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The Theory Behind Yoo Jun Eun’s Suicide

November 25, 2022

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Author : United We Care
The Theory Behind Yoo Jun Eun’s Suicide

The recent suicide of famous South Korean actress Yoo Ju Eun has shaken the world completely. What caused Eun to take this drastic step at such a young age? This article aims to analyse the actress’ death in depth.

What warns us of Yoo Ju Enn’s suicide?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has taken necessary steps to combat and prevent suicides. One of these measures is raising awareness about suicide by sharing the news of the person’s death with the world, and It is to help more people realise that mental health issues and suicide are real and can happen to anyone.

The news of the suicide of actress Yoo Ju Eun was shared on social media by her brother. People called him brave for talking about it. It hopefully prevents further suicides. The situation has brought into focus the harsh reality of life for today’s youth. They have financial, social, physical and mental health burdens. The suicide of Yoo Ju Eun is just the tip of the iceberg.

What are the causes behind her suicide?

Yoo Ju Eun was a famous South Korean actress, loved by her fans for the distinctive roles she played since the start of her acting career in 2018. Her death by suicide tells us all about her state of mind; being famous can bring accolades and loneliness.

In her suicide letter, Eun mentions her passion for acting, which, according to her, remained an unfulfilled desire. The desire to become successful obscured her from realising the harsh reality that life is not the same for everyone. Research has proven that the youth today have dichotomous thinking patterns, where they tend to “place all experiences in one of two opposite categories”. According to this, one can categorise everything as white or black, good or bad. People with dichotomous thinking patterns don’t consider the grey area in between. When something does not go as planned or desired, the mind immediately shifts to the opposite thinking category. This behaviour can trigger depression, leading one to display erratic thought patterns and behaviours.

Another plausible theory for Eun’s suicide is age. Surveys suggest people have a higher tendency to commit suicide between the ages of 15-29. Suicide is the second-largest cause of death in this age group, preceded by accidental death. It is because people in this age group have destructive coping behaviours and thoughts. They have the burden of desires and goals of becoming independent financially. Most individuals today are busier than ever and don’t have the time to stay connected with loved ones. The shift from suicidal thoughts to suicidal behaviour is quick. Usually, an adverse event can trigger this. One should be able to quickly recognise the warning signs displayed by individuals with depression, failing which one can lose a loved one to suicide.

The role of society in Yoo Ju Eun’s suicide

The society we live in plays a significant role in fostering suicidal thoughts. The culture encourages competitive behaviour and applauds only successful individuals. In addition, the ever-increasing population size has made it difficult for the youth to acquire sustainable jobs. Most graduates today face unemployment issues and may be forced to stay at home for years together. These are potential triggers for mental health issues and suicidal tendencies.

Society has contributed to Yoo Ju Eun’s suicide in many other ways. Individuals often do not get the support to realise their issues. Or they even taught me how to cope and sustain in today’s competitive era. Social education is notably lacking around us.

The easy availability of means to commit suicide, such as pesticides, chemicals and knives, has also contributed significantly to the increasing suicide rate among the youth. Society cannot ban these agents and their availability due to their use in various industries and sectors, making committing suicide easier.

Relation between mental health and Yoo Ju Enn’s suicide

  • Mental health issues do not manifest prominently in an individual compared to other diseases.
  • The precursors of suicidal thoughts, such as anxiety, depression and mood swings, are buried deep within an individual’s mind.
  • People with such problems may not act like something is bothering them. Therefore, every person needs to learn the symptoms of suicidal tendencies, which will raise awareness among the masses.
  • Recognising the early signs of mental health issues will pave the way for a healthier society with fewer suicides.
  • Supporting individuals with suicidal tendencies by listening to them, distracting them from unwanted thoughts, and motivating them to find happiness within themselves can bring the suicide rate down significantly.


Yoo Ju Eun’s suicide has made us realise that mental health and wellness are equally important in today’s era. The actress was possibly affected by societal pressures, became a slave to her thoughts, and ultimately sought freedom through suicide. But suicide is not the way out. Numerous mental health support groups help you or a loved one cope with such tendencies and mental health issues. Reach out to United We Care, an online mental health platform with expert psychologists and counsellors who can help you find new meaning in life. Contact us today!

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Author : United We Care

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