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Working From Home/Office — 7 Steps to Maintain Healthy Mental Health

April 9, 2022

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Author : United We Care
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Working From Home/Office — 7 Steps to Maintain Healthy Mental Health


With the rise and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, work from home/office, hustle culture, and mental health issues have become the talk of the town. Work tensions while juggling personal and family life raises stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns, whether working from home or office. 
As restrictions gradually fade, people have started returning to offices. It is time to discuss the effects of working from home/office on mental health and how to manage them.

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Challenges for work from home/office affect your mental health?

Generally, stress and anxiety are common mental health issues associated with work pressure. Whether you work from home/the office, you must deal with work pressure. You can easily share your concerns and get a helping hand when working from an office. But when you work from home, isolation and family responsibilities can worsen stress and anxiety.
While these may seem like minor issues, in the beginning, they grow with time, leading to severe mental health concerns. Addressing them early and making simple lifestyle changes to take care of your mental health, in the long run, is essential.

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Create a work-life balance between work from home/office and the well-being of mental health

An essential step for your mental well-being is creating a work-life balance for work from home/office. When creating a work-life balance, you draw a boundary between your work and personal life. This separation works wonders for your mental health. 

Creating a work-life balance for work from home/office:

  1. Reduce stress.
  2. Decrease the chances of burnout.
  3. Boost productivity.
  4. Improve personal and professional relationships. 
  5. Bring happiness, fulfilment and success.
  6. Ensure both physical and mental well-being.

Now that we know its wonders, let’s assess how to create a work-life balance? The current work-from-home and hustle culture consider work-life balance a myth, while it isn’t. You can create a healthy work-life balance by following seven simple tips. 

Work from home/office: Seven tips for healthy mental health when 

Here are seven simple ways to work from home/office to feel productive, stay motivated, and care for your mental health while working from home/office.

1. Take breaks

When you work from home/office, taking breaks plays a pivotal role in avoiding burnout. When you keep working without taking breaks, it hampers work, productivity and mental health. Taking breaks helps detach from work, reinvigorate, and return to work with increased focus. 
It may sound counterproductive to slow down and take a break while focused wholly on a task. However, taking a break rewinds and resets the brain, boosting productivity, work performance and mental health.
Avoid sitting in front of the screen or scrolling social media during breaks. Instead, give your eyes a little rest, your body a little movement, and see your vacation fuelling you up.

2. Get organised

Your sofa or bed can become your workspace when you work from home/office. Work files float around your home and seem to forget their place. No boss or colleagues around to pass comments on your workspace, so your workplace can become messy. As a result, you can easily be distracted, inducing work stress every waking moment. 
An organised workplace improves work productivity and mental health. With your home/office workplace organised, it will be easier to find things, reducing distractions. 
Having a different workplace or work desk is advisable while working from home. Do not carry your work to bed — the best thing you can do for your mental health.

3. Set and follow a routine

Not having a schedule or routine blurs the line between work and personal life, leading to overwork and stress. Remember school days? There was a timetable for classes and breaks. It is essential to build a similar schedule when working. 
Setting and following a routine clearly defines work and leisure times. Your brain knows to expect what and when and has few surprises to stress over. It makes you productive, and you can enjoy work and personal life. 

4. Exercise and stretch

Exercising improves your physical health and pumps you up with mental energy. It releases hormones that reduce stress and improve mental health. You can incorporate simple workouts, walks, yoga or breathing exercises into your day. Exercising the body helps connect with yourself and also boosts productivity.

5. Stay connected

When you work from an office, you spend time with your colleagues. Working from home reduces in-person interactions, which can lead to isolation. However, today you can attend virtual calls and stay connected. Connecting relationally with colleagues boosts their mental well-being as well as yours. 

6. Have a support system

Having a support system when working from home or office is essential. This support system can be with anyone you enjoy downtime. It might be your friends, colleagues, spouse, parents, or even your therapist. Having a support system helps vent out stress and anxiety. It can make you feel loved, cared and heard.  

7. Be kind 

Remember, it is okay to feel stressed even after having everything sorted. Unusual situations can take place in life and work. Remain calm. It is essential to acknowledge that life is uncertain, and your productivity may differ on different days. So, put in your best effort and be kind to yourself. 


Whether you work from home/the office, you will constantly juggle work and personal life. Stress, anxiety and other mental issues may creep in owing to work and unique life pressures. It is essential to understand these issues and reach out for help if they affect your work and life. United We Care is one such mental health platform where you can get expert guidance for your mental health issues.

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Author : United We Care

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