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How do You Handle Career Uncertainty?

July 20, 2022

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How do You Handle Career Uncertainty?


‘Will I have a job within a few months?’ This question keeps many awake all night. Career uncertainty can severely impact the mental and physical health of those who have lost their jobs. However, there are ways to combat layoff stress. 

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What to do when you lose your job and face career uncertainty?

Getting fired can feel like a life-changing event. Instead of getting anxious and harming your health once you learn the news, you should devise a game plan. You might want to ask yourself this question as soon as you lose your job: What was the reason for my termination? Learning about your flaws may cause you pain initially, but in the long run, you will be better for it. Learn if unemployment benefits are available to you. In addition to searching for jobs online, your network is another good place to find future career opportunities. Improve your resume by including details from your latest assignment. Don’t forget to have any skills you acquired during the job. A job alert service can save you time in your job search and help you find your next opportunity faster.

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 What are the effects of career uncertainty?

Career uncertainty can immobilise you into overthinking. You might find it challenging to deal with the stress of unpredictability and instability, constantly wondering what comes next in line for you. It may lead to worrying and anxiety. Your mind may be unable to keep you safe if it cannot predict what is around the next bend in the road.

Researchers have shown that not knowing what your future holds at work has a more substantial negative impact on your health. The worry caused by work insecurity may cause you to think more about the uncertain parts of your life, which often distracts you from doing activities that might assist in the elimination of job insecurity, which in turn causes the anxiety to persist.

How to handle career uncertainty?

Human brains can’t handle ambiguity if they feel constantly undermined. Some tips could help you be prepared to handle career uncertainty:
Career Uncertainty

  1. Go to a therapist: A therapist helps you comprehend your emotions. We can’t always manage our worry, which has repercussions. Consult an expert to avoid life and career impacts. Help-seeking is fine.
  2. Acknowledge your feelings: Healing begins with acknowledging and accepting emotions. Don’t suppress emotions. Being confused, disappointed, and anxious is normal.
  3. Think about alternatives and prepare: Problem-solving and planning may lessen career uncertainty. If what-ifs overtake you, sit down and confront them. Plan regularly. Even a few hours a day or on the weekends might help you create a backup plan. 
  4. Improve your lifestyle: Caffeine doesn’t reduce anxiety. Juice and herbal drinks are healthful options. Sleep well. Take a 30-minute daily stroll or jog. Yoga is another option. Do a daily 15-minute yoga routine.
  5. Let go of self-doubt: It may be challenging to adjust to a layoff, mainly if you have been working from home or at a distant location. Remember that you’re not the only one in this situation, and you’re not even the only one in the world. It’s time to connect with those you know.

How to stay positive when you are facing career uncertainty?

The first step is to learn how to deal with the psychological strain and stress of living in career uncertainty. Living with job insecurity—the dread of losing your work—may be more hazardous than losing your job in terms of your health. But a happy attitude may make a world of difference.

There is no one-size-fits-all reaction to job instability. Because your personal and financial circumstances are distinct from your coworkers, you shouldn’t expect to experience similar stress. Everyone deals with stress in their unique way.
Remember the adage “Whenever one door shuts; another opens” if you’re anxious about your professional future. It might be challenging to live in a period of career uncertainty, but you have the power to choose how you react.

Preparing for a job interview to handle career uncertainty

Reduced employment can result in even the best team member’s termination. Ensure that being laid off does not affect your employability by learning to manage it during an interview.

  1. Many interviewers will ask you questions to figure out why you don’t have a job, or there has been uncertainty of carrier for some time. You need to assure the interviewer that the time of being laid off has nothing to do with your productivity. You can explain that our layoff may have resulted from unforeseen circumstances within your organisation.
  2. As you mention your prior employment, maintain a positive or pleasant tone and keep it to the point.
  3. You’ll also have to explain how you made a difference in your previous job. Write down your achievements if you’ve significantly influenced your department’s productivity.
  4. In particular, highlight any learning you’ve done online or via freelancing, consulting, or volunteering over this period.
  5. Employers may have worries about your layoff unless they have heard good things about you from others. Make sure you have as many recommendations as you can.
  6. Consider creating a portfolio of your previous work samples—including those companies that terminated you. Be sure to provide examples of your work in writing, design, and spreadsheets.


You’re doing yourself no favours by placing yourself last when coping with persistent career uncertainty. Addressing the situation of job loss and taking proactive steps not to let the problem get better for you will make a world of difference. You can start living a life and career full of possibilities by following these easy strategies for dealing with career uncertainty. The right attitude and self-belief can ensure unforeseen circumstances in life don’t defeat you.

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Author : United We Care

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