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A Guide on How to Find a Work-Life Balance and Reduce Anxiety

April 18, 2022

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Author : United We Care
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A Guide on How to Find a Work-Life Balance and Reduce Anxiety


A good work-life balance is a key to happiness at work and at home. You can strike the right work-life balance if you complete your work within timelines to spend quality time with family and friends. The work-life balance enables an individual to sleep and eat well without hampering work.

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What is work-life balance?

The ability to spend time with family, eat well, and sleep peacefully is a recipe for a good life. Effective isolation of office work and personal life is essential to professional and personal happiness. You balance your work and life well if you finish your work within time to enjoy life with family and friends. Work-life balance is the most vital challenge of pursuing a career without impacting the quality of life’s pleasures.
Balancing work with life is a continuous process so long as one has to work. The office and home environments were distinct in the past. People rarely carried any office work home. Nowadays, the new normal is blurring the dividing line between an office and home. Finding the right work-life balance is far more challenging for the new career-oriented generation. You can avoid stress and anxiety by learning to achieve a perfect work-life balance.

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Work-Life Balance and Reduce Anxiety

How can you achieve a better work-life balance?

Maintaining a good work-life balance is challenging as demands at work and home keeps on growing. The following actions may be helpful to strike a proper work-life balance.

  1. Saying no: Biting more than you can chew can land you in trouble. Do not commit to any assignment or deadline that can hamper your current work.
  2. Delegate responsibilities: Do not overburden yourself with multiple responsibilities.
  3. Reduce screen time: Overusing social media platforms can rob you of your precious time.
  4. Positivity at workplaces: Companies can create a motivating environment for employees by offering Flexi-work hours.
  5. Master time-management skills: Schedule your activities by allocating adequate time. Do not cram several things within a short period.
  6. Compartmentalise: Imagine your workspace and home as two separate compartments. Take a shower after reaching home. It will help you detach mentally and physically from the office hangover.

What are some of the benefits of having a work-life balance?

One can look forward to spending more time with family and friends or devote time to pursuing a hobby by balancing work and life. It will improve the mental and physical health of the individual.

  1. Improved relationships: You can have more meaningful relationships with your spouse, parents, and children if you spend optimum time. There will be no interpersonal conflicts because you can devote time to nurturing the bonds.
  2. Maintains good health: Individuals can lead a life full of contentment by maintaining a work-life balance. Balancing the work-life helps improve personal well-being. Lack of stress and anxiety helps minimise the adverse effects on an individual’s health.
  3. Taking control of life and career: Better work performance and smooth relationships backed by a sound sleep help you become a master of your life.
  4. Higher productivity: A work-life balance is helpful in the workplace because it improves work efficiency.
  5. Better career progression: One can expect better career advancement as productivity improves. 

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Tips for reducing anxiety

Lack of work-life balance can drastically reduce your drive and cause deterioration of your physical and mental health. Stress at home and fear of missing a promotion or losing a job can result in anxiety. The following tips can help you deal with these concerns effectively.

  1. Be vocal: It is better to share your work pressures with the boss instead of silently crumbling under them. Consider the possibility of different work schedules. Sharing your problems with your spouse or friend can also help.
  2. Cutting the clutter: Prioritise your work by assigning time for every task. Do not spend too much time in non-productive activities.
  3. Accepting life’s circumstances: Every person has to go through a phase of life when family deserves priority over work responsibilities. Knowing the stage of life can help you deal with the situation more practically.
  4. Adopt a healthy routine: Consider practising yoga every day to reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga and meditation can help you improve your focus and mental strength. These are crucial skills to deal with pressures at home and the office.
  5. Setting realistic goals: Be practical when planning your career moves. There is nothing wrong with aiming for a higher position. Take some time to make yourself ready for the elevation.
  6. Get professional support: Work and family pressures can be psychologically and physically devastating. Get professional assistance to know how to deal with anxiety and other concerns.

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Balancing work and life is a continuous process till one retires from the job. You can consciously keep on streamlining your work and life by knowing your limitations and implementing strategies. There is a paradigm shift in the post-pandemic era in career and workspaces. Hybrid working, Work from Home, and flexible working are a few examples of the new trends.
These changes hamper work-life balance because of the blurring of the dividing line between work and personal life. A good work-life balance is an achievable goal if you implement the appropriate strategies. The absence of a work-life balance can lead to anxiety and depression.
Work-life balance positively impacts job satisfaction, family life, kids’ development, and general health. One must prioritise different aspects of work and reduce time spent doing unproductive activities in the office. A sound work-life balance leads to less stress and better efficiency. It also enables you to spend quality time with family and minimises the scope for anxiety.  
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