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Is Talk Therapy A Good Idea? Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Try It

March 30, 2022

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Author : United We Care
Is Talk Therapy A Good Idea? Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Try It

It is widespread for our society to influence how we think and behave. Many of us believe that no matter what is going on in our heads, our emotions, how we feel, etc., we should sweep all of it under the rug. We commonly hear phrases such as ‘move on and ‘let go’ are when we have an issue troubling us. No matter how you feel, speaking to someone about your problems is beneficial and helps you resolve the case most often. It is what set the foundation for talk therapy! Let’s learn more about it!

What is Talk Therapy?

Talk therapy or psychotherapy is a type of treatment used by mental health professionals to communicate with their patients and identify their issues and causes of their distress. During talk therapy, a person attends multiple sessions with a trained specialist who walks them through their life experiences, evaluates, diagnoses and treats their mental health condition. The trained specialist (usually a psychiatrist or psychologist) guides the person through various activities to help resolve their issues.
There are different types of talk therapy, and your therapist will determine the most suitable one for you based on your signs and symptoms. Your talk therapy may be a group activity, online, over the phone, face-to-face, or with a loved one (usually a family member or partner).

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How Does Talk Therapy Help?

Talk therapy aims to help people identify issues that cause emotional distress. So, when you enrol for talk therapy, your therapist will ask you many questions in your initial appointment to understand your history, background and the likely cause of your mental health issues. Based on this, they will be able to chart out a treatment plant.
During treatment, your talk therapy sessions will have many open-ended dialogues about what you are experiencing. You may require many sessions of talk therapy.
During a talk therapy session, here’s what a counsellor or specialist helps a person do:

  1. Understanding their emotions better
  2. Identify the obstacles in their mental health
  3. Become more confident by overcoming anxiety and insecurities
  4. Cope with ongoing stress
  5. Process and overcome past trauma
  6. Break unhealthy habits
  7. Develop healthy lifestyle habits
  8. Identify trigger points

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The Benefits of Talk Therapy

Talk therapy is highly beneficial for people of all ages, and a new study shows that even a few sessions can reduce suicide rates in high-risk individuals.
Some benefits of talk therapy include the following:

  1. Reduces emotional and psychological symptoms
  2. It helps break the fortress in the minds of people with psychological conditions
  3. Helps resolve the personal or professional issues with therapist guidance and support
  4. Motivates the individual to make positive life changes
  5. Enables people to live healthy lives
  6. It helps gain more confidence and an objective perspective about your mental health condition.

The Causes of Talk Therapy

Apart from these mental health benefits, talk therapy also causes the following:

  1. Reduce depression
  2. Better heart health
  3. Better, more restful sleep
  4. Reduced chronic back and neck pain

Is Talk Therapy for Everyone?

Like most treatments where ‘one size does not fit everyone’’, talk therapy does not affect everyone the same way. Many variables determine the outcome of talk therapy for you:

  1. People highly motivated to overcome their situation show great potential for recovery.
  2. Trust in your therapist is essential for successful talk therapy. Like any professional or personal relationship, trust between patients and therapists takes time to build. So a good idea may be to ask your friends and family about a trusted therapist.
  3. Every therapist has a different way of working and follow their choice of techniques. While some appear warm and familiar, others may appear cold in the first few sessions. Your experience with the therapist can be influenced by how you perceive the therapist.

The success of talk therapy depends mainly on the relationship that the therapist and client develop during their sessions.

Why Should You Consider Trying Talk Therapy?

Therapists use talk therapy for a wide range of conditions, such as:-

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety disorders
  3. Bipolar disorder
  4. Eating disorders
  5. Different types of phobias
  6. Post-Traumatic Disorders (P.T.S.D.)
  7. Schizophrenia
  8. Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  9. Adjustment disorder

Therapists may also use talk therapy for many more mental health conditions that affect one’s life.

Talk Therapy Works – Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Try it!

If you are still confused about whether you should opt for talk therapy for what you are dealing with, here are the top 10 reasons to do so:

  1. Since the therapy aims at resolving the issue from its roots, its effects are usually long-lasting.
  2. Treating mental health conditions with talk therapy can help your physical symptoms like headaches, backaches, vague body pain, fatigue, tiredness, etc.
  3. Not sharing your thoughts or repressing your feelings will come back to haunt you if not addressed in time. Talk therapy is an excellent way to get rid of these feelings and heal.
  4. It gives you a different perspective on people and your situation.
  5. Opting for talk therapy gives you a realistic perspective of your feeling and allows you to process negative feelings like anger.
  6. Talk therapy conditions your mind to accept sudden changes that are a constant in life.
  7. Our thoughts and feelings often seem overwhelming, but they do not usually have shape. Talk therapy gives them a form, enabling you to wrap your head around it.
  8. When you talk to a therapist, you realise you are not alone. It can be a relieving feeling and can be reassuring to you.
  9. Talk therapy helps you rewire your brain and change how you see the world around you.
  10. Many people self-medicate to get over what they are feeling. It can be dangerous and sometimes potentially fatal too. Seeking talk therapy enables you to resolve your mental health issues in the safest way possible.


Talk therapy is an effective form of mental health counselling that motivates individuals to share and discuss their concerns, issues, challenges and goals in life with a certified specialist who listens with no biases. The therapist then evaluates the patient’s condition and situations to suggest a series of activities and behavioural and lifestyle changes to overcome their mental health condition.
If you need help with your mental health condition or need to speak to a therapist, book your appointment with trained professionals on United We Care.

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