and a sound mind. It is best to consult a mental health professional or anxiety therapist when you notice any stress disorder signs. 
  2. You can book an appointment online for online counselling, group therapy, C.B.T. session with an anxiety therapist through United We Care.
  3. U.W.C. is a wellness platform that makes finding an anxiety therapist easy. The platform enlists mental health specialists who help you cope with anxiety issues. 
  4. Opening up about your mental health can be challenging; however, you can choose a therapist from a pool of licensed and experienced mental health professionals.
  5. You can also do an online anxiety assessment test through a  United We Care mobile app to help you identify your anxiety level and match up to a therapist accordingly.

Benefits of Consulting Anxiety Therapists

  1. Psychotherapy is one of the best ways to deal with anxiety issues. Anxiety therapists use regular counselling sessions to understand the disorder’s severity and teach cognitive methods to control the anxiety attacks. 
  2. The therapists can decide if a supportive medication can help the treatment. Irrespective of the type of anxiety you are suffering from, anxiety therapists can teach you methods to control your thoughts and behaviours so you don’t have to live in constant fear and stress.
  3. There are many ways to manage your anxiety like mindfulness, meditation, breathing exercises to calm your senses, group activities, and spending time in nature. 
  4. In addition, your mental health counsellor can provide you medication that helps in muscle relaxation, better sleep or regulating mood. 
  5. Therapists can notice the hidden signs and triggers and guide you to deal with them. Weekly counselling with an anxiety therapist can show positive results within 12 to 16 weeks. However, every situation is different, and hence we need to be kind to ourselves while dealing with mental issues.

Online Anxiety Assessment Test

Metal health issues have increased exponentially during the pandemic. There are a lot of uncertainties in our lives. It can be daunting to express your inner feelings and fears to someone. Hence, an online anxiety assessment test using the United We Care mobile app could be the first step towards getting rid of your anxiety disorder. You can scan the Q.R. code from the United We Care official website using your mobile, install the app, and take the assessment. The anxiety assessment contains a series of questions that help you determine the severity of your anxiety.
You get instant results and can then decide to connect with a mental health professional of your preference. Finding the right anxiety therapist is critical for effective treatment.


Mental wellness is as vital as drinking water or breathing fresh air. A healthy mind lets you lead a prosperous life. While occasional stress and anxiety are regular, frequent panic attacks, phobias, restlessness, sleeplessness are clear signs of anxiety disorders. Mental health specialists dealing in anxiety therapy and treatment can help you deal with the condition effectively and ensure that the anxiety levels remain under control. You can learn cognitive techniques to manage your anxiety levels yourself and gradually overcome them.
You can book your online appointment with an anxiety therapist at United We Care.


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Author : United We Care

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