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How to Stop Thinking About a Girl You Like

September 14, 2021

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Author : United We Care
Clinically approved by : Dr.Vasudha
How to Stop Thinking About a Girl You Like


For several reasons, it is natural to be attracted to someone you cannot be with. Therefore stop thinking about a girl like you and move on in your life. Several surveys and research conducted on the subject confirm the same.

Accept that you like her, but get in touch with your true self, pursue your interests, get involved in what you enjoy most, and talk to a confidant.

Some of life’s significant sources of happiness come from meaningful, long-lasting, authentic relationships. When you cannot help but think about a girl you like, here are some ways you can deal with your feelings. These will help you avoid thinking about her and eventually help you forget her

1. Acceptance the present and stop thinking about a girl you like

With maturity, the first and foremost step is to understand and accept that a feeling exists within you for the girl. The problem occurs when you deliberately neglect the fact that there’s a strong feeling of attraction or love.

Some guys may try tagging a girl as a ‘good friend’ or ‘confidant’. However, they know deep within themselves that they are genuinely developing feelings for her. It is essential to address such feelings with yourself and be on the same page.

2. “Why not her?”

Once you have accepted and understood that there is a strong feeling toward the girl, it is crucial to understand and confront why you cannot be with her – painful as they may be.

The best way of doing so is with logic. Maybe the girl is an old friend, some random girl you are infatuated with, a colleague, or even someone you met online. Usually, solid reasons exist for being unable to prolong these feelings. You must try to come to terms with and move on. 

Sometimes, there may not be an apparent reason why you cannot take it ahead, and you have to come to terms with it.

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3. Shifting the focus to stop thinking about a girl you like

Understandably, you tend to focus on the girl you like. Things will seem to connect and correlate with her for no apparent reason. The general symptoms of lovesickness will occur when everything around you gives you hints and signs that link back to her.

Remembering the first step: accepting and acknowledging the fact is crucial. After that, instantly gather your thoughts and shift your focus to something more urgent. It can be the task, a random friend you haven’t called in a while, or even a random article.

Once this becomes a practice, your focus shifts from the girl and dilutes over time. Use the same method of distraction with which you switch between apps on your phone in your free time.

4. Talk to a confidante

Times like this require someone you can trust blindly and to whom you can pour your heart out. It could be an old friend, a relative, or your therapist. It would help if you expressed your thoughts and feelings to someone who is a good listener, understands you, and can redirect you in a better direction.

Even if they cannot convince you otherwise at this point, find a confidant who will patiently listen to you. You might eventually understand it once you are in the right frame of mind and get back on track.

5. Book a session with a counsellor to stop thinking about a girl you like

Sometimes, you need someone who listens to you, counters you with simple questions, and acts as a mirror. This session with a counsellor can help you better understand your situation. It will help react the right way in the future, with more ease.

6. Practice or restart a hobby

Remember your high-school hobby? Take that up. Whether dancing, listening to music, reading, collecting stamps, or talking to exciting people online – now is the best time to revisit it. Practice your hobby sincerely, which will surely guide you in a better direction. Hobbies help put your energy, time, and resources to good use instead of letting them waiver in an unwanted order.

7. Keep yourself occupied to stop thinking about a girl you like

It is essential to understand that such thoughts go to the head only when they find a vacancy. Thus, meticulously plan your day to the minute. It serves the dual purpose of increasing productivity and efficiency significantly and not allowing a vacant moment for your thoughts to stray in another direction.

8. Do something that you always wanted.

Remember wanting to finally buy a cycle and go on long bike rides in the evening? Treat yourself to something you always wanted to do and take some time out. Write what you feel. Cook yourself a delicacy that you have always wanted to try out. Go out solo for a while.

9. Friends and family

Even in this emotional mess, remember that you have a few friends you can always count on for quality time. You always have a family whom you can approach for any support. Be vulnerable and voice your thoughts to your close ones. Even the process of expressing yourself can help you feel immensely lighter.

10. Remove things that remind you of her, even thoughts

Since there is attachment, liking, or even love on your part, it is essential to purge the system thoroughly. Remove all objects that may remind you of her: presents, clothes, chargers, anything that might instantly bring back her name or thoughts. Collect them and put them in the bin.

11. Love at first sight? Don’t see

A glimpse of the girl you like is enough to reset the process and get you back to square one. Hence, removing her from all social media accounts, contacts, etc., is essential. Unfollow, avoid, and block! Try avoiding her in person for a long time, as long as it takes for you to move on.

Switching your Thoughts Over to Something Positive

However, you fall in love with a girl and then realise this relationship is not working, or maybe she is involved with other people. Therefore, you have to stop thinking about a girl you like. Life is a journey, ups and downs will come. But we have to overcome it. So when you try to stop thinking about your loved one and feeling not good and you seek professional help, then we are there at United. We care.

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I’m in a relationship, but I have a crush on someone else; what should I do?” Org. UK. [Online].
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