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Six Reasons Why Sapiosexuals Are So Desirable

February 28, 2023

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Author : United We Care
Six Reasons Why Sapiosexuals Are So Desirable

What is sapiosexuality

Sapiosexuality[2] is a sexual orientation, and sapiosexuals are attracted to intelligence or intellect above all else. It doesn’t necessarily mean that sapiosexuals only want to date intelligent people, but that intelligence is the most critical factor influencing their feelings towards others. There are many ways to be brilliant, and not all are academic. Some people are street-smart, while others keenly understand human behaviour. What matters to a sapiosexual is that their partner can keep up with their intellectually stimulating conversations and challenge them mentally.

The reasons behind the desirability of sapiosexuals 

Six primary reasons sapiosexuals are desirable:

Six reasons sapiosexuals are desirable

Attraction to intelligence

Sapiosexuals[1] are attracted to intelligence over anything else.

  • They are drawn to people who can engage in deep conversations and understand the world well. Sapiosexuals want to be in a relationship with someone who can keep up with their intellectually stimulating conversations. Conversely, they find it frustrating to irrational themselves down for their partner.
  • Physical attractiveness is undoubtedly crucial for most people, but it is not essential for sapiosexuals. Would you rather date someone drop-dead gorgeous but knows nothing about the world around them or someone who may not be conventionally good-looking but can hold an intelligent conversation about anything under the sun?
  • For most sapiosexual people, the latter option would be far more attractive. They value others for their personality and actions rather than looks, which means sapiosexuals are more likely to get into meaningful, lasting relationships with other people. It is one of the reasons that makes them so attractive.

Preferring meaningful conversations

Sapiosexuals would rather have a deep, meaningful conversation with someone than make small talk or trade gossip. They love learning new things and getting to know someone on a deeper level, and they often think of small talk as pointless and shallow. It made them attractive to those looking for a thoughtful partner and focused on the more severe aspects of life rather than someone just looking for a fling or a short-term relationship.

Attraction toward humility and compassion

Sapiosexuals are drawn to people who are humble and compassionate, as these are qualities that they value highly. Therefore, sapiosexuals often find themselves attracted to people with a confident inner beauty, and intelligence and character are more important than superficial physical attractiveness. Sapiosexuals are perfect for long-term relationships and can quickly form lifelong bonds, which makes them attractive to others.

Articulate communicators

Sapiosexuals can communicate their thoughts and feelings clearly and articulately. They are attracted to people who can share their ideas and thoughts in a crystal clear way. It makes them attractive to people who value good communication and understanding in a relationship.

Motivated by personal growth

Sapiosexuality is a concept that has been introduced previously, but familiar people often misunderstand it. Sapiosexuals are drawn to people who can challenge them and help them grow intellectually, and they want to be around people who can stimulate their minds and help them learn new things. It makes sapiosexuals incredibly attractive to those with a similar inclination because they constantly seek new experiences and knowledge.

Higher libido of sapiosexual

According to studies, people with high IQs tend to have a higher sex drive than those with lower IQs. Hence, sapiosexuals, being generally intelligent, enjoy high libidos. This high sex drive and the ability to form deep connections make sapiosexuals desirable to others.

How to know if you are sapiosexual

Do you find yourself attracted to intelligent people? Do you love deep conversations and delving into topics that stimulate your brain? If so, you might be sapiosexual.

If you feel intelligence is a major turn-on, that’s a significant sign that you are sapiosexual. It could mean you are attracted to well-read people, can hold an interesting conversation, or have a quick wit. If you find yourself constantly drawn to these types of people, intelligence is likely a significant factor in what draws you to form a relationship with others.

Impact of sapiosexuality on society

The impact of sapiosexuals on society is positive. They always encourage the people around them to seek intelligence and empathy from their partners, ensuring people stay healthy and have fulfilling relationships. The community must consider the role of sapiosexuals in balancing the dating pool.


Sapiosexuality has been gaining traction in recent years. It’s not hard to see why. Most people are learning that looks are not all that matter in a relationship and want to get into relationships with people who are not just physically attractive. If you are looking for someone who can keep up with your intellectually stimulating conversations and challenge you to grow, look no further than a sapiosexual. To know more about the various sexual preferences and orientations, or learn about taking care of your mental well-being, contact United We Care. We are an online platform that hosts expert psychologists and counsellors to help you improve your life for the better.


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Author : United We Care

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