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Surprising Facts About the Nature of Human Male

February 28, 2023

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Author : United We Care
Surprising Facts About the Nature of Human Male


It is irrefutable that sex is biological, and gender is a social construct. In this context, the term male is used to describe the sex of an organism, typically a mammal. From the beginning of humanity, human males have played a pivotal role in the species’ survival. Civilisations can only sustain themselves with male contribution, whether hunting, gathering food or fathering children. Yet, the nature of the human male is intricate and often misunderstood by society. The predetermined gender roles set by traditional culture expect males to be strong, unemotional, and aggressive, showing more risk-taking behaviours. All these forced-upon traits prevent men from displaying emotions, which affects their mental health in the long run.

The implications of the nature of males on the community

In recent years, the effect of males on society has come under scrutiny. By looking at the rise in male suicide rates, it’s clear that something is not quite right with the way the gender is interacting with society. Here are some surprising facts about males and their impact on society:

  • Suicidal tendencies have been increasing among men in recent years. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), the suicide rate in the U.S. among males in 2020 was four times higher than among females [4].

  • Males are more likely to suffer from mental health problems like anxiety and depression. According to Beyond Blue, an Australian mental health organisation, about 1 in 8 males will experience depression at some point.

  • According to the Institute for Family Studies, males are more likely than females to be guilty of infidelity in a marriage.

  • Studies have shown that boys are more likely than girls to be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism.

  • According to Britannica, males make up the vast majority of prisoners worldwide.

  • Lack of gender-neutral laws across the globe that are for/against men [1].

The challenges because of the nature of the males

It is no secret that the challenges faced by males differ from those faced by females. In addition to the noticeable physical differences, individuals have different psychological makeups and social expectations.

One of the most significant challenges males face is the breadwinner pressure. This pressure can come from several sources, including family, friends, and society. The expectation that men should be the primary financial providers can create a lot of stress and anxiety, particularly in tough economic times.

Another challenge males face is the pressure to conform to traditional gender roles. While there has been some progress in breaking down these barriers in recent years, society expects men to behave in specific ways that may not come naturally to them. It can include being emotionally stoic or engaging in risky behaviour.

The way forward for the nature of the males

There is no one answer to the way forward for males. However, some surprising facts about males may shed light on this question. For instance, did you know:

  • The average life expectancy for males is lower than for females, and males are more likely to die from preventable causes.

  • Suicide rates among males are higher than among females.

    These facts may seem discouraging but can also be a call to action. Males must care for their health and well-being to improve their chances of living long and happy lives.

What is male privilege?

While it’s true that women have made great strides in recent years, the fact remains that men still enjoy many benefits that their counterparts do not. Here are some surprising facts about male privilege:

1. Men are more likely to be hired for a job than women, even when they are equally qualified [2].

2. Men earn more money than women for the same job [3].

3. Men are more likely to be promoted at work than women.

4. Men are less likely to be victims of domestic violence than women.

5. Men are less likely to be sexually assaulted than women.

The prevalence of these privileges can favour the narrative that men have it easier than women. However, the issue is more nuanced, and the presence of these privileges can hurt men as much as women.

The myth of the gender binary

There are a lot of myths surrounding gender, and one of the most persistent is that there are only two genders: male and female. It is simply not true, as countless genders are beyond the binary. This myth likely persists because it’s easy to understand and explain. Male and female are the two most visible sexes, so it’s easy to assume that they’re the only ones that exist. But this assumption is harmful and exclusionary. It leaves out people who don’t identify as either male or female, and it reinforces the idea that there’s something wrong with being anything other than male or female.

The hidden costs of being a man

Being a man comes with a lot of pressure. There is an expectation of being strong, the breadwinner, and protecting those weaker than you. It can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Here are some of the hidden costs of being a man:

The hidden costs of being a man

  1. Increased likelihood of substance abuse: Men are more likely to turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with stress or pain, which can lead to addiction and other health problems.
  2. Greater risk of heart disease: Men are more likely to suffer from heart disease than women. It is partly due to higher testosterone levels, which can increase cholesterol and blood pressure.
  3. More prone to developing cancer: Men are more likely to develop cancer than women, particularly lung, stomach, and prostate cancers. It may be due in part to lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking alcohol but also because men’s bodies are not as good at repairing DNA damage as women’s bodies are.
  4. Lower life expectancy: On average, men live five years less than women do. It is partly due to lifestyle choices but also because men are more likely to die from accidents.

Male chauvinism: A significant roadblock

Male chauvinism is the belief that men are better than women. It is a form of sexism, and it is a problem that exists in many societies around the world. Male chauvinism can lead to discrimination against women and make it difficult for women to succeed in some fields. The effects of male chauvinism can be far-reaching and harmful. For instance, it can contribute to the gender pay gap and create an environment where women feel unsafe or unable to advance in their careers. Additionally, male chauvinism can lead to intimate partner violence. Women facing this treatment may suffer from physical and emotional trauma and reduced self-esteem.


We hope you’ve found these facts about males surprising! It is incredible how much we can learn about a significant part of the world population by paying attention to their behaviours and habits. Whether you are a male or want to understand them better, we encourage you to consider these findings the next time you interact with a member of the other sex. If you are a male looking for help regarding mental health and general well-being, you can rely on us at United We Care. Our platform is dedicated to mental health and well-being, and our team of experts has experience dealing with people from all walks of life.


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