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How To Practice Om Mantra Meditation: A Step-By-Step Guide

April 5, 2022

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Author : United We Care
How To Practice Om Mantra Meditation: A Step-By-Step Guide


Om exists all around us and is within us in our words, actions, and the things we use. Om is the primordial sound, which means it has been around since the origin of creation. Chanting “Om” or “Aum” is called Om Meditation.
Combining breath and sound makes this a comprehensive meditation technique. This article covers a step-by-step guide on performing the Om Mantra, how beginners can incorporate it into their daily lives, its benefits, and tips on improving Om Mantra Meditation practice.
A step-by-step guide to performing Om Mantra Meditation
We intend to discuss the steps to complete the Om Mantra Meditation through this guide.

  • Step 1: Ensure proper seating

You will need to sit in Vajrasana or Lotus Pose. If you find it challenging to sit down, you can use a chair. Make sure that your position is one where you feel relaxed, and your back is erect. Your hands should be placed on your knees, thighs or one over the other, resting on your lap. It would be best to try to clear your head before you begin.

  • Step 2: Eye placement

During Om Mantra Meditation, you must eliminate distractions to calm your mind. You can achieve this by closing your eyes or gently glancing in the downward direction.

  • Step 3: Breathing pattern

You should have a relaxed breathing pattern. Avoid breathing out of your mouth, and allow air to enter and exit only from your nose. Instead of clenching your upper and lower teeth, relax your facial muscles and slightly part your upper and lower teeth. Pay attention to your breathing. Let it be as normal as possible; do not force it.

  • Step 4: Om chanting

During this step, chant “Om” as you inhale and exhale. Avoid breathing to match the chant. Instead, pay attention to how the chant fits into your breathing pattern. Break the “Om” syllable into A-A-U-U-M. Then stay silent for some time and repeat the process. Start the chant with your lips apart as you sing the first syllable and build it up. Finish by bringing your lips together and resting your tongue on the palate.

  • Step 5: Bringing all elements together

The Om Meditation Chant will slowly become a natural cycle by syncing the chant with your normal breathing, helping you to relax completely. You can also mentally chant “Om” while listening to your body’s natural vibrations.

  • Step 6: The outcome

As you progress with this chant, you will get into a deeper meditative state till the chant becomes a whisper and finally wholly silent.

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Om Mantra Meditation for beginners

Beginners should remember some things when doing Om Mantra Meditation.

  1. Pronouncing Om: We pronounce Om as “AUM” or “AaaaaUuuuuMmmm.” Vibrations created by the sound of the syllable should travel from your abdomen to your heart and, finally, your mind. Each letter in AUM has a significant meaning, representing creation, You signifies sustenance, and M represents the destruction of life.
  2. Posture: Sitting upright in the lotus pose is the best for your body. Your left heel should touch your root chakra (groin area), which helps harness maximum energy while meditating.
  3. Time and place: You should meditate in the morning for the best results. The site you choose should be free from negative energy.
  4. Frequency: Chanting the mantra at least 108 times can be beneficial in reaching the state of meditation you wish to achieve. An increase in practice time will make you calmer. To help you to count 108 times, you can use mala beads. The number 108 is significant because 1 represents one thing, 0 stands for nothing, and 8 represents infinity.
  5. Chanting tip: As a beginner, your mind might wander. However, try to refocus by chanting.

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Benefits of Om Mantra Meditation

  1. You will achieve a sense of calm, peace, and serenity.
  2. It is healing and will help you remain healthy.
  3. It will make you open-minded, thus reducing your prejudiced thoughts towards others.
  4. It will increase your creativity and ingenuity.
  5. It helps in improving your spinal cord.
  6. It helps in detoxification, keeping you fresh and young.
  7. It helps improve positivity within and around you.
  8. It helps open up and clear your sinuses.
  9. It will enhance your concentration.
  10. Om Meditation is heart-healthy.
  11. It stimulates your metabolism leading to weight loss.
  12. It imparts a glow to your face by cleansing it.
  13. It helps balance hormonal secretions.

Tips for improving your Om Mantra Meditation practice

To improve your Om Mantra Meditation practice, keep the following points in mind:

  1. Get comfortable: Find a place and a position where you can meditate without disturbance.
  2. Set a timer: You can meditate for as little as three or 30 minutes. You can use a quiet, relaxing sound to help enhance your meditative state.
  3. Focus on your intentions: Meditating with a purpose in mind, like calming yourself or removing negative thoughts, helps you to enhance your success when meditating and weeding out distractions.
  4. Repetition: Keep repeating the mantra, which will help create a mental vibration that will allow you to attain more profound levels of awareness than other meditation types.
  5. Try using mala beads: A mala is a string of 108 beads. It will help you maintain your breathing pattern during meditation.
  6. Do not give up: Don’t worry if you don’t get immediate results. Be consistent. Choose the same time and place to ensure that it becomes a habit and part of your routine.


Om is the universal sound and pertains to everything contained within it. From ancient yogis to present-day individuals, Om Mantra Meditation connects one’s soul and has excellent physical and mental benefits. Om Mantra Meditation is an excellent technique for beginners to help harness their concentration while focusing on a repetitive sound rather than their breathing. “Om” is a word that requires constant attention. 
Following a few tips, you can enhance your meditation practice, perfecting it to become a habit and part of your daily life. If you are searching for an online meditation coach or further information on various forms of yoga, do look up unitedwecare.com/areas-of-expertise/.

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