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AI Enabled Case Summary

Instant, contextual patient history for clinicians, saving hours of manual work in the first session.


AI Enabled Session Note

Multi-lingual session transcripts and swift AI summaries with key information extraction.


AI Enabled Follow-up Sheet

Detailed reporting and summarization of follow-up activities assigned by clinicians, including assessments, worksheets, journals, clinical programs, and more.


Client Engagement

In-app interaction, notifications, and omnichannel communication via our interface for meaningful connections during non-session hours, without personal contact details sharing.


DSM - 5 TR Assessments

Explainability, clinical accuracy, and early diagnosis aligned with the latest clinical standards outlined in DSM-V TR.


Relapse Management

Templated or custom-created journals, worksheets, and well-being activities for personalized intervention.


Payor Integration

Covered with eligibility files for all major payor networks.

Join our platform and collaborate with top Enterprises, leading Insurance Providers, world class Clinicians, and premier Healthcare Systems.

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