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How does a Sex Counselor help you?

Talking openly about sex can be taboo for several. Similarly, talking about sexual health can be very difficult. Issues in the bedroom such as low libido and poor sexual performance usually go beyond the scope of a general physician or regular therapist. It is where a sex counsellor steps in.

Sex counsellors are trained professionals focusing on human sexuality. People go to sex counsellors for compassionate and research-backed help. Counsellors look into pertinent physiological, psychological, and cultural factors that play a role in sexual well-being. Let us learn what a typical session with one would be like and more about the role of a sex therapist.

Who is a Sex Counselor?

A sex counsellor is a mental health professional with extensive training and education in sex therapy apart from mental health issues. A sex counsellor can either be a psychiatrist or a psychologist, a family therapist, a social worker, or a nurse or doctor with psychotherapy training speciali