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How does a Sex Counselor help you?

March 8, 2022

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How does a Sex Counselor help you?

Talking openly about sex can be taboo for several. Similarly, talking about sexual health can be very difficult. Issues in the bedroom such as low libido and poor sexual performance usually go beyond the scope of a general physician or regular therapist. It is where a sex counsellor steps in.
Sex counsellors are trained professionals focusing on human sexuality. People go to sex counsellors for compassionate and research-backed help. Counsellors look into pertinent physiological, psychological, and cultural factors that play a role in sexual well-being. Let us learn what a typical session with one would be like and more about the role of a sex therapist.

Who is a Sex Counselor?

A sex counsellor is a mental health professional with extensive training and education in sex therapy apart from mental health issues. A sex counsellor can either be a psychiatrist or a psychologist, a family therapist, a social worker, or a nurse or doctor with psychotherapy training specialising in sexual health and relationships.
A sex counsellor must be capable of addressing all kinds of concerns related to sexual health, such as sexual desire, painful sex, trouble orgasming, ejaculation-related issues, and much more.
The frequency and duration of the sessions depend on the client’s needs and the type of sexual issues to address.

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What are the causes to go to a Sex Counselor?

Many people experience difficulties with sexual health in their lives. For some, these issues can lead to grief and distress. A sex therapist can help you with a variety of sexual problems such as:
1 . Difficulty with orgasm.
2 . Lack of desire to have sex.
3 . Inability to have sex or pain during sex.
4 . Problems are getting or maintaining an erection.
5. Premature ejaculation.
6. Various other sexual problems.
Most people engage in sex therapy for a short time. However, a long-term or ongoing approach is necessary for a few cases. The specific plan for the treatment depends on the severity of problems encountered by a patient or a couple.
There are numerous reasons for which you may go to a sex counsellor. Doctors and therapists recommend counselling for anyone experiencing issues in their quality of life due to their sexual desires or performance. If you experience any intimacy issues, regardless of your gender, background, or age, you may go and seek the help of a sex counsellor. Adolescents who are concerned or have questions about any sexual matter can also use a sex counsellor.

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What does a sex counsellor do?

A sex counsellor listens to you closely as you describe your issues and assess the likely cause of the problems – whether it is physical, psychological, or a combination of both. Every counselling session is completely confidential. You can either visit a sex counsellor alone or along with your partner if the problem affects you both.
Talking about your experience will help you understand the issues and the underlying reasons. The counsellor may also offer you some exercises and tasks to indulge in with your partner.
Each session with a sex counsellor lasts about 30-50 minutes. The counsellor may advise you to have weekly sessions or less frequently, as required.

How does a sex counsellor help?

Sex counsellors are qualified to deal with your sexual health and well-being related problems. They know well how to evaluate the situation and help find the right solution for your problem. They also develop treatment plans to help navigate the challenges in your sex life.
The treatment plan may include several techniques and approaches for addressing the issues. A sex counsellor deals with all psychological, social, or biological problems during the counselling sessions.
Any talk therapy helps in building an educational and supportive environment. A sex counsellor enables you to gain a deep understanding of your sexuality and aids in developing healthier communication skills. They also help you manage your sexual concerns in a better way.
It is the work of your sex counsellor to create an encouraging and comfortable space that allows you to grow and adjust yourself. They will give you projects or assignments to do between your sessions. These assignments aim to help you overcome your sexual issues by empowering you with confidence, understanding, and knowledge.
If, after counselling, your therapist suspects that your sexual dysfunction results from a physical concern, they will refer you to a medical professional or doctor. The doctor and the therapist would work together to analyse your symptoms and find the right solution for your problems.

How to find a Sex Counselor near you?

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When dealing with any sexual problem, it would be good to contact your general physician first to look for any physical causes. Your general physical can then refer you to a sex counsellor if needed.
Alternatively, if you think you need the help of a sex counsellor, you can find one privately as well. Search for registered sex counsellors in your area online. Various organisations are also working in the field that offers sex counselling. When looking for a sex counsellor, the important thing is to ensure that you find someone who is certified and adequately trained.
You can also get in touch with a nearby hospital to find a sex therapist there. Check the list of therapists covered under your health insurance plan to find a sex counsellor to cover the treatment expenses.


By now, you must have understood the multifold benefits of sex therapy. Besides working through issues that may be embarrassing or difficult for you to talk about, sex counselling will give you a chance to explore the depths of your sexual life. Get in touch with United We Care to reach unconquered levels of intimacy with your partner. 

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